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crmfghtr 26-Jun-23 11:01am View    
Yes, so am I I believe it is 17.6.4 I am also using third party controls (DevExpress) in the application.
crmfghtr 26-Jun-23 10:57am View    
Thank You for your help, It appears there is something else going on with the application. Visual Studio freezes when you try to add or edit a control. I also tried adding a helpprovider control from the toolbox and it does not allow me to add any controls. I need to investigate what is going on. Oddly enough there are NO errors in the .Net Framework (4.8) version of the program.
crmfghtr 30-Mar-21 13:44pm View    
Error 509 Invalid or Incomplete Statement SELECT Line1, Column 1
Error 507 Expected Expression ) Line 1 Column 61
crmfghtr 30-Mar-21 13:39pm View    
How do I add an Image to this Forum
crmfghtr 11-Feb-21 15:48pm View    
Yes, I see that now Thanks...