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Comments by Neil Cross (Top 30 by date)

Neil Cross 21-Oct-11 11:28am View
The file in question is the name of the running application that is running the code. The purpose of the code is to get it's own assembly version.
Neil Cross 21-Oct-11 10:44am View
I have included the error in my question. I know it's not very imforamtive, but that's what's outputted to my textbox, and I can't replicate the error to see it in visual studio.
Neil Cross 21-Oct-11 10:31am View
I have tried both.
Neil Cross 21-Oct-11 10:31am View
I do not know what error is being thrown, though it occurs to me I could output that to a log(slaps head). I'll get back to you on that.
Neil Cross 24-Aug-11 6:31am View
I tried disposing my connection but that does not work. If this is definitely working for you, could you show me your connection string please. That may affect how it disposes the connection. Thank you for your help.
Neil Cross 15-Feb-11 9:59am View
The description still returns far too much information. I need to extract the single coherent piece of news from it and ignore everything else. I appreciate your help though.
Neil Cross 7-Jan-11 6:58am View
im using the windows 7 phone emulator that came with the sdk if thats what you mean.
Neil Cross 23-Nov-10 8:40am View
Yeah I wasn't clear what I meant was open and play a file specified programatically I dont think just opening it automatically plays it I appreciate your help.
Neil Cross 23-Nov-10 8:24am View
This doesn't provide methods for controlling vlc player, like pausing and rewinding or choosing a video from the playlist. Also the end goal is to embed it in the player.
Neil Cross 2-Nov-10 18:16pm View
I found that article too and that office component it's talking about looks like something you have to pay for, plus I'm not sure what to do with it once I downloaded it. I was hoping to find an alternative.
Neil Cross 1-Nov-10 9:59am View
I solved my own problem I had to close the XmlTextReader before I tried saving. I appreciate you trying to help me.
Neil Cross 1-Nov-10 9:44am View
That is the absolute first time I do anything to do with the config file. I execute the code in a button press if that would make any difference to how it runs.
Neil Cross 29-Oct-10 8:47am View
Thanks that helped I was overcomplicating it.
Neil Cross 29-Oct-10 7:18am View
It seems to be a good site but I'm still finding it very difficult. They don't have any examples of using the code. Do you know any sites that give examples. Thanks.
Neil Cross 27-Oct-10 7:54am View
Thanks that was useful.
Neil Cross 27-Oct-10 6:15am View
I managed to get it working. I simply ran the code on a separate thread and it seemed to work. Thanks for commenting.
Neil Cross 27-Oct-10 6:03am View
My question before was related to uploading large file sizes. The question I am asking here is handling timeout exceptions. I thought it would be best to post as a new question for clarity. Also I am completely new to uploading files and dealing with servers so I often have difficulty supplying the right information. The only error I get on the server is the connection has timed out. If you can help me with my problem I will be grateful.
Neil Cross 26-Oct-10 11:58am View
I figured out how to make it work thanks for your help.
Neil Cross 26-Oct-10 11:02am View
When I use this code it gives me the error connection property has not been initialised. Do you know how to solve this.
Neil Cross 26-Oct-10 10:44am View
Sorry I should have said I am using OleDB. Would this code still work if I adapt it.
Neil Cross 21-Oct-10 8:12am View
Neil Cross 21-Oct-10 8:12am View
Neil Cross 21-Oct-10 7:28am View
Because I have no idea how
Neil Cross 20-Oct-10 12:11pm View
Thanks that exactly what I needed, sorry for the slow response.
Neil Cross 19-Oct-10 10:51am View
I investigated the CurrentCell property but I must have missed something. Could you give me an example please. I've never used dataGrids before so I'm learning everything from scratch.
Neil Cross 18-Oct-10 4:39am View
I entered my information as an answer by accident but I'm not sure you get notified of it so just in case I'll let you know I added the information as an answer. If you do get notified about it then my bad.
Neil Cross 14-Oct-10 17:33pm View
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
Neil Cross 14-Oct-10 17:32pm View
I am trying to get the number for a different purpose, the code I provided was only an example of the parse method not working. I appreciate your help though, it seems a bit obvious now I know what the problem is.
Neil Cross 14-Oct-10 9:20am View
Thanks it's always something simple.
Neil Cross 14-Oct-10 4:02am View
Thanks I appreciate the help