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Comments by krishna kishore58 (Top 80 by date)

krishna kishore58 1-Dec-15 7:34am View    
Many thanks for you reply. Can I have some close answers please? Would be appreciated as this is very much needed during application issue time.
krishna kishore58 23-Jul-13 5:05am View    
Already I have the script and as I stated earlier it is working fine for where source and destination server credentials are same. Not working for different credentials. So I just would need to pass credentials of the destination server so that we can write the data to the file.
krishna kishore58 23-Jul-13 5:02am View    
Yes, I have tried to do it but could not avail.
Could you please suggest me how to do that?
krishna kishore58 30-May-13 5:20am View    
How can we get below set of information of an entered URL?

session id=
session id time=
ubid main=
krishna kishore58 17-Mar-11 1:26am View    
thanks 4 replying... I wanna take image backup into text file like how i'm taking text. Backup in the sense to get its value if its text and xyz if its image. so how to take image backup is question.. Suggest me wat ever u feel... I'l try them....