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alekcarlsen 17-May-13 16:23pm View
Ill post my code tomorrow.
But i cant figure out why the same code acts differently in 2 different scenarios on the same server - service restart.. The code connects and sends fine
But a full server reboot and it doesnt.
alekcarlsen 17-May-13 16:10pm View
Well the thing, as stated numerous times.
The exact same code works fine in the same scenario on windows server 2008r2
alekcarlsen 17-May-13 13:51pm View
it has a reconnect method, that handles this. - still not working when rebooting windows 2012 server - but same thing works in 2008 - im curious as to what has changed.
alekcarlsen 17-May-13 7:31am View
it's implicit that im talking about "Windows server 2008r2" when i'm talking about a windows service, that i wrote, that i installed on the OS. and NOT SQL server. Because as you said "you do not install Windows services in SQL Server."
Now.. do you actually have an answer to my question?
alekcarlsen 17-May-13 7:04am View
"you do not install Windows services in SQL Server." - then why would you imagine that i ment SQL Server? - let me answer your question with a question...
where do you install services - and which OS'es are named 2008r2 and 2012 where one could install a windows service?
i've edited my question to more correctly state which OS i'm talking about

here are some links

alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 8:17am View - car with transparency (which works) - lights with transparency (which works)
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:38am View
Read this to get transparent images
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:26am View
link the images if you can
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:23am View
you have a picturebox with the Vehicle - right?
now add another picturebox with the lights in them, overlay and opacity of the picturebox etc.
now add the rest of your controls - turn Form1's Background color blue and set transparencykey to blue - now the background og the form will be transparent.
if this is not what you want, i dont understand your question
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:00am View
nope - what the code does is, it makes the Forms background transparent - then you just need to add an imagebox control - for your "background" -image
check my screenshot

why do you need to use 2 forms?
alekcarlsen 1-Nov-12 5:32am View
that is quite interresting - thank you for sharing
alekcarlsen 31-May-12 6:54am View
unfortunately, this doesn't start the app with admin privs - which causes the app to close - tried both hkcomp and hkuser - same result for both
alekcarlsen 22-Jun-11 0:04am View
was actually unintended - fixed - actually think it marked it as a solution by itself - i failed to see the comment button. - but hey thanks for noticing and thinking "douch" instead of "newbie mistake" (Y)