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Comments by Yasser El Shazly (Top 116 by date)

Yasser El Shazly 28-Jan-16 6:58am View    
Okay i get your point , put i am thinking to scanning in an specific folder like C:\\Scanning --- then scan in this folder and read all files by JavaScript in this folder , but the point how can i scan using .Net ?
Yasser El Shazly 28-Jan-16 6:37am View    
yes but it is a must to apply this functionality to my website , and i have no problem to have all rights and permissions to use client resources ... but how?
and i have no problems with scanning files on local machine in a specific folder and some how upload the file automatically ... thanks.
Yasser El Shazly 30-Jun-14 19:50pm View    
How can i use this Jquery AutoComplete With .Net MVC 4
Yasser El Shazly 27-Jun-14 19:07pm View    
how can i make autocomplete ?
Yasser El Shazly 27-Jun-14 18:35pm View    
how can i make a server side filtering ... what i mean user type 3 characters then i go to my DB Select items that contains these 3 characters and show them in the dropdownlist how can i do that ?