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Comments by saravana__ (Top 84 by date)

saravana__ 3-May-16 0:18am View
When i try to register same font with different swf.I cant able to use ArialNormal second font only working fine.If any option is there to customize fontName.
saravana__ 20-Apr-16 10:18am View
Okay.. But I need to convey some messages to my users before a security panel shown. Any event is there to detect the security panel is ready to show.
saravana__ 20-Apr-16 6:56am View
i know yar. Thanks for your update.
saravana__ 20-Apr-16 5:20am View
It's ok man. Do you have any idea about that...
We migrating a flex application into HTML, but it takes more time to complete.
saravana__ 20-Apr-16 3:44am View
Hey we already developed full application so we cant able to change it.Because its a big one.
saravana__ 20-Apr-16 3:32am View
Yes.It's an RIA application
saravana__ 8-Apr-16 9:14am View
Is possible to share your code..
saravana__ 4-Apr-16 9:47am View
Thanks for your update.Its working fine.
saravana__ 7-Jun-13 2:02am View
How to get the iframe content..
I am trying some methods buts no one work perfectly in my page..

The code was
var content = parent.document.getElementById(iframe_id).contentWindow;
saravana__ 6-Jun-13 0:15am View
It's not working..Tell me some other methods to find the player type.
saravana__ 4-Jun-13 6:41am View
Yes tried on google but no one search like this
saravana__ 4-Jun-13 2:45am View
No its played on html5 video plyer too
saravana__ 29-May-13 3:49am View
I had develop a project with javascript only.Thats why i am using onload function.
saravana__ 28-May-13 23:43pm View
Then where to write the code...I had worte all the code after the onload function but its only works firefox browser.Not working on other major browsers
saravana__ 28-May-13 4:04am View
Hello i have some issue in that code.

I have use lot of function outside the window.onload() function but i need the id of the iframe outside the onload() function.

Please help me to solve this..
saravana__ 24-May-13 3:40am View
Its working fine thanks for your help.
saravana__ 23-May-13 23:59pm View
Hi thanks for your code its working fine when the script is inside the tag.But in my page the script is added to inside the <head> tag that why its not working.

Please explain about the difference between the both.
1.Script is inside the <head> tag.
2. Script is inside the <body> tag.
saravana__ 23-May-13 8:17am View
I think you are not understanding my question lets explain now

I have a single page with iframe and script.
Now i want to access the id of the iframe.
saravana__ 23-May-13 8:01am View
yes the script is placed in the same html page
saravana__ 23-May-13 7:30am View
i know it's wrong i need the correct code to get the id of the iframe element.
saravana__ 23-May-13 7:29am View
hi i just inject my script in any webpage i want the id of all iframes in that particular page.
saravana__ 17-Jan-13 22:46pm View
It contains large content...if i changed or removed the form tag means then only vertical scroll bar is visible.
saravana__ 30-Nov-12 5:10am View
i need to write own coding plz help me how to start
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 23:38pm View
***************HTML CODE************
<input id="navleft" type="button" value="<<"/>
<div id="slideshow">
<img src="image1">
<img src="image2">
<img src="image3">
<img src="image4">
<img src="image5">
<input id="navright" type="button" value=">>"/>

Now i want to move the divs one by one in both left and right side
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 23:33pm View
this is my sample html code
************************HTML code************************************
<pre lang="HTML">
<input id="navleft" type="button" value="<<"/>
<div id="slideshow">


<img src="image1">
<span>some content</span>



<img src="image1">
<span>some content</span>



<img src="image1">
<span>some content</span>

<input id="navright" type="button" value=">>"/>

******************** End ******************
I want to move the divs one by one in both left and right side
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 6:39am View
Your codes is works fine but my needs is totally difference..
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 6:16am View
I have changed div:gt(5) but its not work..
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 5:16am View
Now i change that jquery..

$("#navleft").click(function() {
$("#slideshow > div:gt(0)").hide();
$('#slideshow > div:first').fadeOut(3000);
$('#slideshow > div:last').fadeIn(3000).end().appendTo('#slideshow');

But this also not works fine..
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 5:14am View
sorry i have already try this code it not works..
if click the previous button nothing to display..
saravana__ 22-Nov-12 4:54am View
If i click the navleft button image is not displayed..
saravana__ 27-Sep-12 5:08am View
The above code is not working for me..
Why the processing image is displayed multiple times...
saravana__ 27-Sep-12 5:01am View
I think append() and appendChild() both are same difference is in java script we use appenChild() and jquery we use append()......

Tell me there is any difference between these two things..
saravana__ 27-Sep-12 4:45am View
Its not working for me now also the above code add multiple divs
saravana__ 27-Sep-12 4:43am View
Tell me why that issue occurs
s@r@v@n@ 23-Jul-12 2:46am View
ok thank you....Now that slider coding is working for me..
s@r@v@n@ 23-Jul-12 2:29am View
There is no errors.......I wrote the j query code...
S@R@V@N@ 23-Jul-12 2:23am View
if i click next slide hyper link there is no response in ie browser
S@R@V@N@ 23-Jul-12 2:22am View

S@R@V@N@ 23-Jul-12 2:00am View
if i click the previous button $(".NextSlide").click(function(e) is not working in internet explorer but the same code works on other browsers
S@R@V@N@ 23-Jul-12 1:59am View
i don't know about this?
S@R@V@N@ 23-Jul-12 1:59am View
what is component?
S@R@V@N@ 12-Jul-12 8:53am View
but someone says the div contents are loaded....
Now i explain my doubt
I am using one web user control inside the div....if the current page is 1 then the div is visible to user otherwise visible false
S@R@V@N@ 12-Jul-12 8:40am View
Pls explain this concept
S@R@V@N@ 12-Jul-12 8:39am View
Thank You
S@R@V@N@ 12-Jul-12 8:35am View
inside the div i am using web user control
S@R@V@N@ 12-Jul-12 8:34am View
Please explain this
S@R@V@N@ 20-Mar-12 2:11am View
this code not works
S@R@V@N@ 19-Mar-12 6:05am View
pls say how to use the method
S@R@V@N@ 19-Mar-12 3:02am View
the code is just redirect the current page but the files are not download
S@R@V@N@ 19-Mar-12 2:56am View
This code not work for me
S@R@V@N@ 14-Mar-12 3:22am View
Thank You
S@R@V@N@ 5-Mar-12 5:32am View
I am using window authendication mode to connect the sqlserver
S@R@V@N@ 28-Feb-12 2:10am View
Thankyou verymuch
S@R@V@N@ 28-Feb-12 1:13am View
I already use this use
S@R@V@N@ 28-Feb-12 1:05am View
IPAddress[] ipAddress = Dns.GetHostAddresses(str);

in this above line i want to get the combobox selected item in string[str]
S@R@V@N@ 28-Feb-12 0:50am View
get the string value in str

IPAddress[] ipAddress = Dns.GetHostAddresses(str);
S@R@V@N@ 22-Feb-12 5:04am View
i need some code to access the listbox selected item from another form
S@R@V@N@ 22-Feb-12 4:56am View
This code not works for me.........
S@R@V@N@ 16-Feb-12 7:41am View
this codings not works for me
S@R@V@N@ 15-Feb-12 7:27am View
This is not a checkbox.......I am using listbox
saravana_solai 10-Feb-12 6:59am View
But i am using google chrome to run the project....
saravana_solai 9-Feb-12 5:01am View
I want the code to download the file from sql database
saravana_solai 8-Feb-12 5:15am View
i want to disable all controls in media player .....because i am using button controls to play,pause and stop video....
saravana_solai 8-Feb-12 2:39am View
you know how to disable media player controls because i am using button controls..
pls hlp me..
saravana_solai 8-Feb-12 2:37am View
Thank you for your solution
saravana_solai 7-Feb-12 6:23am View
this code not works for me........
saravana_solai 7-Feb-12 0:42am View
my code is works on mozilla firefox but not works in google chrome......
saravana_solai 7-Feb-12 0:40am View
these above links or not works for me
saravana_solai 6-Feb-12 6:56am View
how to play the video in chrome browser
saravana_solai 6-Feb-12 6:21am View
the video played on mozilla browser but i want to play the video in chrome browser........
saravana_solai 6-Feb-12 6:10am View
its not work
saravana_solai 4-Feb-12 10:33am View
hi i want to know the mouse coordinates values on mouse move on image button
saravana_solai 3-Feb-12 23:43pm View
if i move the image position the coordinates are not start from (0,0)
saravana_solai 3-Feb-12 4:23am View
###################this is my code ###################

<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/mainMasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="signup.aspx.cs" Inherits="signup" Title="Untitled Page" %>

<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="Server">

<style type="text/css">
width: 921px;
height: 344px;
width: 211px;
width: 54px;
width: 126px;
width: 221px;
width: 260px;
font-weight: bold;

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">


<td class="style8"></td>
<td><table class="style4">
<td class="style6" align="left">
<asp:Label ID="username" runat="server" Text="User Name:"
Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="15pt" ForeColor="#990000"></td>
<td class="style9"><asp:TextBox ID="txtusername" runat="server" Width="204px"
<td class="style6"><asp:Label ID="selectimage" runat="server"
Text="Select Image Position:" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="15pt"
<td class="style9">
<asp:ImageButton ID="img1" ImageUrl="~/flower.jpg"
Height="192px" Width="211px" title="" xmlns:asp="#unknown" runat="server" onclick="img1_Click" /></td>
<td><asp:ImageButton ID="img2" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/images/birds.jpg"
Height="194px" Width="206px" onclick="img2_Click" /></td>
<td class="style10">
<asp:ImageButton ID="img3" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/images/last.jpg"
Height="187px" Width="203px" onclick="img3_Click" /></td>

<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtpwd1" runat="server" ></td>
<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtpwd2" runat="server" ></td>
<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtpwd3" runat="server" ></td>
<td align="left"><asp:Label ID="dob" runat="server" Text="DOB[dd/mm/yyyy]:" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="15pt"
ForeColor="#990000" CssClass="style11"></td>
<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtdob" runat="server" Width="204px"
<td align="left"><asp:Label ID="sex" runat="server" Text="Sex:" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="15pt"
ForeColor="#990000" CssClass="style11"></td>
<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtsex" runat="server" Width="204px"
<td align="left"><asp:Label ID="emailid" runat="server" Text="Email Id:" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="15pt"
ForeColor="#990000" CssClass="style11"></td>
<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtemail" runat="server" Width="204px"
<td align="left"><asp:Label ID="mobileno" runat="server" Text="Mobile No:" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="15pt"
ForeColor="#990000" CssClass="style11"></td>
<td><asp:TextBox ID="txtmobileno" runat="server" Width="204px"
<td align="right">
<asp:Button ID="register" runat="server" Text="Register" Height="29px"
saravana_solai 3-Feb-12 4:19am View
i am using master page to create a home page......then where to place the java script code.pls help me
saravana_solai 3-Feb-12 2:30am View
ok...this code display some errors
Validation(XHTML 1.0 Transitional):Element 'image' is not to solve the problem.....
saravana_solai 2-Feb-12 10:32am View
this code is works but i clicked the image button the coordinates values are different in textbox and mouse to get the mouse pointer coordinates into textbox.............please help me...........
psaravanabe 2-Feb-12 9:58am View
oh nice............this code is also works for me .....thank you very much....
psaravanabe 2-Feb-12 2:46am View
how to display the x and y coordinates in mouse pointer.....please tell me
psaravanabe 2-Feb-12 2:43am View
in else condition is to display "empty records"
psaravanabe 2-Feb-12 2:41am View
thank you very much......this code is works for me
psaravanabe 1-Feb-12 10:30am View
this code was not work for me because i am using datagridview in c# window application
psaravanabe 1-Feb-12 10:27am View
pretag means
psaravanabe 1-Feb-12 7:29am View
ok....... but i need that code....... u know the code

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