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Comments by Huisheng Chen (Top 8 by date)

Huisheng Chen 19-Feb-12 0:53am View    
I prefer:

a ^= b;
b ^= a;
a ^= b;

1. no overflow like the one using addition
2. no external function required
Huisheng Chen 4-Feb-12 4:56am View    
Good job, I updated my tip at please look at the final summary
Huisheng Chen 3-Feb-12 20:14pm View    
how about multi-lingual support?
Huisheng Chen 9-Jan-12 8:06am View    
I think Aho-Corasick string matching could be much faster than Split
Huisheng Chen 24-Apr-11 18:14pm View    
by small digits I mean something like:

1.2345, 6.78 etc

I once wrote such functions, but I wrote 3 separate functions, one for integers, one for small digits, one for negative small digits. Yet I believe that it would be much better to have all of them within one function.