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Teledextri 17-Dec-14 12:48pm View
What happens if I want to do it only with System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer?
Teledextri 9-Dec-14 8:37am View
How do I databind a DropDownList in jQuery?
Teledextri 8-Dec-14 11:15am View
I put "table { text-align: center;}" into my css file but it did not center the tables.
Teledextri 3-Dec-14 9:09am View
Not working perfectly it give a blank li
Teledextri 3-Dec-14 8:39am View
This does display but with a blank li "name: drink: "
Teledextri 3-Dec-14 7:45am View
Yes save this into html
Teledextri 3-Dec-14 7:11am View
This flashes the order at button click but it does not save in the html ul the li.
Teledextri 3-Dec-14 5:05am View
<li>name: somename, drink: somedrink</li>
Teledextri 28-Nov-14 15:59pm View
Where do I get ffmpeg.exe and where do I run this script?
Teledextri 28-Nov-14 15:59pm View
How do I get ffmpeg.exe and where do I run this script?
Teledextri 28-Nov-14 2:13am View
I do not want to convert my mp4 file. I just want to make a .webm file to go along with it.
Teledextri 26-Nov-14 15:30pm View
When you Add a page to an webpage you can add many types: Web Form, Class, HTML Page, etc. They all have extensions: Web Form .aspx, Class .cs, HTML Page .htm, etc. What extension do you put in for a API data file?
Teledextri 13-Nov-14 13:59pm View
That is great putting the Toolkit on the Toolbar. I added the ScriptManager to the Combobox but I still get the same error.
Teledextri 7-Nov-14 16:25pm View
The textbox can be any alphanumeric combo but needs to be is the form "{'id':'alphanumeric'}" to work in AJAX. var json1 = JSON.stringify({id: jsonid}); does not put it into that form.
Teledextri 5-Nov-14 23:12pm View
No errors or output
Teledextri 23-Oct-14 15:57pm View
If you can separate each digit of a string using the SubString Method
string Str = TextBox1.Text;Char char1;(int n=0; n
Teledextri 21-Oct-14 21:23pm View
The button and the RegisterClientScriptBlock is the trigger but the ServerSide is the [WebMethod] and public static GetServerDateTime.
Teledextri 19-Oct-14 5:02am View
Even with the jQuery site it still is not printing the alert "10/19/2014 05:00 AM 123"
Teledextri 13-Oct-14 7:39am View
I want to take the data from Textbox1 and put it in a JSON and then read the the data in a [Web Method] of a c# program. I am just using this as a learning example for later projects.
Teledextri 10-Oct-14 14:10pm View
Error code:
JavaScript runtime error: 'showprogress' is undefined
Teledextri 1-Oct-14 14:23pm View
.net to .net
Teledextri 1-Oct-14 13:56pm View
I have already serialized in Default.aspx.cs.

I want to deserialize in json.aspx from the post method from Hidden1(where the serialized Data resides).
Teledextri 1-Oct-14 8:04am View
Is there an assembly reference that I am missing for "ToJSONString"?
Teledextri 26-Sep-14 16:44pm View
If someone can show me a better way I will accept your solution!
Teledextri 16-Sep-14 1:56am View
There was a string error I fixed. Now in all the cells in the MDF File display : System.__ComObject. How do you change "System.__ComObject" to String?
Teledextri 16-Sep-14 1:21am View
They are all strings: 1-4 digits with varchar(50) format in MDF.
Teledextri 13-Sep-14 19:11pm View
Could you help me write a query to encompass the array?
Teledextri 6-Sep-14 3:29am View
These are fine for single dimensional Lists but how about multidensional arrays used in Gridview?
Teledextri 6-Sep-14 2:58am View
Once you get them into a list how do you retrieve them?
Teledextri 6-Sep-14 2:51am View
cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); was a typo.
I want an array with 1000 variables one for each column in the datareader.
Teledextri 24-Jun-14 16:01pm View
Not my Connectionstring
Teledextri 24-Jun-14 15:56pm View
Not my SQL Statement.
Teledextri 21-Jun-14 9:47am View
Is there a better way?
Teledextri 21-Jun-14 9:42am View
I downloaded 'class.phpmailer.php'. It is giving me an error on "require_once".
Teledextri 18-Jun-14 6:25am View
How do you define "yourID" in vb without a gridview or Repeater?
Teledextri 18-Jun-14 4:56am View
How do you define <%# Eval("yourID") %> How do you assign a value?
Teledextri 13-Jun-14 7:06am View
I am having trouble finding an example with a double TryParse.
Teledextri 5-Jun-14 23:11pm View
Answered my own question. Projects>Add References insert dlls. Installs itextsharp:
Imports iTextSharp.text
Imports iTextSharp.text.html.simpleparser
Imports iTextSharp.text.pdf
Teledextri 30-May-14 13:03pm View
Could you give examples on how to call a php function from a button click handler.
Teledextri 1-Mar-13 11:10am View
Way to go with the $("<%= TextBox1.ClientID %>") added it to my program.

The only problem it still did not fix the keypress issue.

Maybe textbox keypress are not covered by jquery-1.4.1.js?
Teledextri 26-Feb-13 19:56pm View
No the above code does not work.
Teledextri 26-Feb-13 18:10pm View
Either the jQuery url parser Method or a GET type method would solve my problem.