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Comments by (Top 89 by date) 8-Jun-13 6:39am View    
i have done the same, but the new row is added abovethe current row. 7-Jun-13 2:15am View    
hello ,
i have done the same, but it adds row above the current row. I want to add row below the current row 29-Apr-13 8:52am View    
I have done the same also. But actually the error is SQL connection error 40 etc etc 29-Apr-13 6:13am View    
I have done so, but still there is an error. 29-Apr-13 4:13am View    
Hello Everybody,

I have created a setup(.exe) (by using Setup and Deployment), and when I install that exe on computer other than mine, the rdlc report's don't display and an error is shown ("Error while local report processing").

How can i resolve this issue.
Sunil Thakur