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Itz.Irshad 23-Jul-13 2:07am View    
@Ron Beyer: Thanks for information. I think same as you people because if we are looking for to bypass UAC then UAC is purposeless. But, what if user still interested to get rid of UAC.
Well, there are many cases when user have no admin privileges but still they need to run the application. That's the reason behind this question.

Anyway, Thanks.
Itz.Irshad 1-Jul-13 7:07am View    
I've tested, tabs characters are encoded correctly, but it is displayed on client program then empty spaces are eliminated.
Itz.Irshad 28-Jun-13 9:23am View    
Its not working. You can check it
Itz.Irshad 14-Nov-12 7:50am View    
Well, by doing this I've got below error: The ID 'DivBtnImgCopy' is already used by another control.
Itz.Irshad 14-Nov-12 7:49am View    
Got this error: Cannot create an object of type 'System.Boolean' from its string representation '<%=bool.Parse(ShowHideButton().ToString()) %>' for the 'Visible' property.