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Bojjaiah 8-Jun-21 3:42am View
Thank you, for your reply. Can we have an example? @Richard
Bojjaiah 6-Apr-21 2:14am View
let me try!
Bojjaiah 11-Mar-21 23:40pm View
Yes, it's a DevExpress control see the thread I am adding the time to webchartcontrol **WebChartControl1.Series[0].Points.Add();WebChartControl1.Series[1].Points.Add();WebChartControl1.Series[2].Points.Add();**

And also please find the Sample Chart Link in the thread.
Bojjaiah 11-Mar-21 0:39am View
Richard, see updated thread.
Bojjaiah 11-Mar-21 0:39am View
Bill, see updated thread.
Bojjaiah 11-Mar-21 0:39am View
Gerry, see updated thread.
Bojjaiah 10-Mar-21 23:39pm View
Gerry, Here I am not posted the entire code how the data pulling to chart and showcase the color to chart. my logic will comes in the place of "Work Time", "Over Time" and "Break Time".
Bojjaiah 10-Mar-21 10:43am View
Will get the data from GetTempWMCenterClasses() method.
Bojjaiah 10-Mar-21 9:40am View
Overnight Shifts => We need to fill/show some colors to on this cases.
Bojjaiah 10-Mar-21 9:39am View
break means, they will start the work/machine center and then stop. Example the order have 5Qty. He may start the work/machine center and finished, So he will stop the work and post the 1Qty. And again this process will continue until complete the 5Qty.
Bojjaiah 10-Mar-21 8:19am View
Assume the Shift Time is 7 AM to 4 PM. 1) If the user worked between 7 AM to 4 PM then green 2) If the user taken breaks/stopped work between 7 AM to 4 PM the color is Red 3) If the user worked before or after the shift time the color is green. We need to fill these colors to chart according to list of data.
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-21 2:46am View
Okay thank you for your time. I will up vote this after confirm email address.
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-21 2:36am View
Great!. In this particular case can we add some condition to get the results in order to "No", "Yes" and "".?
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-21 2:28am View
Your code is working descending order. In my case **StartedOrStopped** having value with "No" sort first and then followed "Yes", "".
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-21 2:16am View
Yes, not sorting. That's the reason posted here.
Bojjaiah 17-Feb-21 9:48am View
It's a DevExpress ASPxLabel having property so that we can set the text directly from JavaScript using ClientInstanceName property.
Bojjaiah 17-Feb-21 9:36am View
Not incrementing/showing clock correctly.
Bojjaiah 20-Nov-19 3:44am View
It is published another server, but still, I can add web reference as well it will work.
Bojjaiah 20-Nov-19 3:42am View
Yes, within my network. it's accessed entire network.
Bojjaiah 20-Nov-19 3:29am View
It's not an exception `client.GetAsync(clarity_URL).Result` is returning false with internal server error.
Bojjaiah 5-Apr-19 1:30am View
Height and width is not working.
Bojjaiah 13-Mar-19 0:44am View
I am a newbie. If possible give me any examples or reference links related to the above thread? It will help.
Bojjaiah 7-Mar-19 7:01am View
Font height is read-only property, right?
Bojjaiah 13-Jul-18 6:52am View
The customer can open the ChildPage.aspx page after selecting any of records. Again customer can open ChildPage.aspx page by selecting another record from MainPage.aspx. Here ChildPage.aspx are multiple windows for every request. In this case, the session will not work, right? So, how can we handle in this situation?
Bojjaiah 12-Jun-18 8:13am View
Okay, is it possible to give download option while clicking on file.
Bojjaiah 12-Jun-18 7:24am View
shared path(have full permission) will access everyone.
Bojjaiah 12-Mar-18 8:42am View
I will get back after I tried. Thanks.
Bojjaiah 12-Mar-18 8:25am View
Nice answer. Do we have an example for gridview same as time ticker with the label.
Bojjaiah 29-May-14 1:59am View
Thank U,
Bojjaiah 29-May-14 1:02am View
So, From it is not possible?
Bojjaiah 30-Apr-14 9:18am View
have you got an answer?
Bojjaiah 29-Apr-14 8:40am View
hi Raj, Is this working?
Bojjaiah 29-Apr-14 8:40am View
hi Raj, Is this working?
Bojjaiah 29-Apr-14 3:22am View
Have you work this?
Bojjaiah 29-Apr-14 2:24am View
try to add compatibility settings. It will work.
Bojjaiah 28-Apr-14 9:54am View
U are Welcome.

Bojjaiah 27-Mar-14 6:52am View
debug your solution you are getting null values.
Bojjaiah 27-Mar-14 5:23am View
You are welcome :)
Bojjaiah 27-Mar-14 5:23am View
I think you are given wrong credentials. Please check your account username & password.
Bojjaiah 27-Mar-14 5:23am View
I think you are given wrong credentials. Please check your account username & password.
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-14 6:07am View
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-14 6:07am View
Watch video's part 2,3,4 and 5 you can understand clearly
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-14 6:04am View
Expected Url is
Url : / -> means deviding/controlar/file name k
that means. when we request /10/12 it is looking from action/file name not data value.
you are expected url is exactly wrong. ask your experts/tutors/code blogs/ about this.

Watch video's part 2,3,4 and 5 you can understand clearly
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-14 3:20am View
when u add In Bound & Out Bound it will ask permissions like radio buttons see clearly and select Publicly and Your system ip should public other wise it not appear outside of network.
1. Ip Should be Public
2. add In Bound & Out Bound rules for your port number
Bojjaiah 28-Feb-14 1:32am View
can you post your store procedure?
Bojjaiah 27-Feb-14 2:39am View
what you tried & what you getting an error?
Bojjaiah 26-Feb-14 7:54am View
what is an error?
Bojjaiah 20-Feb-14 23:54pm View
what's your problem?
what's error?
Bojjaiah 19-Feb-14 23:46pm View
is there any dynamic controls in your code?
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 7:28am View
that is warning not an error.
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 5:49am View
you are welcome :)
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 4:53am View
I'm also using same version. it's working fine. see from your side is there any internal problems?
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 4:35am View
which version you are using?
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 4:34am View
see updated. if it's working accept answer.
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 4:27am View
see my code is updated just copy and paste your aspx page and run it. image should be in your web site.

let me know working or not?
Bojjaiah 12-Feb-14 4:24am View
are you using or ?
Bojjaiah 5-Feb-14 8:52am View
Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript'>'WebForm2.aspx?ID=" + 2 + "','height=80','width=1100','_blank');</script>");

this is working fine in IE11 also.

see what is the value of e.Item.Cells[0].Text. if any special character it won't work other wise it will work.
Bojjaiah 5-Feb-14 7:42am View
after IE8 any version just add your ip/website/localhost to compatibility view automatically work. let me know if you have any queries?
Bojjaiah 5-Feb-14 7:39am View
let me know if working or not?
Bojjaiah 5-Feb-14 7:30am View
Open your IE 11->Tools->Compatibility View->Add your Localhost/ip then run it
Bojjaiah 5-Feb-14 7:10am View
make compatible in your IE 11.
Bojjaiah 3-Feb-14 8:01am View
this error is belongs to datasource & Fields matching in .rdlc file. check once again correctly.
Bojjaiah 3-Feb-14 0:35am View
why Downvoted?
Bojjaiah 31-Jan-14 10:51am View
what is an error?
Bojjaiah 31-Jan-14 8:09am View
why? are you prevent typing url? or?
Bojjaiah 31-Jan-14 6:47am View
1) Check isPostback is there not in you Page_Load()?
2) other wise post you full of code
Bojjaiah 31-Jan-14 6:39am View
Can you post your code? other wise maintain flags on your table. when user seen mark as read(flag=1) other wise mark as unread(flag=0). Note: flag means bool variable.
Bojjaiah 31-Jan-14 6:30am View
when user click on + symbol they open nested grid view. So you can use your custom control action instead of + button.
Bojjaiah 31-Jan-14 4:57am View
can you post the result of dateFromtemp?
Bojjaiah 30-Jan-14 5:28am View
Bojjaiah 29-Jan-14 8:45am View
first add if(!isPostback){} in page load.
Bojjaiah 27-Jan-14 23:52pm View
can you post your code?
Bojjaiah 22-Jan-14 2:09am View
download and install it
Bojjaiah 22-Jan-14 1:42am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 21-Jan-14 7:38am View
can you post your code?
Bojjaiah 10-Jan-14 8:36am View
it's working for me,

can u refer this <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
Bojjaiah 9-Jan-14 8:00am View
When you not getting result, you should debug it. then you can get an error what's the mistake it. Based on your error you can proceed weather post a question/you can solve it.
Bojjaiah 9-Jan-14 7:29am View
Can you post your code?
Bojjaiah 9-Jan-14 6:53am View
see updated my code... if u have an error post as a comment.. here
Bojjaiah 9-Jan-14 5:08am View
always use pre tags when post a question/answer.
Bojjaiah 9-Jan-14 4:57am View
welcome. :)
Bojjaiah 20-Dec-13 3:57am View
thank you OriginalGriff :) 5+
Bojjaiah 20-Dec-13 3:57am View
thank you karthik :) 5+
Bojjaiah 18-Dec-13 4:37am View
yah!.. thank you...
Bojjaiah 18-Dec-13 1:59am View
string[] intArray = new string[10];
intArray[0] = "One";
intArray[1] = "Two";
intArray[2] = "Three";
how can I count this?
Bojjaiah 18-Dec-13 1:54am View
hello parids,
see my question clearly, I'm counting the index of array not array count!...
Bojjaiah 11-Dec-13 5:57am View
see below & fallow the link
Bojjaiah 11-Dec-13 4:24am View
Can you post your code? what you tried? then we can see what's problem!..
Bojjaiah 11-Dec-13 4:21am View
Check weather JavaScript is Enable or Not? In Client browser.
Bojjaiah 1-Nov-13 9:28am View
prevent cookies or ..?
Bojjaiah 5-Aug-13 2:29am View
hello mohibur,

see clearly I passing variable name it will be automatically taken the single quote.
Bojjaiah 19-Jun-13 1:05am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good.............
Bojjaiah 17-Jun-13 6:27am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 5-Jun-13 8:45am View
what is the database structure you have? for saving image
Bojjaiah 5-Jun-13 8:44am View
hm.. sorry actually I asked this quetion to Member-2338430?not you
well below my solution work fine
Bojjaiah 5-Jun-13 8:07am View
what is the database structure you have? for saving image
Bojjaiah 5-Jun-13 5:00am View
see updated my code
Bojjaiah 30-May-13 6:09am View
not client if anyone use https protocal they must be SSL otherwise con't use https. ok
Bojjaiah 27-May-13 1:01am View
Hi basmeh,
void type doesn't have return type?
Bojjaiah 15-May-13 5:39am View
exactly... :) 5+
Bojjaiah 14-May-13 2:45am View
you can use AutoCompleteExtender
Bojjaiah 26-Apr-13 3:20am View
edit and add pre tag!.....
Bojjaiah 26-Apr-13 1:05am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 25-Apr-13 8:18am View
any how you have datagridview datasource.So you can assign same datasource to crystalreports datasource.
Bojjaiah 25-Apr-13 7:23am View
are you tried UpdatePanel?
Bojjaiah 15-Apr-13 8:25am View
First you have to know the delete query and try to execute in sqlserver after that you can try c#. your delete query is wrong DELETE FROM TABLENAME WHERE condition<search>
Bojjaiah 2-Apr-13 8:24am View
Thank u Aarti

Bojjaiah 2-Apr-13 5:56am View
hi aarti when I write c# it is not returning string my code is
string strconn = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["strconn"].ConnectionString;

using (SqlConnection SqlConn = new SqlConnection(strconn))
using (SqlCommand SqlComm = new SqlCommand("GetSamples", SqlConn))
SqlComm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
SqlComm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Id", 1);
var returnParameters = SqlComm.Parameters.Add("@Message", SqlDbType.VarChar);
returnParameters.Direction = ParameterDirection.ReturnValue;
var SPreturnValue = returnParameters.Value;
catch (SqlException ex)
catch (Exception ey)
Bojjaiah 2-Apr-13 5:27am View
this is testing how can return string? like that
Bojjaiah 1-Apr-13 9:45am View
run this

it will create handlers
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-13 3:28am View
you do not have permission for file or drive. So, check your network permissions.
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-13 3:21am View
check your credentials.
Bojjaiah 19-Mar-13 6:12am View
use HtmlGenericControl class you can get the value
Bojjaiah 18-Mar-13 1:04am View
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 8:17am View
you can declare another list and another array.

List<testclass> ListDevLog1 = new List<testclass>();

TestClass[] objDevLogArry1;

after completing 500 files process call this line

it will be copied those files
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 7:42am View
after completing 500 files processing.. I just remove those files from list.
see updated my answer.
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 7:35am View
First of all devide the or split the files by 500
then for loop first 5oo files are process after complete I just remove those files and next time remaining files are process........... ok.
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 7:15am View
WelCome :)
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 7:14am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 6:42am View
this is not good practice. If you solve this problem you can write an answer other wise leave it. Don't Post empty solution.
Bojjaiah 15-Mar-13 6:34am View
can you post your code?
then only we know where you wrong!
Bojjaiah 27-Feb-13 8:16am View
Hi marcus,
thanks for replying it's working fine.

In my side 5 up :).
Bojjaiah 27-Feb-13 1:42am View
what is ther Design parameter?
post the parameter
Bojjaiah 27-Feb-13 1:30am View
PranayLogo=this is the FixedPath storing in app.config like(C:\Image).

in design parameter must match the ReportParameter. Ok
i.e., design parameter(this is design param)="ImgPath"(this is code behind) must be match.
Bojjaiah 26-Feb-13 9:15am View
hi Chris,

I have also doubt about this question?

may be run administration credential (defaultly). so tell me briefly how can I achieve this question?
Bojjaiah 19-Feb-13 1:19am View
As per my requirements I am calculated the sum of value in dayrendar event, So, I need to add sum of value after dayrender event completed? So, In postback event I can't assign sum of value after dayrender event completed?
Bojjaiah 18-Feb-13 8:24am View
your telling Page events or control events? even thought I tried both Page and Control level events? but it's not working when textbox is above the calendar control.
Bojjaiah 18-Feb-13 5:29am View
Hi Habib,
:) 5+.

Thanks for reply.
Now it's working fine. why it act's like this.
Actually in my diesign requirement the textbox value shows above of the Calendar.
So, If I shows the textbox value in above of the Calendar what should I do?
Bojjaiah 29-Jan-13 1:54am View
use else if condition when more than one decision statements better than if.
Bojjaiah 19-Jun-12 0:47am View
Bojjaiah 29-May-12 7:05am View
your code is abviously correct? once again check it.
or post entire code we can check it.
Bojjaiah 26-Apr-12 3:01am View
Is there any way?
Bojjaiah 26-Apr-12 3:01am View
Is there any way?
Bojjaiah 26-Apr-12 1:28am View
Welcome mathews :)
Bojjaiah 12-Apr-12 9:45am View
Thnak you :) Dhana
Bojjaiah 9-Apr-12 2:54am View
My 5 up
Bojjaiah 9-Apr-12 2:53am View
My 5 Up.
Bojjaiah 9-Apr-12 2:53am View
My 5 up.
Bojjaiah 5-Apr-12 2:18am View
now updated see link
Bojjaiah 3-Apr-12 2:10am View
thank you Harlinn :)
Bojjaiah 2-Apr-12 1:19am View
What's your problem?
Bojjaiah 2-Apr-12 1:19am View
Bojjaiah 2-Apr-12 1:14am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 13:18pm View
add pre tag
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 13:01pm View
edit to add pre tag
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 10:18am View
this is not clear. plz can u post full code?
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 9:55am View
can you post your code?
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 9:35am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 5:39am View
what you got error?
Bojjaiah 30-Mar-12 5:08am View
what ever you select value in childwindow that value to pass session so you can get childwindow value through session in parent window. first read the articles automatically you can know this or download article example to run the application you can know everything k.
Bojjaiah 28-Mar-12 5:56am View
thank you pro :)
Bojjaiah 28-Mar-12 5:21am View
thank you :)
Bojjaiah 22-Mar-12 9:29am View
see updated code
Bojjaiah 21-Mar-12 7:07am View
post error?
Bojjaiah 19-Mar-12 9:21am View
Welcome :)
Bojjaiah 19-Mar-12 8:39am View
add pre tag
Bojjaiah 19-Mar-12 7:10am View
thank you :)
Bojjaiah 16-Mar-12 8:34am View
you mean database store as Anil_0001?
Bojjaiah 16-Mar-12 8:31am View
post me design code we can see?
Bojjaiah 16-Mar-12 5:18am View
Edit and add pre tag
Bojjaiah 12-Mar-12 8:35am View
remove commas give=1000; like this
and document not documennt
checkout spelling in your code

Bojjaiah 12-Mar-12 8:26am View
it's very good answer. take my side 5up.
Bojjaiah 12-Mar-12 6:38am View
can u post your code?
Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 9:13am View
Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 9:10am View
it's working?
Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 8:57am View
//controlid not control value k?

lang == 'Francais' //in if condition compare control value(Narr) not a Francais k?
//try below code

<script language="javascript" type ="text/javascript" >
function confirmDelete() {
var lang = document.getElementById('name').innerHTML;
if (lang == 'Narr') {
var x = confirm("Are you sure you want to Log Out?");
} else {
var x = confirm('Basha');

Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 8:37am View
can you post your entire code? we will see where the error
Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 8:22am View
did you try?
Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 8:06am View
now try im updating

becz already getting value in lang object

but we are again validating lang.value that's y trowing exception so now try once again.
Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 7:31am View
in if condition you are validating 'ram' but this name not a hyperlink text

hyperlink text is 'Narr' you need change


<script language="javascript" type ="text/javascript" >
function confirmDelete() {
var lang = document.getElementById('name').innerHTML
if (lang == 'Narr') {
var x = confirm("Are you sure you want to Log Out?");
} else {
var x = confirm('Basha');

Bojjaiah 9-Mar-12 4:05am View
eddit and added pre tag
Bojjaiah 7-Mar-12 13:08pm View
but when i hosted in iis it's not working dave!
Bojjaiah 6-Mar-12 9:31am View
add pre tag
Bojjaiah 5-Mar-12 5:08am View
added pre tag
Bojjaiah 5-Mar-12 4:40am View
inherit ICallbackEventHandler this eventhandler it ca automatically create two methods one is return results another one is store the values and close the i mean kill the sessions.

public partial class

this event handler is catch the browser information whn browser naviage or close it can handle.

ReturnPackageCard : System.Web.UI.Page, ICallbackEventHandler
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
ClientScriptManager cm = Page.ClientScript;
String cbReference = cm.GetCallbackEventReference(this, "arg", "ReceiveServerData", "");
String callbackScript = "function CallServer(arg, context) {" + cbReference + "; }";
cm.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "CallServer", callbackScript, true);
public string GetCallbackResult()
return "Success";
public void RaiseCallbackEvent(string eventArgument)
//here kill the sessions


before writing this you can take .js file
write like this and refere all .aspx pages
function confirmExit() {
//do something
function ReceiveServerData(arg, context) {

Bojjaiah 2-Mar-12 8:16am View
now check it it's working fine
Bojjaiah 2-Mar-12 7:19am View
then accept as a answer.any way
all ways welcome
Bojjaiah 2-Mar-12 6:07am View
Bojjaiah 2-Mar-12 4:51am View
check it with debugger.there is no results or came!
Bojjaiah 28-Feb-12 9:28am View
A suggestion :- its not a good practice to post your feedback or comment as an answer. you can use have a question or Comment.
Bojjaiah 28-Feb-12 8:56am View
post me entire code then we can know were & y error came?
Bojjaiah 28-Feb-12 8:54am View
good you can do. after completing your functionality post do you solve?
Bojjaiah 28-Feb-12 8:45am View
every user have own username or password their credentials,
but the user login failed 3 times.
here 2 things or there
1.user forgot the password
2.user don't have username and password

So, you can show message like that("Please register to Login or send request in forgotpasswrod page to get password").
Bojjaiah 28-Feb-12 2:00am View
i think permissions problem

set the permissions as a administrator (whos run the application user)
right click of the visual studio run as a administrotar give credentials and run the application to check it.
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-12 1:11am View
you can make a WebUserControl.ascx it can use multiple page

example use below link
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-12 1:09am View
string ServerSavePath = Server.MapPath("~/Upload");
string path = Path.Combine(ServerSavePath, fileName);
//no need below line
// string image1 = "~/userside/collogo/" + fileName;
directly give path like this
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-12 0:33am View
check out this path is there or not?
Bojjaiah 24-Feb-12 0:24am View
in local application you are getting original path, when you upload server you are getting temp path if you see you can debug the application remotely you can know the whats the error are came. so whats the error post me we can solvethose error.
otherwise you are using internet explorer enable below option.

go throgh internet options=>security tab=>select custom level settings in this iam changing inclde return server path enable.

this is only temp solution you can find another way.
Bojjaiah 23-Feb-12 6:13am View
click on compatibility view and checkout ur result
Bojjaiah 23-Feb-12 5:34am View
<pre tag="c#">//validate table2 exist or not
SqlConnection objConnection = new SqlConnection(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["connectionString"].ToString());
SqlCommand objCommand = new SqlCommand();
SqlDataReader dr;
objCommand.Connection = objConnection;
objCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
dr = objCommand.ExecuteReader();
if (!dr.HasRows)
//here create table2
objCommand.Connection = objConnection;
objCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
objCommand.CommandText = "create table " + Table2 + "_Test(Slno int identity(1,1),ClassId Char(7) null,ClassName varchar(150) null,Status Char(1) null)";
val = objCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();


//validate table2 exist or not because table2 is the paretn of table1
SqlConnection objConnection1 = new SqlConnection(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["connectionString"].ToString());
SqlCommand objCommand1 = new SqlCommand();
SqlDataReader dr1;
objCommand1.Connection = objConnection;
objCommand1.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
dr1 = objCommand1.ExecuteReader();
if (!dr1.HasRows)
//here create table1
objCommand1.Connection = objConnection1;
objCommand1.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
objCommand1.CommandText = "create table " + Table1 + "_Test(No int identity(1,1),ClassId Char(7) null,ClassName varchar(150) null,Status Char(1) null,Slno int Notnull)";
val = objCommand1.ExecuteNonQuery();

Bojjaiah 23-Feb-12 4:44am View
I think you have permissions problem once check out.
Bojjaiah 8-Feb-12 5:09am View
here not convert like convert.toint32(date1.Month);
you can simply like this

DateTime date = Convert.ToDateTime("09 / 02 / 2012");
int month = date.Month;
int year = date.Year;
Bojjaiah 6-Feb-12 1:14am View
Sorry, we(company) have no other browsers to check this one.
Bojjaiah 30-Jan-12 8:04am View
Thank you.........

finally i have done

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

TextBox1.Text = @"Hard9360259Missing or Invalid some Value Hard9360266Missing or Invalid some value Hard9370260Missing or Invalid some Value";

string values = TextBox1.Text;
string[] reg = Regex.Split(TextBox1.Text, "Hard");

string list = HardMessage(reg);



/// return error message

/// <param name="reg"></param>
/// <returns>
private string HardMessage(string[] reg)
string[] list = reg;
if (list != null)
for (int i = 0; i < list.Length; i++)
string strva = list[i];//.GetValue(i).ToString();
if (strva == "")

Number = 0;
foreach (var val in strva)
object stv = val;
//validate number or integer
bool re = IsNumber(Convert.ToString(stv));
if (re)
message += strva.Substring(Number);


return message;
Bojjaiah 30-Jan-12 8:02am View
error code is not fixed dev...

any way Thank you for your reply.........
Bojjaiah 30-Jan-12 1:55am View
with in 100 numbers or lenth is 100(with symbols and special characters)?

clarify it.
Bojjaiah 13-Jan-12 1:13am View
any way i have successfully complete sending mails programmatically,but i want to read any mails means (either gmail,yahoo,live...etc)
Bojjaiah 29-Dec-11 3:41am View
can you send me entire code? will see what's exact errore.
Bojjaiah 20-Dec-11 0:40am View
I want to change either programatically or scripts or batch files.
Bojjaiah 19-Dec-11 8:48am View
Hi John,

In my web application iam get uploadfile full path from client side so it's returning a path but insted of original path
it's returning duplicate path

before disable that option it's returning like this
original path=G:\NewFolder\test.txt
duplicate path=G:\fakepath\test.txt
so i am go throgh internet options=>security tab=>select custom level settings in this iam changing inclde return server path enable now it's returning original path so it's need to change options as programmatically

after enable that option returning like this

original path=G:\NewFolder\test.txt
return path=G:\NewFolder\test.txt

I think now clarify your question