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Techiz 7-Aug-12 3:08am View    
Suppose there are two WSC's, Script1.wsc and Script2.wsc. In Script1.wsc there is a method Method1 written in VBS. Now if I want to refer or use that function in Script2.wsc, do I need to include some reference of Scritp1.wsc in the Script2.wsc file or I need to CreateObject and then call it or there is a
better way?
There is only Microsoft WSC Wizard, is there any api available to generate .esc files myself with some method calls.

Techiz 1-Aug-12 0:48am View    
how can I apply privacy or a restriction setting so that the component is not available through out windows environment?
Techiz 30-Jul-12 5:45am View    
Thank you for guiding me earlier and giving me references. Now I am very much familiar with WSC and have implemented and used. I have a few questions regarding WSC. Firstly I would like to ask what kind of threading model Microsoft have give for script components, are they thread safe? As wsc gets registered with the windows (or scripting runtime) hence they are accessible throughout the windows environment, I want to apply security and access rights to this component. Kindly guide me though this and help me. Thanks
Techiz 11-Jul-12 4:47am View    
I have read about script components, and it is all related to SSIS and other data related task, I dont see the how can I use this in my scenario. Can you kindly suggest me any article to get more details.

I also want to know that if, if they are different exe's and they submit there own script, they have there own IDispatch, so If I refer one script function in another script. How will the Engine resolve this expression to get to other script function and what work is required to achieve this.
Techiz 10-Jul-12 2:15am View    
Ok I will read about them in detail and will get back to you. Thanks