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Gokulnath007 14-Aug-23 9:19am View
Gokulnath007 14-Aug-23 9:03am View    
Hi Graeme, Thanks for your kind reply. I have updated the question with Images.
Gokulnath007 7-Oct-21 9:32am View    
Thanks for your response. But when we click on the Expander, it is getting collapsed. Its like, by default both expanders will occupy equal space, when we click on one expander, it has to occupy the full space and the other will collapse and vice versa. When we collapse the maximized one, then both should expand equally as by default.
Gokulnath007 22-Jun-21 9:48am View    
Need to use ItemsControl and Grid to complete this process.
Gokulnath007 16-Dec-14 6:16am View    
Whats wrong with you??