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Comments by psychic6000 (Top 60 by date)

psychic6000 26-Oct-14 12:22pm View    
thanks you!
psychic6000 26-Oct-14 10:25am View    
yes, its one time only...
psychic6000 2-Sep-14 6:19am View    
ok, that can be a long way, any short cut to just add it somewhere and click the compile button and get your .dll libraries...? thank you!
psychic6000 2-Sep-14 6:18am View    
you are right, and i get you, but you are telling me the advantages of dll and how those work, which i already know, my question is the way to make dll files from .h or .cpp files. thank you!
psychic6000 2-Sep-14 5:54am View    
thanks, i actually mean to ask, "if there is any way to compile these files (header, and libraries) in to dll files," so i can even reference it with visual basic or c sharp may be...