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Comments by Michael Waguih (Top 85 by date)

Michael Waguih 22-Jul-15 5:02am View
I need only a text preview not to do sum()
Michael Waguih 21-Jul-15 11:04am View
I need only a text preview not to do sum()
Michael Waguih 23-Aug-13 5:33am View
Thanks for your help :)
Michael Waguih 21-Aug-13 8:21am View
It gives me an error that: "ValueMember is neither a DataColumn nor a DataRelation for table"

I used it like this:
app_acc.Accessory_Id = int.Parse((chkList_Accessories.CheckedItems[i] as DataRowView)["ValueMember"]);
Michael Waguih 21-Aug-13 3:04am View
Thanks for your help :)
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 16:00pm View
No it is not null it have data and it is filled in the combobox
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 15:54pm View
Sorry I don't understand ?
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 15:49pm View
right and it's written in the question
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 15:49pm View
Right and it is written in the question.
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 15:37pm View
This class is already created I need to add an item to the selected data from this class
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 15:26pm View
How to add it with such code please ?
Michael Waguih 13-Aug-13 15:24pm View
I tried it and it didn't work
Michael Waguih 8-Mar-13 18:29pm View
Thank you that was what I was searching for :)
Michael Waguih 4-Mar-13 15:51pm View
So please can you tell me about the code I must insert here?
Michael Waguih 1-Mar-13 15:07pm View
I knew and I knew that the problem is in this line but can I use to sole it ?
if (e.Index >= 0)
txt = this.Items[e.Index].ToString();
Michael Waguih 26-Jan-13 14:05pm View
and that was the question
Michael Waguih 7-Sep-11 7:54am View
So please is there any way to fix it ?
Michael Waguih 7-Sep-11 7:44am View
For sure I have done this but when I change the autoscroll property to true automatically it sets the MDI container property to false
Michael Waguih 4-Sep-11 7:30am View
For sure I know this property but It doesn't work with the MDI Container property assigned.
Michael Waguih 6-Aug-11 5:54am View
I checked it and it was properly assigned.
Michael Waguih 6-Aug-11 3:41am View
Thanks for your answer but I need to run the validation when leaving the textBox.
Is there any otherway to run the default way of validation or I use the event Leave ?
Michael Waguih 6-Aug-11 3:40am View
Thanks for your answer but I need to run the validation when leaving the textBox.
Is there any otherway to run the default way of validation or I use the event EndEdit ?
Michael Waguih 28-Jul-11 10:40am View
yes I do.
and I also try to create a new one with a new event.
This problem has occured to all the forms in my system and I don't find the cause.
Michael Waguih 28-Jul-11 10:37am View
Thank you , I know this and the next control's CausesValidation property is set as true.
but all the system textboxes suddenly stop firing validating.
Before it was working fine.
Michael Waguih 28-Jul-11 8:38am View
VS 2008
Michael Waguih 31-May-11 5:12am View
Thank you, this was a great answer, you are the only person that gives me the solution I need .
I only edit your answer for ForeColor not BackColor. :)
Michael Waguih 31-May-11 3:14am View
Thank you but "theRow.DefaultCellStyle.ForeColor = Color.Red;" this statement will change all the row cells, I want to change only one cell in this row not all the cells.
Michael Waguih 30-May-11 9:22am View
This code will change all the row color to red but I need for only the cell where the value is 0
Michael Waguih 30-May-11 9:20am View
This code will change all the row color to red but I need for only the cell where the value is 0
Michael Waguih 30-May-11 8:53am View
Thank you , but I need for a specific cell not the whole row
Michael Waguih 21-May-11 8:18am View
What is the error ?
Michael Waguih 21-May-11 5:30am View
Please try to explain more your problem.
It is not clear enough.
Michael Waguih 10-May-11 6:56am View
And be sure you are attaching the database after moving it
Michael Waguih 10-May-11 6:54am View
It depends on the place you have move it to !!!
Michael Waguih 10-May-11 6:32am View
You are welcome, just click on the button accept answer on the top of the answer :)
Michael Waguih 10-May-11 4:22am View
Thanks Prerak Patel for editing I was missing out
Michael Waguih 9-May-11 6:42am View
textbox1 is only an example ... put your username string.
Ihave written this before !!!
Michael Waguih 9-May-11 6:03am View
I have edit the code try it now.
Michael Waguih 9-May-11 5:55am View
I have edit the code try it now.
Michael Waguih 7-May-11 5:21am View
Can you put your complete code for this problem to help you
Michael Waguih 2-May-11 4:27am View
try to do it manually like :
DateTime.Now.Day + "/" + DateTime.Now.Month + "/" + DateTime.Now.Year
Michael Waguih 2-May-11 4:13am View
So it will depend on the user date format defined on his windows.
Michael Waguih 30-Apr-11 5:08am View
What have you done more ... Only copying my answer ?????
Michael Waguih 27-Apr-11 6:58am View
Can you put the code where you want to assign this and what have you tried ?
Michael Waguih 27-Apr-11 6:50am View
Yes I understand and this code is what you need, only copy the code as I told you before you will find a new component in the toolbox use it and then this new component(also datagridview) will give you the ability of changing the rows order by draging it from one index to another.
Did you follow these steps ?
Michael Waguih 16-Apr-11 10:19am View
That will fire if the user change the selected item in the ComboBox
Michael Waguih 16-Apr-11 10:11am View
What do you want to do exactly please ?
Michael Waguih 16-Apr-11 10:09am View
This event exists for the ToolStripComboBox control,
Check you are selecting the right control first.
Michael Waguih 13-Apr-11 6:24am View
That was the name you have given to your textBox ... replace it with the textBox name you gived to it.
Michael Waguih 12-Apr-11 7:04am View
Yes I was missing something in my code now ,I have improved it and it will works now
Good luck
Michael Waguih 5-Apr-11 6:40am View
Thank you but my dataGridView is not DataBound.
Michael Waguih 28-Mar-11 3:30am View
Each child form appear very clear when trying to show it, there isn't any problem here .
My problem is when opening more than one child and closing the one at the front , the mdi parent only appears and the other child form is not appearing only ribbon which include the title and the minimize,maximize and close boxes of the child form is still there.
Michael Waguih 20-Mar-11 6:34am View
Thanks, but I have no problem with the way to add anew row, my problem is how to make the new row filled with data from the code lose its property of being a new line and add an empty new one at the end of the dataGridView.
Michael Waguih 16-Mar-11 11:37am View
Thanks a lot it works fine. :)
Michael Waguih 8-Mar-11 2:38am View
Thank you it was an excellent answer :)
Michael Waguih 3-Mar-11 4:35am View
Thank you but how can I do it when pressing enter when editing the cell ?
Michael Waguih 1-Mar-11 8:43am View
Thank you but it didn't work !!!!!!
Michael Waguih 23-Feb-11 7:51am View
I don't want a free tool but I need the cheapest powerful tool, thank you.
Michael Waguih 23-Feb-11 6:41am View
Than you, but is Up to 15 attendees per meeting
and is Up to 25 people in a meeting
And I need up to 60.
Michael Waguih 22-Feb-11 3:37am View
Thanks for voting :)
Michael Waguih 19-Feb-11 9:23am View
I have already docked my dataGridViews did it differs from beeing anchored
Michael Waguih 19-Feb-11 6:57am View
When I do this The second DataGridView never change its size and each column have the size of the width set to each column forever
Michael Waguih 17-Feb-11 2:37am View
Please give us your code to help you fixing your problem
Michael Waguih 17-Feb-11 2:25am View
Please put your code in your question for trying to fix it.
Michael Waguih 16-Feb-11 6:40am View
It was an error in my code sorry for that.
Michael Waguih 16-Feb-11 5:55am View
Please can you improve your question
Michael Waguih 16-Feb-11 4:23am View
Thanks I fixed it :)
Michael Waguih 16-Feb-11 4:13am View
Sorry Nuri but I have an existing comboBox column how can I do it ? I don't want to create a new column
Michael Waguih 14-Feb-11 9:05am View
I test it it is really wonderful , I will try to simulate it in my code ,
Thanks a lot Nuri :)
Michael Waguih 14-Feb-11 6:54am View
Thnx Mr.Nuri for your help :)
Michael Waguih 14-Feb-11 6:14am View
I have tried it but I don't know why it wasn't running correctlyit act when I leave the combobox cell and returning again
Michael Waguih 14-Feb-11 4:33am View
Thanks I have tried it but it gives me the same as CellValueChanged event
Michael Waguih 14-Feb-11 3:32am View
You must describe your problem to let others helps you
Michael Waguih 8-Feb-11 7:01am View
Did you read point 5 , Your question wasn't taged with the appropriate one :D
Michael Waguih 8-Feb-11 6:34am View
Nice that it helps you :D
Michael Waguih 7-Feb-11 4:55am View
Can you add the code which displays your data in the datagridview
Michael Waguih 24-Jan-11 5:06am View
Do you mean you want to delete the selected items in the list box from the database ?
Michael Waguih 23-Jan-11 3:37am View
You are welcome :)
Michael Waguih 22-Jan-11 6:30am View
Can you describe what you need in more details ?
Michael Waguih 20-Jan-11 5:41am View
Thank you it is really what I need .
Michael Waguih 20-Jan-11 5:15am View
In the save button in form2 you can update form1 by using the (Frm1) object then you must close it at the end using this.close(); to return to form1 .
I am using it several times in my code and it is working great .
I hope this can help .
Michael Waguih 20-Jan-11 3:36am View
This link help me to create a new column with the same items in all cells of this column .
but I need a way to add items in specific cell of a specific row ,
Michael Waguih 18-Jan-11 7:41am View
Sorry I need a code for an already existing column
each row combobox cell contains different items
Michael Waguih 17-Jan-11 8:45am View
Is this in web application ?
Michael Waguih 14-Dec-10 2:48am View
Thanks and sorry for this