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janwel 14-Jan-13 2:13am View
how about using array list
janwel 24-Oct-12 3:43am View
what have you done so far?
janwel 22-Aug-12 2:41am View
where is your trial code? How can we help you if you dont post your code?
janwel 18-Aug-12 5:21am View
is it on code behind or in javascript?
janwel 13-Feb-12 2:41am View
ive registered it <%@ Reference Control="~/CourseUserControl.ascx" %> and bind it manually using codes
janwel 13-Feb-12 2:29am View
your code works sir but the problem is I am using master page. But thanks anyway ive manage tosolve it using java script. But your code works well.. Thanks a lot sir
janwel 13-Feb-12 2:27am View
ive tried using debugger and it seems findcontrol was the error.
janwel 13-Feb-12 1:43am View
that forum gave me an Idea
janwel 13-Feb-12 1:42am View
can I see your sample sir? Actually what I am thinking right now is create a property on my user control that will get the data on aspx page.
janwel 13-Feb-12 1:27am View
Sir it is the same as above. It is nothing. Even if I change some of your code cause it is C
janwel 6-Feb-12 3:41am View
got it sir I have two web.config cause on my ftp my root has an web.config but I add another web config so im getting this error. My error now is I cant modify the main web.config error 505 but I guess that is another question
janwel 5-Feb-12 22:25pm View
@SAK pardon me sir, linkbutton imagebutton and buttonfield are on a gridview so to find their control I have to use that code ^_^
janwel 4-Feb-12 8:53am View
ive paste the webconfig sir. sorry for the trouble
janwel 4-Feb-12 8:53am View
what does that mean sir? should i create another?
janwel 4-Feb-12 8:42am View
mean change the connection string to what the site gives me
janwel 4-Feb-12 8:36am View
yes sir ive tested it locally and it works I just add the connection string
janwel 31-Jan-12 0:02am View
im sorry sir but I am new to this modal window. coult you elaborate more sir?
janwel 24-Jan-12 0:52am View
elaborate more.. The answer below is suffice enough
janwel 24-Jan-12 0:51am View
One of the answers. Why didnt I think of that. ^_^ Im thinking more like adding a cookie with Expires but I dont think it will work ^_^.
janwel 24-Jan-12 0:48am View
There is so many tutorials on the net. One is you could you handler the next one is that you could create it programatically
janwel 19-Jan-12 20:29pm View
thanks sir
janwel 16-Jan-12 1:05am View
@SAKryukov Sir I already udpated my code
janwel 4-Jan-12 20:59pm View
please provide the codes so that we can help you
janwel 5-Dec-11 21:05pm View
Sir CType(grdCategory.Rows(0).FindControl("ImageDeleteCourse"), ImageButton) I think is the error since since grdcategory is parent and I am seeking data from child. Sir from my standpoint the gridcourse is just a column so how can I call it?
janwel 5-Dec-11 2:09am View
Sir I have a code on my rowcommand of grdCategory.. I cant read your code sir cause im on Please see my Update code for my rowcommand
janwel 21-Nov-11 0:41am View
Sir using ive manage to set a breakpoint and im getting an error it says Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object expected and the id is ToggleDiv('mydiv20') so sir your right cause when I choose another one it say ToggleDive('mydiv44') but it is not using my javascript. Please sir help me
janwel 21-Nov-11 0:16am View
Sir your code is not working properly... Sir I dont mean to offend but sir now the div is not showing even if I click the first row.. Please help
janwel 16-Nov-11 21:57pm View
I think you I right sir now im reading articles on ajax tool kit hope you could help me on some debugs cause im new here
janwel 2-Nov-11 21:52pm View
Forgot that syntax. Thanks ^_^
janwel 26-Oct-11 5:12am View
Im not into C# cause ive focused on vb but hope you catch what I am trying to say
janwel 26-Oct-11 5:10am View
please elaborate more..
janwel 24-Oct-11 3:25am View
Yeah I know about that. What I am trying to imply is that, could it be on em? 0.08em
janwel 12-Oct-11 1:50am View
Sir how about if I use it in where clause for example ^^Select * from [table] where Date=Max[Date]^^ is this correct sir?
janwel 12-Oct-11 1:46am View
ill try sir
janwel 9-Oct-11 23:55pm View
how can i debug it sir?
janwel 2-Oct-11 23:38pm View
nice logic ^_^
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:47am View
elaborate your problem please
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:43am View
thanks sir
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:43am View
hahahah i thought it was onclick thanks again ^_^
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:23am View
thank sis ^_^
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:16am View
thanks sir
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:16am View
thanks sir
janwel 29-Sep-11 2:15am View
so sir my code above really works?
janwel 16-Sep-11 1:52am View
i just forgot one bracket on my script so it doesnt work but now it all works fine. Thanks a lot sir (>_<)im used in so im new on this bracketing ^_^
janwel 14-Sep-11 23:38pm View
sir now all the data doesnt show up when i click on radio list. Why sir?
janwel 14-Sep-11 2:54am View
sir is it bind via datasource?
janwel 14-Sep-11 0:25am View
do you use datasets(push) or not (pull)
janwel 13-Sep-11 22:17pm View
sir i am thinking like on this site where if you just click the letter, it will show the data on your database where the firstletter starts with choice letter
janwel 13-Sep-11 22:11pm View
sorry sir my fault i mean filtering. Sql statement like '%" "%'
janwel 22-Aug-11 20:06pm View
janwel 18-Aug-11 0:13am View
never mind sir i already answered my question ^_^ thanks anyway
my answer
Dim siteId As Integer = Integer.Parse(Request.QueryString("ImageID").ToString())
LabelID.Text = siteId
janwel 17-Aug-11 22:55pm View
please post your codes so that we can know what the problem is
janwel 17-Aug-11 1:21am View
sir sorry but i dont know how to use c ^_^ thanks anyway
janwel 17-Aug-11 1:20am View
Sir i just want that whe i load the page it will be on page 1 of the gridview is it possible?
janwel 17-Aug-11 1:20am View
Sir i just want that whe i load the page it will be on page 1 of the gridview is it possible?
janwel 17-Aug-11 1:17am View
Thanks sir it works but sir i have a question. Why is it posting on page 2 where the data was 1 to 5. i just want to hava a gridview that should be the first row(up) will be the last data of my database
janwel 17-Aug-11 1:12am View
sir it isnt working ive updated my codes on what you just have said but still not working
janwel 17-Aug-11 1:04am View
sir is it on the client side?
janwel 17-Aug-11 0:41am View
what kind of picture is that 150mb? Its like your installing a game ^_^
janwel 16-Aug-11 21:13pm View
sir abhinav the gmail/facebook style is php. can this be converted to
janwel 15-Aug-11 1:36am View
please mark solution if any of the answer below has solved your problem. thanks
janwel 15-Aug-11 1:30am View
what do you mean guid?
janwel 10-Aug-11 4:13am View
thanks sir for your blog site. It really help alot Mhuah ^_^ love you sir
janwel 10-Aug-11 3:42am View
Sir may I ask? When i dispose it on my page unload why is that it is still on my C:\Documents and Settings\oca14625\Local Settings\Temp.. Sir is this correct?
janwel 10-Aug-11 3:25am View
waaahh! Sir what should I do.. reconfigure it T_T or limit the sql statement columns. Me to, i really dont know crystal reporting (Push method >_<)
janwel 10-Aug-11 3:21am View
hahahah maybe he misunderstood the question
janwel 10-Aug-11 3:20am View
janwel 10-Aug-11 0:12am View
try this link to help you out though i never use it
janwel 10-Aug-11 0:10am View
then you should answer; there is no such thing as server side javascript it is only for client side ^_^. Maybe the interviewer is just trying you out.You can either use JScript.NET or Visual J#.
janwel 2-Aug-11 1:31am View
why dont you try visual basic
janwel 2-Aug-11 1:30am View
You could use database for that ONLY for specific words. But if you want general words. I think its complex cause everyday we can create new language
janwel 2-Aug-11 1:28am View
My 5
janwel 28-Jul-11 0:01am View
learn from the best programmer ^_^ (codeproject masters ^_^)
but still need to learn a lot ^_^
janwel 21-Jul-11 1:15am View
why do you have to use gridview? why not use crystal reports?
janwel 21-Jul-11 1:06am View
nice. my 5. why does he just google it out?
janwel 18-Jul-11 2:03am View
sir on Session.add("key", "Value"); Sir what will i input say I want the textbox1.text be session is this correct session.add("Textbox1.text","text"); sorry sir im new in C
janwel 18-Jul-11 1:58am View
sir i have this other codes for user as you see ive set user as parameters
string strSQL = null;
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection connection = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection("Data Source=ML0003135586;Initial Catalog=TestSQL;Integrated Security=True");
strSQL = "Select * from [tried] WHERE([Username] = @Username)";

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand command = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand(strSQL, connection);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Username", lbluser.Text);
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader DataReader = command.ExecuteReader();
while (DataReader.Read())
lblposition.Text = (DataReader["level"].ToString());
and i want also lblposition to be passed
janwel 18-Jul-11 1:50am View
yes sir plss help
janwel 18-Jul-11 1:32am View
sir how about passing to another page?
janwel 18-Jul-11 1:32am View
sir how about passing to another page?
janwel 12-Jul-11 23:28pm View
sir im a girl ^^
janwel 12-Jul-11 23:26pm View
ok sir ^_^
janwel 12-Jul-11 23:19pm View
sir is there any possible way that i only have to call the connection as a variable instead of typing it all over again?
janwel 12-Jul-11 23:12pm View
Sir is there any possible way of just calling out the connection so that i dont have to type it all over again?
janwel 11-Jul-11 22:54pm View
Sir should i use loopings?
janwel 11-Jul-11 22:34pm View
ill try sir ^^ new in javascript ^^
janwel 11-Jul-11 22:24pm View
Sir how can i do that?
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:30pm View
good point... My 5
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:25pm View
got it.. It has error on handler and finally I debugged it.. Thanks for the help ^_^
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:18pm View
ok sir ill try ^_^
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:13pm View
sir how can i test the handler if it is working?
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:07pm View
I think sir my problem is on hander as it is for retrieving pictures. but there is no error occuring (im new on this picture retriving)
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:04pm View
sir I put the hander above tha catch on so im pretty sure i called it
janwel 5-Jul-11 23:02pm View
sir what do you mean? sorry cant understand fully english T_T
janwel 3-Jul-11 21:59pm View
Sir how is it possible? I dont know how to code it.. T_T is there any tutorial regarding this matter?
janwel 29-Jun-11 2:24am View
nice tutorial. my 5
janwel 28-Jun-11 23:29pm View
I think I need to re install it
janwel 28-Jun-11 22:41pm View
sir is there any tutorial regarding this matter?
janwel 28-Jun-11 21:44pm View
Sir what do you mean by combining them??
janwel 28-Jun-11 21:43pm View
Sir Got the problem tblTrainingPlan not TraningPlan ^_^
Got me a lot of time wasted thanks for the solution ^_^
janwel 28-Jun-11 21:38pm View
what do you mean sir.. Plss execuse my english but i cant understand plss make it simple ^_^
janwel 26-Jun-11 22:41pm View
I think your right. I am thinking of something no one else has done it before.. Maybe simple but at least I could call it my own work. I am thinking a little hardware and software combination ^_^
janwel 26-Jun-11 22:23pm View
Nonlinearity in Broadband Wireless Communication Systems
janwel 26-Jun-11 22:19pm View
how about the effects of 3D application on movies for actors and actresess?
janwel 26-Jun-11 22:17pm View
social science or what specific type of area
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:46am View
nicely done
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:37am View
nice !
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:20am View
LakshmiNarayana Nalluri has already have the answer plss use that code if your using C
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:19am View
what language are you using?
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:16am View
w8 ill change it to c #
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:16am View
plss put the exact error code
janwel 6-Jun-11 4:14am View
what does it say?
janwel 2-Jun-11 0:39am View
sir ive already done that but it still not working
janwel 27-May-11 3:12am View
Reason for my vote of 5
best solution so far
janwel 26-May-11 2:07am View
sir "as TotalAmount" means?
lbl.Text = (DataReader("TotalAmount").ToString) is this correct?
janwel 26-May-11 2:05am View
ok sir thanks
janwel 26-May-11 1:57am View
sir is it posible that when i manipulate a data the sum(i think i will put to label) will be auto calculate?
janwel 24-May-11 21:43pm View
sirs i think there a solution regarding this matter. im reading how to hide columns in gridview
janwel 17-May-11 22:40pm View
sir found the solution ^_^ thanks
TextBox5.Text = Round(CDbl(TextBox1.Text) * CDbl(TextBox2.Text) * CDbl(TextBox3.Text) * CDbl(TextBox4.Text),2)
janwel 17-May-11 22:12pm View
sir thats what im looking at the declared variables ^_^ thanks for the post sir( ive tried Cfloat but it doesnt work hehehe)
janwel 17-May-11 22:10pm View
sir is there any way that in can only show two decimal places?
janwel 17-May-11 22:08pm View
thanks sir
janwel 17-May-11 4:07am View
sir its not working is my doing right?
janwel 17-May-11 4:05am View
sir on what page on aspx.vb or on the source?
janwel 17-May-11 4:02am View
sir is there any tutorial regarding that matter? Sir itis my first time to encounter that kind of program.. Thank you very much sir
janwel 17-May-11 3:53am View
will i put that on asp textbox attribute?
janwel 17-May-11 3:52am View
where will i put that sir?
janwel 17-May-11 3:52am View
the problem sir is this the first time i encountered this cenario
janwel 17-May-11 3:51am View
ill try to read it sir ^_^ thanks
janwel 17-May-11 3:47am View
sir im gonna type two numbers on Fattend(first textbox) and FHour(second textbox) and there is a ready formula on TF(solution textbox)
I just want that when i input a number on Fattend and FHour the solution automatically display on TF textbox

sorry for my english.
is there any possible way regarding this matter?
janwel 17-May-11 3:43am View
Sir is there any tutorial regarding this matter?
janwel 16-May-11 21:56pm View
sir the the error
janwel 16-May-11 21:55pm View
sir found the error ^^ thanks anyway
janwel 16-May-11 21:46pm View
<asp:DropDownList ID="ddcategory" runat="server" Height="27px" Width="293px" AutoPostBack="True">
<asp:ListItem Value="4">Fluor University Functional Courses (instructor-led)
<asp:ListItem Value="1">GEE 51 Bulletin Requirements
<asp:ListItem Value="2">Cross Functional Courses
<asp:ListItem Value="3">Functional Courses (online)
<asp:ListItem Value="5">Local Functional Courses (instructor-led)
<asp:ListItem Value="6">External Courses
<asp:ListItem Value="7">Other Courses

That sir is my code on dropdownlist
janwel 16-May-11 21:38pm View
sir i only add text from smart tags which is the same as the category in database
janwel 16-May-11 20:53pm View
Sir it only post the first text on the dropdownlist and when I hit second text of the dropdown, the data of the list box went all blank(white)
janwel 15-May-11 22:41pm View
thanks sir it worked ^^
janwel 15-May-11 21:59pm View
sir is there any links toward tutorial?
janwel 15-May-11 21:56pm View
sir cbTitle is a checkboxlist
janwel 15-May-11 21:43pm View
Compilation error sir
it says
BC30456: 'Columns' is not a member of 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table'.
janwel 15-May-11 21:40pm View
sir how about this one?
cbTitle.Items.Add(New ListItem(DataReader("CourseTitle").ToString))

Sir trying to learn so im eager to create something with the help of othr. Thanks in many aspect sir
janwel 15-May-11 21:39pm View
sir there is an error on the line
janwel 15-May-11 21:25pm View
sir forgive my newbie symptoms but ive change it to vb as you say. here is my code now
Do While DataReader.Read()
cbTitle.items.add(new listitem(Datareader["CourseTitle"], DataReader["CourseTitle"]);

but still an error shows up on DataReader[CourseTitle]
janwel 15-May-11 21:17pm View
sir forgive my newbie symptom but if I remove that reader is it possible to bind it with checkboxtlist which is cbTitle. But sir i really appreciate for helping hand ^^
janwel 15-May-11 20:54pm View
ill try sir ill post the code when i finish modying it. thanks
janwel 11-May-11 4:52am View
ok sir ill try to read it more fully(excuse my basic undstanding in english, im not used in speaking it)
janwel 11-May-11 4:41am View
Sir does this means ive got a syntax error? but the articles you shown has no solution(on my understanding) plss help me ill try to renew my program
janwel 11-May-11 4:38am View
sir it says here my problem is executereader?
janwel 11-May-11 4:20am View
mark solved if finish
janwel 11-May-11 4:18am View
did you understand my instruction ?
janwel 11-May-11 4:14am View
yes try it like this
janwel 11-May-11 4:13am View
on your *.aspx.vb?
janwel 11-May-11 2:31am View
thank sir
ive created a public sub and declare it all there
sir here is my code
janwel 11-May-11 2:28am View
ill try sir
janwel 11-May-11 1:59am View
Sir ive got it now thanks anyway
janwel 10-May-11 3:17am View
janwel 10-May-11 2:42am View
sir i dont have any html in my code because im using Master page where would i put that? thanks
janwel 10-May-11 2:08am View
sir so what do you think is the solution?
janwel 5-May-11 3:00am View
where will i put that code sir?
janwel 5-May-11 1:38am View
sir when i make the autogeneratecolumm into false the data from database will not be sored in the gridview
janwel 4-May-11 22:19pm View
ypu thats the problem alright, thanks .. ive forgot about my table hehehe
janwel 4-May-11 0:23am View
ill try
janwel 3-May-11 21:50pm View
ive rated it 5 ^^
janwel 3-May-11 21:46pm View
thanks sir ive got it
janwel 3-May-11 21:38pm View
sir what is the syntax for postback cause ive got an error saying it must be inside a WITH statement
janwel 3-May-11 21:34pm View
sir my codes for getting in the data for the dropdown is on Page_Load
janwel 3-May-11 21:26pm View
Sir the problem is still the same
janwel 2-May-11 1:25am View
here is my code for viewing and sir my table doesnt have a primary key
janwel 2-May-11 1:22am View
Sir There is one button named DELETE and when i highlighted a record using a gridview and click the button, it will be automatically deleted. Is it possible? Now i can only view it via gridview
janwel 2-May-11 1:22am View
Sir There is one button named DELETE and when i highlighted a record using a gridview and click the button, it will be automatically deleted. Is it possible? Now i can only view it via gridview
janwel 2-May-11 0:38am View
found it.. my problem is the table name is GEE51 not GEE5 thanks
janwel 1-May-11 20:49pm View
how to create a cluster key?
janwel 29-Apr-11 1:55am View
janwel 29-Apr-11 1:55am View
janwel 29-Apr-11 1:25am View
i see he wants us to write the code for him, rather than trying he wants us to do it for him ^_^
janwel 29-Apr-11 1:24am View
what is teh issue and the problem plss specify
janwel 29-Apr-11 1:23am View
what is the issue?
janwel 29-Apr-11 1:22am View
thanks for the help ^^