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Comments by -~-Tiba-~- 2 (Top 8 by date)

-~-Tiba-~- 2 28-Sep-11 4:55am View    
very nice works just like you said! f***en zing!! ty man
-~-Tiba-~- 2 30-Jul-11 0:43am View    
i haver been having a play with the code and its very close to what i need so ill accept this solution thank very much for your time!
-~-Tiba-~- 2 27-Jul-11 3:00am View    
i dont have time to look at it right now but from what i can see it looks good ty very much ill vote 5 coz its a help anyway thanks agian!
-~-Tiba-~- 2 18-Jan-11 5:22am View    
all done and working im useig Gmail so i had to do ssl but now its working
and i found a way 4 the client to get the email with the ip
-~-Tiba-~- 2 18-Jan-11 2:40am View    
after looking at it, that is just what i need ty very much i have been stumped for days