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Comments by Prabhakaran Soundarapandian (Top 83 by date)

Can you improve your question...
Show the code what you have tried....
can you post your connection string the one you are using...
Have a look on the my solution
How your string content will be? any string example can you give because have to split that string....
you have to write the <system.servicemodel>.. in web.config file.The <script> tag should be in your asp page only.
you have to write the <system.servicemodel>.. in web.config file.The <script> tag should be in your asp page only.
you have to write the <system.servicemodel>.. in web.config file.The <script> tag should be in your asp page only.
Find this with Code..
and you can find the sample for above code in

and also the below link will have same

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you want to get the query form textbox?
show your piece of code where you are using it and the DTO and Enum
Try my solution posted below...
can you post your PersonalInfo DTO/class?
Try this one
Can you improve your question?
Show your code and tell us what you did and what you are expecting...
Gender = Convert.ToBoolean(column["Gender"]) ? Genders.Male :Genders.Female

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After a try I have created a small sample for your requirement..The thing what I am pasted below here..just copy that content into you new xaml page and run it and the same you implement in your project.
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You can find the solution in solution 3
can you paste your xaml content by improve question link...
When you double click on your row the details in the datagridrow was show in a different window(means child window) or in the bottom of the datagrid(means in same xaml page)?
Here i cant find your call for Ivalueconverter keyname..
Are you able to debug your code? and your break-point is hitting or not ? your XAML code...
Are you using WPF?
You can find the download button at the bottom of the page.
Have a look on this link...useful for freshers
Find as useful..rate it
...Richtextbox with Image.... Means? can you be clear on your question..
To store into database you might be having a method right...access that method in JS and pass the value..The above link will be useful..
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What was the error you are facing...can you post your error...
What is question...can you improve your question so that we can help you????
In your solution how many project you are using and in which project you are using this code and which is your startup project?
Handle???Are you using mvc2 or mvc3???
Can you provide more information..
Thanks Philip...
You just posted your code...improve your question what is the scenario and what loop validation you want..then only we could help you..
Can you improve your question...
Can you post your code....
To see the structure of the table,in your top of the solution explorer you can see the show all files button and by clicking that you can see the mdf file in app_data folder.By clicking that you can see the tables with the help server explorer.
Can you be more clear about your question....
What you have tried so that code so that we could help you..
you have to show the Scoialnetworking images in your page or to use the API's?
can you explain your scenario better with the code you have tried..
Please be clear about your question..
is this silverlight project?
You just have the z-index in your div..not in the object tag and then try..also see this Link it might be useful for you.
set z-index in negative for silverlightControlHostContainer
do the same like above what you did and compare..
what code do you have in BindDataGridView() method...
Which line you are getting error while debugging?
Same question you have posted here right!!!
If you find as useful..choose this as answer...
You are asking about winforms or wpf or aspnet? and for which control?
can you elaborate your question?.
Your IIS version?
Sounds like a fresher for a clear draft for your need then only we could help you...
have a look on this
Can you post your inserting code and listview binding code..
Without knowing your code/ could we help you?
You want to pass the parameter from any control?
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If you want a clear solution means show your code...
Are you using CSS3? and Which version of IE you are using?
You want the basic sample in WCF?
Then pass the latest/last id from your content as a parameter to SP and select the values in where class as greater than the parameter you passed.
try with AncestorType in textblock binding in datatemplate
Is the projectId column is Identity field or running ID in your database?.
Is that a web app or WPF or ..?
You want to show in Chart or as details?
Then you have to try with Jquery + ajax.
Can you post your questions clearly
Do you have any unique id column in your datatable?
Can you post your scenario and the trigger actions of your update panel.
could you be clear about your requirement.
for(int i=DataTable2.Rows.Count();i<=DataTable1.Rows.Count();i++)

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It should hold all the values with comma (,) ????
or you want to replace 3AM to 4AM
Please rate the solution....
Can you stop your application and then run it again and now can you see that all the deleted records(means that you are not able to see at the time of inserting new item) are showing to your datagrid?.Please let me know.
You want a client side click event or server side click event for the that entire cell or you need only a link to that cell value.
If again its not getting load means just add one more update panel and put the employee control in that panel and add the above code..If this answer is useful don't forget to mark as answer.
Check this link
Do you need to get all the cell values from a particular selected row?