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Sanmayce 30-Jun-16 16:50pm View    
Ugh, forgot my habit to salute with a song people who helped me, having seen your lyrics so much alike to the golden Eruption/Boney-M hit "One Way Ticket", I salute you with one dear to me hit from two awesome French DJs carrying the spirit of sadness-of-leaving-lovely-things/persons-behind:

Thievery Corporation - Is it Over?

Sanmayce 30-Jun-16 16:33pm View    
> ... in the modern world it's not likely that anyone on the internet is going to want to run your application!

No, I am a man of faith, it is said "ask and you will receive", guess what, not in Christianity only, but 700 years earlier in China.

Guess your rationality will protect you from malign software, however it holds some coldness that also would prevent you from helping a coder in need.

To say "we don't know you" is also cold, I am a member of CodeProject and have enjoyed help from other fellow members in my previous testings, so it is not a matter of some suspicious activity but rather of good will, after all, the source code and the compile line is given in that zip file, so even GCC users can compile it and report the outcome in case they lack the superb Intel Optimizer. Recently I read about GCC 7 dev showing some unseen boosts in such decompression snippets, to be exact, the Yann's awesome Zstd decompressor showed some 20% speed boost compared to the Microsoft's cl.

Last year, AFAIR, I proposed CP to have/offer a machine (5960x for example) dedicated to help members in their speed tests. Yes, the problems with security are always there, but having a backup (mirror copy) of the installed OS and packages will easy the reinstallation a lot, just saying.