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ranjithkumar81 26-Jun-14 1:52am View
I need to understand , what is happening in behind scene
ranjithkumar81 12-Jun-14 6:42am View
Server will behave sync(request and reply). At a time server can handle 1000 users request. If 1001 user trying to access the sever , server is hang mode and after few minutes crashing.

How can i achieve server should not hang or crash?.
ranjithkumar81 12-Jun-14 6:16am View
Thanks for your source code to get data from website and its worked.

But some times exe hangs or crashing , in place of memory release membuffer.

Could you provide some solution.
ranjithkumar81 29-May-14 1:14am View
any other challenge will be there?
ranjithkumar81 15-May-14 5:15am View
int iLenCount=0;



ranjithkumar81 14-May-14 0:59am View
ranjithkumar81 3-Apr-14 7:02am View
dbghelp header file is not supporting into Win32 or SDK Application.

Any one have any idea , how to achieve for "MiniDumpWriteDump" API in Win32 Application.
ranjithkumar81 12-Mar-14 7:27am View
Can you please describe about scaniro 3 , why its error?
ranjithkumar81 11-Mar-14 7:19am View
still i am getting the same warning message.

compiler: Visual Studio 2010
ranjithkumar81 11-Mar-14 6:48am View
SecondLine,which i mention

void *p = operator new[1024];

it gives the following compile time error.

1)void *' differs in levels of indirection from 'std::auto_ptr<_Ty>
2)initializing' : cannot convert from 'overloaded-function' to 'void *

so what is the proper declaration for operator new?.
ranjithkumar81 3-Mar-14 2:55am View

If i create a modal dialog using DoModal(), what are the functions are called internally.
ranjithkumar81 28-Jan-14 7:34am View
using windbg , i can load dmp file and watch in which place exe is crashed. in DebugDiag ?
ranjithkumar81 28-Jan-14 0:11am View
pls suggest some other tool apart from windbg, because windbg not able to install in my machine.
ranjithkumar81 27-Jan-14 7:22am View
I need a tool, which can load the crashdump file and it shows the line number of exe is crashing.
ranjithkumar81 10-Jan-14 1:34am View
Is there anyway to measure time in microseconds precision in windows
ranjithkumar81 9-Jan-14 4:58am View
i have small query on that like will DateTime.Now.ToString(). Should print the current timestamp value.
ranjithkumar81 9-Jan-14 3:58am View
i am getting proper value . format like
ranjithkumar81 9-Jan-14 2:58am View
not getting proper value while dumping into file
ranjithkumar81 9-Jan-14 2:10am View
you are not understanding my question.

I need a current time with format like= hour:minute:second:milliseconnds:microseconds.
and not find the difference between two processing time.
ranjithkumar81 11-Dec-13 5:51am View
ok and apart from logging any other way to find out crashing line?
ranjithkumar81 11-Dec-13 4:14am View
good question.

currently application is running on production , i can not touch the code to do any changes
ranjithkumar81 11-Dec-13 2:41am View
yes, i can do that way, but while i put the code in debug mode and cursor is cross this line(sprintf_s(l_Title_ca,"Version %d.%02d [MemberId :- %s]",Ver,Rel,MemID);) .I am gettting the "Assertion Debug Failed!".

message: "buffer too small".
ranjithkumar81 11-Dec-13 1:13am View
that is correct, actually without any changes in the code, i need to handle the exception.
ranjithkumar81 15-Nov-13 3:47am View
hello, i could not find the proper answer in Google as per my search.
ranjithkumar81 14-Nov-13 4:20am View
Base(const Base& obj)
m = new int(*obj.m);

Here while creating copy constructor , why should i pass reference and why can not value?
and what is the necessary of const in copy constructor?
ranjithkumar81 13-Nov-13 1:45am View
which scenario should i use Base a = b;
ranjithkumar81 28-Oct-13 8:28am View
No I have a query on that, that's why i asked
ranjithkumar81 23-Oct-13 7:29am View
How? can you explain more about it?
ranjithkumar81 23-Oct-13 7:28am View

I am able to receive the data
ranjithkumar81 23-Oct-13 7:27am View
ranjithkumar81 11-Oct-13 5:03am View
different process
ranjithkumar81 11-Oct-13 3:45am View
Dll and exe are running on different process.
No, example exe is running one thread and dll is running another thread. Dll is providing some data/information to exe and at certain point dll needs to intimate to the exe my work is completed.
how to achieve this problem.
ranjithkumar81 18-Feb-13 6:15am View
thanks man
ranjithkumar81 8-Feb-13 0:47am View
Do we have any predefined API , which can add currentTime + seconds.

Example: Currnet Time : 10:23:45
here i am adding 60 seconds = 10:24:45
ranjithkumar81 18-Jan-13 4:42am View
ranjithkumar81 17-Jan-13 0:15am View
ok,anyway thanks for your video for boost library configuration
ranjithkumar81 16-Jan-13 9:14am View
Could you send me the screen shot for that BOOST LIBRARY configuration.its very helpful for me.
ranjithkumar81 28-Dec-12 4:51am View
Thanks man...
ranjithkumar81 28-Dec-12 3:04am View
Could you provide some realtime example in Mutex and Criticalsection.
ranjithkumar81 28-Dec-12 2:43am View
the Mutex object allows synchronizing objects across the process.
ranjithkumar81 26-Dec-12 6:21am View
for example:
declare int count variable in global;
open the file
if(file Handle != NULL)
read the line from file
add lines into CString array

if(count == 11)
add the lines(data) into another array
else if(count == 21)
add the lines(data) into another array
else if(count == 31)
add the lines(data) into another array
add the lines(data) into another array.

}while(fileHandle != EOF)

You may try this method....
ranjithkumar81 26-Dec-12 4:38am View
Have you created modal dialog or modless dialog?
paste the pice of code here.
ranjithkumar81 26-Dec-12 0:27am View
my self
ranjithkumar81 26-Dec-12 0:25am View
Yes, I understood your description and where can i use dymanic_cast?, and why i need to do dynamic_cast?

please explain.
ranjithkumar81 26-Dec-12 0:20am View

class Test
virtual void function()

what is the size of Test class in 32bit machine and 64bit machine?
ranjithkumar81 24-Dec-12 5:33am View
My question is not related to 64 bit machine and 32 bit machine?

for example:

class Base{
int a;

void main()
printf("Size of class %d",sizeof(Base));


its print 4. because int ocoupy 4 bytes in memory likewise ,i am asking about the VTABLE.
ranjithkumar81 24-Dec-12 4:19am View
thanks for your comments........
ranjithkumar81 24-Dec-12 3:36am View

using namespace std;

class empty{

virtual void function()


int main()

printf ("Size of empty is= %d\n", sizeof(empty));
return 0;

I am getting size of empty class is one byte and in a class contain one virtual function ,the size is 8
any one can explain?
ranjithkumar81 24-Dec-12 2:10am View
Technical interview questions for VC++,MFC,C++ and C for 6+ Years of expercience resource.

ranjithkumar81 24-Dec-12 1:45am View
Hi there,
I saw the example, but still the async socket with multithreading should be happen.

give some example