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amritha444 21-Jun-14 7:19am View
thanks alot Prakash ..Now its working fine :)
amritha444 21-Jun-14 6:01am View
Ok sir i wil do that .. i posted here to get quick response from the peoples who experienced the same problem
amritha444 10-Jun-14 3:49am View
Thanks all for your response
amritha444 10-Jun-14 2:11am View
<asp:TextBox ID="txtspousename" CausesValidation="true" runat="server" Width="260px">
<asp:customvalidator ID="Customvalidator1" EnableClientScript="false" Display="Dynamic" ValidationGroup="v" onservervalidate="Customvalidator1_ServerValidate" forecolor="Red" errormessage="*" controltovalidate="txtspousename" runat="server">

server side
protected void Customvalidator1_ServerValidate(object source, ServerValidateEventArgs args)
if (chkweddingbased.Checked == true)
if (txtspousename.Text=="")
args.IsValid = false;
args.IsValid = true;
args.IsValid = true;

its not firing while textbox is null..
amritha444 21-Mar-14 23:44pm View
hi i didnt converted. its coming so
when i paste seperately its coming in lowecase .at that time decryption not occurs and ends with bad data error ..
but when going through my project
Response.Redirect("~/test/test2.aspx?id=" + ls_encry);
its working well
why coming so any idea??
amritha444 22-Oct-13 8:31am View
thanks RyanDev . This is wht im looking for :) :)
amritha444 1-Sep-13 0:38am View
thnks Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov for the response
i knw importance of keeping unique row .this is existing live db cant make such changes now. through front value never duplicate.problem is that i exported table twice . im searching for a delete query to do this.
amritha444 21-Aug-13 3:50am View
got why so :)
amritha444 21-Aug-13 3:47am View
thanks OriginalGriff
its working well
amritha444 21-Aug-13 3:35am View
oh :( .. why so?
no problem .lets try other given solutions
amritha444 16-Aug-13 8:28am View
of course :)
amritha444 16-Aug-13 8:21am View
Great effort Maciej Los
thanks a million
amritha444 16-Aug-13 6:18am View
only error changed
Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Line 6
The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.
amritha444 16-Aug-13 5:37am View
here is some of column values
amritha444 16-Aug-13 5:12am View
when i tried to run
SELECT CAST(ProgressDate AS DATE) FROM MG_AssignedActivity
same error shows
Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.
amritha444 16-Aug-13 5:03am View
my code
declare @StartingDate datetime
declare @EndDate datetime
set @StartingDate='02/02/2013'
set @EndDate='09/25/2013'

SELECT MG_Activity.ActivityId,CASE MG_Activity.FolderName WHEN 'Empty' THEN ' ' ELSE MG_Activity.FolderName END AS FolderName, MG_Activity.ActivityName,
MG_ActivityParent.ParentId, MG_Activity.ActivityDate, MG_Activity.Description AS Note, MG_Activity.AdminId, MG_Activity.Status,
MG_Activity.IsActive, MG_Activity.Priority, MG_AssignedActivity.UserId, MG_Users.FirstName AS UserName, MG_AssignedActivity.AssignId,
MG_AssignedActivity.Progress, REPLACE(CONVERT(varchar, MG_AssignedActivity.Duration, 103), '-', '/') AS DueDate, MG_AssignedActivity.StartingDate,
MG_AssignedActivity.ProgressDate, CASE MG_ActivityDate.SubTask WHEN 0 THEN 'Create Sub Task' ELSE 'Sub Task' END AS SubTask

MG_Meeting_ActionItem ON MG_Meeting_Group.GroupID = MG_Meeting_ActionItem.GroupID INNER JOIN
MG_Meeting_SubGroup ON MG_Meeting_ActionItem.SubGroupID = MG_Meeting_SubGroup.SubGroupID RIGHT OUTER JOIN
MG_AssignedActivity ON MG_Activity.ActivityId = MG_AssignedActivity.ActivityId INNER JOIN
MG_Users ON MG_AssignedActivity.AdminId = MG_Users.UserID INNER JOIN
MG_ActivityParent ON MG_Activity.ActivityId = MG_ActivityParent.ActivityId INNER JOIN
MG_ActivityDate ON MG_Activity.ActivityId = MG_ActivityDate.ActivityId ON
MG_Meeting_ActionItem.ActivityID = MG_Activity.ActivityId LEFT OUTER JOIN
MG_Meeting_Meeting ON MG_Meeting_ActionItem.MeetingID = MG_Meeting_Meeting.MeetingID

where @StartingDate is null or @EndDate is null OR CONVERT(DATETIME,MG_AssignedActivity.ProgressDate,112) BETWEEN @StartingDate AND @EndDate
data in ProgressDate field is in dd/mm/yyyy format .but that columns contains null values also will it make any issue?
amritha444 16-Aug-13 2:19am View
thanks for the reply

error message showing as
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
amritha444 14-Aug-13 5:56am View
doing modification in a project . lot of data in that table.i know this is wrong design but somebody else done so . i just want to make a report . how to do this
amritha444 1-Jul-13 8:28am View
thanks for the response
I tried this but not working. Tried to findout error with IE browser got error as
Object doesn't support property or method 'autocomplete'
amritha444 1-Jul-13 6:34am View
thanks for the response
Not getting any error.Problem is autofill not appearing .its working well in page without masterpage
amritha444 29-Mar-13 8:16am View
Yes I already gave full access to D:/Share/photo1".I can copy a file from local machine to the same machines another folder well.problem happening when copying from network folder
amritha444 15-Mar-13 0:29am View
thanks for the response
But this output is not what im looking for

for a input fromdate and to date i want to split as i mentioned in my question. i have an input from date and to this have a difference of more than one month.
for an input 1/1/2013 and 8/4/2013 i want output as
fromdate to date
1/1/2013 31/1/2013
1/2/2013 28/2/2013
1/3/2013 31/2/2013
1/4/2013 8/4/2013
amritha444 30-Jan-13 7:21am View
i understand what you meant .I added a ~/ before returnurl and its working fine. thanks Ankur
amritha444 29-Nov-12 6:07am View
Hi Zaf
Yes i have used one xml file for entire application
Yes sitemap path not changes when going from different pages.
this is the sitemap used in master page
<asp:SiteMapDataSource ID="SiteMapDataSource1" runat="server" />
<asp:SiteMapPath ID="SiteMap1" runat="server" Font-Names="Verdana"
Font-Size="0.9em" PathSeparator=" > ">
<PathSeparatorStyle Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="#990000" />
<currentnodestyle forecolor="#6699ff">
<nodestyle font-bold="True" forecolor="#990000">
<rootnodestyle font-bold="True" forecolor="#003300">
i already explained about xml.
amritha444 28-Nov-12 4:02am View
hi Zaf
I placed sitemap in master page.My issue is that i cant show correct path when navigate to samepage ticket details from differnt pages. only first navigation path follows
amritha444 27-Nov-12 23:31pm View
hi thanks for the response im redirecting to same page from different pages .for eg from different pages there is navigation to ticket details page.when going from dashboard to ticketdetails site map as applications>dashboard>ticketdetails.but i have another page my tickets from this page when im navigating to ticket details page it appearing as applications>dashboard>ticketdetails.instead i want applications>dashboard>My tickets>ticketdetails
amritha444 22-Nov-12 6:11am View
Thank you Griff datetime.tryparseexact concept helped to resolve my problem now its working in both development production system
amritha444 22-Nov-12 3:14am View
its not the pblm of update progress instead code written inside button click.when i corrected mail code its working well
amritha444 30-Oct-12 4:54am View
hi all
Thanks for the response.I got solution as
if you are using any antivirus software check it's log to see whether it is because of the antivirus. I faced same problem when McAffee was blocking my mails (there is a security policy - Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mails). Edit this policy and add your application to the exception list. In my case this sorted the problem. Please check if it works for you.
amritha444 30-Oct-12 3:20am View
Thanks for the response
getting error as sending mail failed and getting inner exception as cannot connect to remote server. Which is working well in my system problem arising when i add this to server.we enabled that port and disabled firewall of server.What correct in network connection
amritha444 25-Oct-12 2:05am View
which is working well in my local system.problem when i add this to iis of server machine..all other ajax controls i used like tab,auto fill,modal popup working well.. I need that control beause sending email and sms along with adding . Adding also not take place..
amritha444 25-Oct-12 2:02am View
hi all
thanks for the response
the code used is

<asp:UpdateProgress ID="UpdateProgress1" AssociatedUpdatePanelID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">

<div id="dvProgress" runat="server" style="position:absolute; top: 100px;
left: 300px; text-align:center;">
<asp:Image ID="Image2" runat="server" Height="200px" Width="200px"
ImageUrl="../User/images/mainl.gif" />

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
amritha444 3-Aug-12 4:31am View
Hi Thanks for the response i want recursive query for below pasted code

if (i == 1)
parentNode = new TreeNode(s);

else if(i==2)
TreeNode chilnode = new TreeNode(s);
else if (i == 3)
TreeNode chilnode1 = new TreeNode(s);
else if (i == 4)
TreeNode chilnode2 = new TreeNode(s);
amritha444 9-Jul-12 4:01am View
Hi Thanks for the response

I tried order by but no change for the order as it not a number or date. I cant change database as this query writing for a old software
amritha444 9-Jul-12 3:52am View
hi thanks for the response

I want that Row only
amritha444 29-May-12 4:15am View
Thanks VJ Reddy
This is what i want
amritha444 3-May-12 6:47am View
Hi This working well in my system.Problem happening when installed to client machine.Loding report failed showing.Where i installed crystal report redistribution package 2008 for crystal report.Other than this only .NET framework and sqlserver in client machine.what may be the problem??

Thanks in Advance
amritha444 7-Mar-12 4:13am View
thanks for the valuable advice .i will discuss this with my senior engineer
amritha444 6-Mar-12 0:58am View
using .net binding menu in windows forms
amritha444 2-Mar-12 5:22am View
this line is throwing exception
MenuItem Parent_menu = new MenuItem( row["Name_tb"].ToString(), secondMenu);
amritha444 29-Feb-12 23:42pm View
I want algoritham .i have table design.i want to code to bind menu and submenu according to above mentioned table
amritha444 4-Feb-12 6:03am View
from_locationId and to_locationId are two fields in accounts table having foreign key reference with location table.this two fields in accounts table having ids from location master .same for division
amritha444 2-Feb-12 4:37am View
Please check my code
System.Net.Mail.MailMessage msgMail = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage("", txtEmail.Text);

string mailid = "";
string Pasword = "xxxxxx";

string msg = null;
string mTo = To;
string mFrom = mailid;

msgMail.Subject = "Registration Confirmation";
System.Text.StringBuilder SB = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
System.IO.StringWriter Sw = new System.IO.StringWriter(SB);

string mMsg = "<img src=\"" + URLpath + "images/logo.png\" width=\"165\" height=\"68\" /></br>" +
</br>" +
"<p>" + "Thank you " + name + ", </p>" +
"<p>This is to inform you that your advertiser account has been created<br />" +
"<br />" +
"Your account information is as<br />" +
"User Name :" + MemberName + "<br />" +
"Password : " + pass + "<br />" +

mMsg = mMsg + SB.ToString();

msgMail.From = new System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(mFrom);
msgMail.IsBodyHtml = true;
msgMail.Body = mMsg;
msgMail.Priority = System.Net.Mail.MailPriority.High;
System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient smtp = new System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient();
smtp.Host = "";
smtp.Port = 25;
smtp.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(mFrom, Pasword);
smtp.EnableSsl = true;


amritha444 25-Jan-12 6:32am View
amritha444 30-Nov-11 4:12am View
i want to do it through windows based application
amritha444 20-Sep-11 7:52am View
no problem...its working fine now..
thank you
amritha444 20-Sep-11 5:16am View
hi Uma
i tried your code..but the viedo didnt plays..what may be the reason
amritha444 23-Feb-11 2:53am View
where is that in main menu ..

please specify