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iris.frigole 14-Oct-11 11:02am View    
Thanks! I think I stubbornly googled "excel worksheet" and "excel workbook" then selection, current range, active range and so on...

The thing is the Selection property "Returns the selected object in the active window." and, yes, even if one application has more than one workbook open it still has only one active window!
iris.frigole 10-Aug-11 22:51pm View    
Long thread that I did not read, as the 1st reply solved my problem, but thanks for providing the link in Spanish!
iris.frigole 10-Aug-11 22:50pm View    
Yes... Data Source instead of Source did the trick! Thank you!
iris.frigole 10-Aug-11 22:50pm View    
iris.frigole 1-Mar-11 8:36am View    
I will have a look to the linked article later today and let you know... I am a newbie, so I can't tell without reading everything more than once! Thank you.