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Gokulnath007 7-Oct-21 9:32am View
Thanks for your response. But when we click on the Expander, it is getting collapsed. Its like, by default both expanders will occupy equal space, when we click on one expander, it has to occupy the full space and the other will collapse and vice versa. When we collapse the maximized one, then both should expand equally as by default.
Gokulnath007 22-Jun-21 9:48am View
Need to use ItemsControl and Grid to complete this process.
Gokulnath007 16-Dec-14 6:16am View
Whats wrong with you??
Gokulnath007 17-Sep-14 3:11am View
It doesnt work.
Gokulnath007 22-Oct-13 7:01am View
Thank u preethi...
Gokulnath007 13-May-13 5:53am View
EXEC sp_ArchiveTable1 '2008-08-21 13:22:51.280','2009-07-01 19:53:08.153','CreatedDate','EmployeeMaster','EmployeeMaster2012'

I have used like this. But nothing happens
Gokulnath007 1-Mar-13 8:03am View
I have tried this

unsigned long long nIp= _wtoi(strip);

where strip is a CString contains 641103000009 and after this statement, nIp always contains
Gokulnath007 1-Mar-13 7:49am View
I am looking for CString to Integer.. and not the reverse?
Gokulnath007 28-Feb-13 8:18am View
How about for 12 digits?
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-13 5:34am View
Thanks for your comment. I am using VC++/ATL codes. Could you give me an idea of getting the ATL codes from this?
Gokulnath007 7-Aug-12 8:43am View
_sqlConnection = new SqlConnection(connectionString);

Am using this here already?
Gokulnath007 4-Aug-12 8:09am View
I have just used this project and modified according to my requirements:
Gokulnath007 3-Aug-12 10:03am View
My account was needed my email verification. So they provided me an alternate account. So I am not trying to blame you in repeating the same question.
Gokulnath007 26-Jul-12 6:42am View
I have used setup and deployment. But those dlls are there in installed folder. While adding to outlook 2010, it says not a valid dll.
Gokulnath007 11-Jul-12 0:06am View
I have tried in taking screenshots of the local system. But now i should give ip address as input and then it will take a screenshot of the particular system if the system is currently switched on and in usage.
Gokulnath007 5-Jul-12 2:41am View
I got the body of the email, senderemail, attachment names and count, But i would like to get the attachments like .jpg, .doc, .pdf and save those to SQL Database.
Gokulnath007 4-Jul-12 7:29am View
Thanks.. i got the attachment names. How to get those attachements. Like a text document, pdf file, Image. etc.. Please guide me!!!
Gokulnath007 17-Apr-12 7:55am View
I have added the code with extern C, i am getting the following error:
unresolved external symbol _ScrambledActName
Gokulnath007 1-Dec-11 1:20am View
Tushar_Patil: Try to understand it and then ask ur doubt..
Gokulnath007 21-Nov-11 4:47am View
I would like to make this exe to work in any machine without any dlls in that folder, or framework installation, Just the standalone exe, a single click should run the application without any dependencies.
Gokulnath007 16-Nov-11 3:13am View
I have the value "50B" in mystring. But while converting, my long variable is showing 0x00000050B itself. But the output should be 1291. How to get this output??
Gokulnath007 7-Nov-11 6:34am View
I get some unknown values in m_KitchenNote as "Àk¥€l¥". How to avoid this??
Gokulnath007 7-Nov-11 6:28am View
Unhandled exception at 0x78212c57 (mfc80d.dll) in ProNtr.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000. I am getting this exception and the green arrow points to the return m_KitchenNote; statement.
Gokulnath007 30-Sep-11 7:20am View
I have followed these steps and got those codes:
Gokulnath007 5-Aug-11 8:47am View
I have tried in removing the conversion of to base64 also, again the same thing happens.
Gokulnath007 5-Aug-11 8:46am View
Couldnt get your point?? Could you please explain with my code??
Gokulnath007 4-Aug-11 2:47am View
In that post, I have asked about copying dll's and libs. And not about static linking.
Gokulnath007 2-Aug-11 3:17am View
Using STORAGE_PROPERTY_QUERY?? How to get the drive information on the SCSI Drive??
Gokulnath007 1-Aug-11 5:42am View
Yes, they described about statically linking in the program, but my question is about the dll, driver plugins and lib files required for my above coding to run it on the NON- QT installed machines.
Gokulnath007 1-Aug-11 3:28am View
I just to run this exe in NON Qt installed machine with certain dll's . I am in need of those dll's and lib's which could make my Qt exe to run in that machine.
Gokulnath007 29-Jul-11 8:20am View
I have tried using the m_hData directly to set in the blob field, but while opening the recordset, it takes so much time. While executing AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLExecute(m_hstmt)); statement, it takes too much time and sometimes the system hangs for this..
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:32am View
I modified the code and now am using this code only...
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:29am View
I am using this code::

QSqlDatabase db= QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QMYSQL3");
ok =;
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:29am View
I have already installed odbc 5.1 only...
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:22am View
How to get that version and install in order to invoke in our coding??
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:20am View
Do we need to convert all values into QVariant before calling bindValue() function.
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:13am View
I have tried with that also, but it fails.
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 7:07am View
I have used the following code where nothing is added in two rows, 0 and continuous 0 has been added along the ip_address and datetime column respectively.

QString ipname="gok";
QString datetime="2011-07-28 15:55:09";
int serv=1;

QSqlQuery querylog(db);
querylog.prepare("INSERT INTO service_log (ip_address,date_time, service_status, logged_user) "
"VALUES (ip_address, date_time, service_status, logged_user)");
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 6:50am View
Default Re: MYSQL Qt connectivity??

I have used the following query which succees in inserting into the table. But how to bind the values instead of directly giving the values as below::
Qt Code:

bool qrylog=querylog.exec("INSERT INTO service_log (ip_address,date_time, service_status, logged_user) "
"VALUES ('','2011-07-28 15:55:09',1,'ramachandran')");

Here in database ip_address is varchar(20), date_time is datetime, service_status is integer and
logged_user is varchar(30).

Please help me fixing this issue::
Gokulnath007 28-Jul-11 3:33am View
Could you please explain with the code what i have used, any modifications to be done with it.. Thank You!!!
Gokulnath007 27-Jul-11 7:27am View
Thats great!!! My 5
Gokulnath007 27-Jul-11 7:13am View
What is Process here???
Gokulnath007 27-Jul-11 3:39am View
Database contains upto 13,000 records
Gokulnath007 27-Jul-11 3:34am View

Look at the code I am using for it..
Gokulnath007 27-Jul-11 2:59am View
AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLExecute(m hstmt) takes too long
Gokulnath007 27-Jul-11 2:59am View
AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLExecute(m hstmt) takes too long
Gokulnath007 18-Jul-11 8:14am View
Hello anshika,

It is about MFC and not MCF.
Gokulnath007 18-Jul-11 6:02am View
If I execute this in my local system database, it is working fine. But while using the server database, it takes much CPU usage and the system hangs because of this.
Gokulnath007 18-Jul-11 5:40am View
yes, I am transferring values of all the fields of the particular table.
Gokulnath007 18-Jul-11 5:37am View
Nothing is updated in the database.
Gokulnath007 18-Jul-11 3:26am View
Thanks, but while converting, QByteArray carries only ",". Whats wrong with this.
Gokulnath007 16-Jul-11 0:47am View
My database contains only two tables, for every time, it should update the table which has the blob field in it.
Gokulnath007 15-Jul-11 9:34am View
It uploads the image's blob data into the server DB. Its a huge database,
Gokulnath007 15-Jul-11 8:02am View
Actually, Under CRecordSet::Open(), PrepareandExecute() function, which takes more that 5-15 mins to execute and which takes nearly 100% CPU usage and the system performance is very slow.
Gokulnath007 15-Jul-11 6:58am View
I have found that dbImages.Open(); statement is taking too much time and this consumes more CPU usage upto 100% in most of the machines.
Gokulnath007 15-Jul-11 6:14am View
It takes the screenshots randomly, because i have used rand() function to get a number from 1 to 20 and then convert it into milliseconds and used sleep to wait the thread. Initially it takes the screenshots and save the file in path, after taking the binary data and saving it to the blob field of the database used CFile:: Remove() to delete the file saved in hard disk.
Gokulnath007 15-Jul-11 5:40am View
I have checked it in all possible ways, the process and the CPU usage gets on increasing and after sometime it becomes very low. Gradual increase and decrease of CPU Usage which decreases the machine performance.
Gokulnath007 15-Jul-11 1:06am View
I have updated the question with the code I am using to take the screenshots and saving it to the database.
Gokulnath007 6-Jul-11 6:30am View
Win32 API..
Gokulnath007 23-Jun-11 6:22am View
i want to save m_BLOBImage.m_hData value in the blob field of the database. Please help me how to do this.
Gokulnath007 22-Jun-11 0:54am View
I want to save the blob data with out making any change should be saved in the blob field of the MYSQL Database.
Gokulnath007 21-Jun-11 9:40am View
m_BLOBImage.m_hData has the blob data, the only thing is to save this to the blob field of the MYSQL Database.
Gokulnath007 21-Jun-11 3:21am View
yes, dbImages.m_BLOBImage.m_hData contains the binary data. I want to store this into the MYSQL blob field.
Gokulnath007 20-Jun-11 4:19am View
I have read a binary file in buffer, its size is 86016 bytes and now i want to add extra bytes of 8192 to buffer.
Gokulnath007 20-Jun-11 4:13am View
BYTE *buffer=NULL;
how can i add 40 bytes to buffer.
Gokulnath007 16-Jun-11 5:37am View
To store it in the MYSQL blob field. Actually i am executing using ExecuteSQl() function which needs a string. I tried reading the file and i got the image bytes in a char array. I just want to copy those into CString. While trying that it just copies the first 4 characters in it. Rest of the characters are omitted. NULL is also there in the char array.
Gokulnath007 16-Jun-11 5:36am View
To store it in the MYSQL blob field. Actually i am executing using ExecuteSQl() function which needs a string.
Gokulnath007 7-Jun-11 6:47am View
I have tried with your suggestion also, till the same. Process is getting increased.
Gokulnath007 3-Jun-11 9:16am View
I have found that Gdiplus::Bitmap bitmap is the thing that takes huge process memory. How to delete or release this Gdiplus::Bitmap bitmap??
Gokulnath007 3-Jun-11 8:13am View
I have tried with that also, still it goes on increasing, Please help me with the above code.
Gokulnath007 3-Jun-11 8:11am View
Thank You so much Resmi... That worked fine...
Gokulnath007 1-Jun-11 9:36am View
It should run infinitely, it should take screenshots of the system randomly.
Gokulnath007 1-Jun-11 6:16am View
I have tried with almost all possible check ups, how to delete the Gdiplus::Bitmap object in this.
Gokulnath007 31-May-11 9:10am View
I have modified according to your suggestion, but still the process is getting increased, in task manager.
Gokulnath007 26-May-11 5:40am View
How to check whether it is already exists or not, if it exists, leave it as such, if it doesnt exists,then it should be created
Gokulnath007 24-May-11 1:57am View
I have used URLDownloadToFile and downloaded the file to hard disk, but i just want to read the contents of the file instead of saving to the system.
Gokulnath007 20-May-11 8:43am View
Yes, I tried with CRecordSet only, but if we need to execute it, we need to use the CString inputs only..
Gokulnath007 17-May-11 9:34am View
I want to know the size of the jpeg file and then i want to read it completely.
Gokulnath007 17-May-11 2:41am View
How to apply this for a hard drive to eject? Making offline in xp?
Gokulnath007 16-May-11 2:51am View
Yes, But INACTIVE option did nothing. Is there a way to make it using diskpart in xp?
Gokulnath007 16-May-11 2:18am View
Un-initialize means it should not be shown in my computer drive list. It should be like a new hard drive.
Gokulnath007 12-May-11 8:59am View
I have tried with this method, but only 4 symbols are there in it.
Gokulnath007 12-May-11 8:59am View
I have tried with this method, but only 4 symbols are there in it.
Gokulnath007 11-May-11 6:56am View
How to get the pointer for the JPEG image?
Gokulnath007 11-May-11 6:43am View
I need to get the JPEG image's binary bits so that it can be saved in to the blob field of the database.
Gokulnath007 7-May-11 7:11am View
No while adding to the database, it is giving exception. How to get the JPEG bits as bytes to store in the blob field of the database?
Gokulnath007 7-May-11 6:05am View
Still my buf contains only 4 characters. How to read the jpeg file fully in order to save it in the database. help me
Gokulnath007 7-May-11 5:27am View
Thank you
Gokulnath007 7-May-11 3:41am View
fread function is not reading properly, so while executing the query it leads to exception. StrByte is empty.
Gokulnath007 6-May-11 2:39am View
Gokulnath007 4-May-11 9:30am View
StrSql4 contains INSERT INTO log SET grab_date= '2011-05-04 18:54:49',ip_address='6 this only. Remaining is not there in it.
Gokulnath007 4-May-11 9:29am View
CString strDateTime;
SYSTEMTIME datetime;
strDateTime.Format(_T("%02i-%02i-%02i %d:%d:%d"),

CRecordset rs(db);
CDBVariant ip;
CString strip;
for(int i=0;i<ip.m_pstringa->GetLength();i++)


CString SqlStr3(strip);
Gokulnath007 4-May-11 8:40am View
No, SqlStr3 just stores the value 6. Am not using any thread.
Gokulnath007 4-May-11 8:31am View
Am not using GetBuffer method, all the variables having the correct values but it is not being taken into the Sqlstr4. I mean copying.
Gokulnath007 4-May-11 6:54am View
I have added below this code once the values from the image to blob is over. Need to save it in the database.
Gokulnath007 3-May-11 4:11am View
GetLogicalDrives containing only number. How to get the individual drive letter with the logical drive function. Help me regarding this.
Gokulnath007 2-May-11 0:25am View
Could you add more points regarding "converting the image into blob data"
Gokulnath007 30-Apr-11 5:49am View
I have the following code to take the screenshots and storing it in the hard disk. I want to convert it to BLOB data. In this code, where is the blob data found and how to convert the image into the blob data??
Gokulnath007 29-Apr-11 9:41am View
How to convert the image from the above code into blob?? in order to save it in the database as blob??
Gokulnath007 28-Apr-11 3:09am View
I have added those codes into the service application.But its not working.. I just want to take the screenshots as a service??
Gokulnath007 28-Apr-11 2:26am View
I have added the above codes in the OnStart() function of the windows service. It is not showing any errors. But while installing the service, it fails. Getting exceptions in it. I want the above code to run as a service in the system taking the screenshots.
Gokulnath007 28-Apr-11 1:56am View
In VC++ windows service, i want to implement the above coding to run as a service and taking the screenshots.
Gokulnath007 27-Apr-11 7:59am View
How to execute the MFC in console application??
Gokulnath007 26-Apr-11 8:22am View
Could you please explain this, how to perform this. ?
Gokulnath007 26-Apr-11 7:50am View
My Console application will take screenshots in the interval of 10 seconds and stores it in the local drive. I want my console application to run as a service. How to do it?
Gokulnath007 20-Apr-11 6:00am View
I have found the codes for install and uninstall the services . Now both installation and uninstallation working fine. Next step is bringing the above codes inside. The above code should be executed once the service gets started. Please help me
Gokulnath007 20-Apr-11 6:00am View
I have found the codes for install and uninstall the services . Now both installation and uninstallation working fine. Next step is bringing the above codes inside. The above code should be executed once the service gets started. Please help me
Gokulnath007 20-Apr-11 6:00am View
I have found the codes for install and uninstall the services . Now both installation and uninstallation working fine. Next step is bringing the above codes inside. The above code should be executed once the service gets started. Please help me
Gokulnath007 20-Apr-11 5:59am View
I have found the codes for install and uninstall the services . Now both installation and uninstallation working fine. Next step is bringing the above codes inside. The above code should be executed once the service gets started. Please help me
Gokulnath007 20-Apr-11 0:25am View
I need these codes which is taking the screenshots of the screen to be run as a service so that it can start taking the screen shots once the service is started.. please help me..
Gokulnath007 20-Apr-11 0:23am View
No. i didnt remove it..
Gokulnath007 19-Apr-11 4:13am View
I need to develop a service which will take the screenshots with a specified time interval.. I have done a simple project in MFC which will take 10 screen shots in 10 interval. How to make it as a win service??? please help me
Gokulnath007 19-Apr-11 0:23am View
I want the code to run as a service. please help me
Gokulnath007 15-Apr-11 8:07am View
Great my 5
Gokulnath007 11-Apr-11 8:04am View
same code working fine in xp.. not working in windows 7.. nothing is returned when the key combination's are pressed
Gokulnath007 5-Apr-11 3:55am View
How to link the dll statically via mingwm10,libgcc_s_dw2-1,QtCore4,QtGui4,QtNetwork4???? If I copy the exe file and run in the other machine which doesnt have QT installed.It says the following dlls needed. How to link those files statically.Pls help me
Gokulnath007 23-Mar-11 5:21am View
Dll files
Gokulnath007 17-Mar-11 7:09am View
Try to point out the error alone. Its very difficult to follow. Improve your question..
Gokulnath007 11-Mar-11 7:05am View
No. I just want to build a MFC application which should get the speech as input. For instance, user control, a Mp3 player, if user says "start", it should start playing and if the user says "stop", it has to stop,... pls help me..
Gokulnath007 10-Mar-11 8:11am View
Not Exactly
Gokulnath007 9-Mar-11 8:17am View
Thank You.. Thats great.. myself 5 for it..
Gokulnath007 9-Mar-11 1:41am View
thank you.. I have solved it By using QFile::ReadOnly() function.
Gokulnath007 8-Mar-11 7:58am View
Error code is 0 for both the statements.
Gokulnath007 8-Mar-11 5:13am View
QFile::size() .. function returns 0.but the file size is 444kb.
Gokulnath007 7-Mar-11 23:25pm View
Do you have any idea. how to find the bus type in QT..??
Gokulnath007 7-Mar-11 7:23am View
No.. there is no urlmon.h header in QT..
Gokulnath007 4-Mar-11 7:47am View
yes. Want to iterate .
Gokulnath007 4-Mar-11 5:47am View
yes.. how it can be done
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 5:52am View
thank you
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 2:21am View
I am using Windows 7 OS 64 bit. CreateEvent returns 0x0 value to the handle.. How to implement Createevent in Windows? pls help me..
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 2:09am View
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 2:00am View
Waitfor multipleobject returns -1. how to resolve it.. pls help me
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 1:57am View
How to check whether the event is created successfully or not??
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 1:47am View
I just want some example of createevent.. May be upto 10 events
Gokulnath007 3-Mar-11 1:06am View
Gokulnath007 1-Mar-11 6:17am View
It Says:
The Application has terminated in an unexpected way
Gokulnath007 1-Mar-11 4:59am View
I have just added QMessageBox mess;
It gives run time error.
Gokulnath007 28-Feb-11 0:58am View
Not C drive or D drive.. If the hard-disk is not partitioned, just finding if that hard-disk exists or not???
Gokulnath007 18-Feb-11 5:03am View
No man... that doesnt satisfied my requirements.. I just to use QFile file();
In this, i want to pass the HANDLE of the file as input to the file() function.. that s the file name itself..
Gokulnath007 18-Feb-11 3:37am View
No.. I need that to be platform independent.. so i wont use windows.h.. any header is available in Qt to implement this WriteFile() function in Qt
Gokulnath007 7-Feb-11 6:11am View
Thank u.. I will try to find it..
Gokulnath007 25-Jan-11 8:28am View
NO. i need the code in VC++ to check whether the remote system firewall is on or off. provided IP address and Port are known...
Gokulnath007 25-Jan-11 3:06am View
Indivara.. you are correct.. thats what am looking for...
Gokulnath007 25-Jan-11 2:52am View
SAKryukov.. Could you please explain how to connect the remote system.
with codes. or examples
Gokulnath007 25-Jan-11 2:49am View
After the service starts, it should connect the remote system whose IP and Port is known.
Gokulnath007 24-Jan-11 10:11am View
oh. ok ok.. Thank You
Gokulnath007 24-Jan-11 10:03am View
Then, how Trojan works??
Gokulnath007 24-Jan-11 9:50am View
If the remote system is switched on.. is it possible to take that as the port..
Gokulnath007 24-Jan-11 9:49am View
ok, with the IP address??
Gokulnath007 24-Jan-11 9:41am View
Not like the server client application.. Just to connect to the remote system using its IP and port.. no supporting process should run in the remote system.. only the client system needs to get connected with the remote system if the remote system is switched on..
Gokulnath007 24-Jan-11 0:25am View
A simple example is enough to demonstrate this application.. as a beginner, the application should be very simple..
Gokulnath007 12-Jan-11 0:08am View
I want to set the bitmap image on the push button..
Gokulnath007 10-Jan-11 4:29am View
It says "An error occurred during installation- win32"..
Gokulnath007 7-Jan-11 3:49am View
Shortly I am going to release my article.. Thank u.. Shilpi
Gokulnath007 7-Jan-11 3:46am View
Thank u...
Gokulnath007 7-Jan-11 2:20am View
Yes.. Great.. Solved it... Thank u..
Gokulnath007 7-Jan-11 2:02am View
Yeah.. but that is not the thing which I am looking for.. I just want to apply some nice themes to my dialog to make good feel instead of creating bitmaps and coloring..
Gokulnath007 7-Jan-11 1:57am View
Oh!! Alright.. Thank u for your guidance...
Gokulnath007 7-Jan-11 1:43am View
I have downloaded the theme from that website.. how to apply that theme to my dialog window...
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 23:51pm View
Thank u dude.....
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 8:28am View
Anybody there for helping me???
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 7:58am View
Yeah.. I want to list all the ip addresses (or) the system names inside the Network(LAN) in which my application is running there.. Its like a chat application..
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 5:04am View
What about AfxBeginThread???
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 5:01am View
yeah.... but using thread. the server has to accept many clients..
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 4:11am View
Couldnt get u???
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 3:12am View
No.. I just want to create and start the thread when the listening process is on.. It should be repeated whenever a new client is approaching the server..
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 3:06am View
yeah.. it is helpful.. But it doesnt say anything about the threads, creation and existence...
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 3:05am View
How it is possible in the Dialog-based application. in vc++ MFC
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:47am View
yeah... how to create that listen thread..
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:38am View
No.. i just want to load the application when the system starts..
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:37am View
Ok... but I just want the server to accept more clients...and also chat should continue between the clients and the server.. In the sense.. clients can communicate with each other...
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:31am View
Please look at my updated question which contains the code am using..and guide me.. thank u....
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:30am View
Please look at my updated question which contains the code am using..and guide me.. thank u....
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:22am View
thank u.. but am developing only MFC Dialog based and not the console application..
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:21am View
Thank u...
Gokulnath007 5-Jan-11 2:13am View
Could u please send me that in VC++ 2008. Visual c++ .. and not visual C#.. Thank u advance...
Gokulnath007 4-Jan-11 2:22am View
Thank u
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 23:47pm View
I am not such a person to demand some thing from others.. I am considering you as my brothers and sisters. With that intention only am asking the help.. sorry..
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 23:39pm View
yeah, I am also trying for it. If i get the answer. i ll do post it in the answer.. sorry to say this...
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 23:38pm View
To get the current user name and the host name in vc++ mfc...
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 8:33am View
I do agree.. but i want the answer to be more precise and it should fulfill my requirements.. I just want to get the username of the system.. using that NPGetUser function... is that ok??
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 7:51am View
Am not simply sitting, trying hardly.. but couldnt get it... that is the question which needs to be solved.. instead of finding faults.. you may try for it.. and give the answer else.. you may leave as you please...
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 7:26am View
Just read the question again.. and try for it!! else leave it.
Gokulnath007 3-Jan-11 1:41am View
Any answer for it!!!! i have calculated the temperature.. but how to start the application automatically when the system is logged in..
Gokulnath007 31-Dec-10 4:57am View
Do restart it.. then install it... If the condition is same... try to remove older versions of NERO and then re-install it... Nero 7 needs more compatibility when compared with others... just make it....
Gokulnath007 31-Dec-10 4:47am View
void CServerClass::OnReceive()
TCHAR *pBuff=new TCHAR[40];
int iBuffSize=41;
int Rcvd;
//CString lvstrRecev;
Rcvd = m_client.Receive(pBuff,iBuffSize);
CString lvstrRecev(pBuff);

Thank you. for the above reply... pls note that.. In this code.. the char pointer stores only the first 3 values... pls help me..
Gokulnath007 31-Dec-10 4:45am View
void CServerClass::OnReceive()
TCHAR *pBuff=new TCHAR[40];
int iBuffSize=41;
int Rcvd;
//CString lvstrRecev;
Rcvd = m_client.Receive(pBuff,iBuffSize);
CString lvstrRecev(pBuff);

In this, the pointer character stores only the first 3 values... rectify it please.... I think u can understand it clearly..
Gokulnath007 31-Dec-10 0:04am View
I am having the problem in receiving values from the server/client.. in the AsyncSocket::Receive function..
I am using the TCHAR *pbuff=new TCHAR[4096];
while receiving in pBuff.. i can get only the first 3 chracters..
help me...
Gokulnath007 29-Dec-10 8:10am View
Thank you for your guidance.. but as a beginner, you would have helped me .. by just sending samples..
Gokulnath007 27-Dec-10 4:30am View
Thank u.... but i just a simple example... sending and receiving using a server and a client...
Gokulnath007 27-Dec-10 4:29am View
I just to know about how the chat application works.. So it will be very useful if it is with an example.. a simple example is enough.. Thank you