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Arul R Ece 8-Apr-15 0:46am View
In Oracle Chinese character like " 税务登记证" .but when i load into the SQL that character is showing like "靠靠" this .
Can you please do needful.
Arul R Ece 31-Mar-15 2:14am View
Yes it is not taking delimited columns properly.
Arul R Ece 20-Feb-13 2:10am View
Here 'a' is alias name for sub query
Arul R Ece 27-Dec-12 0:24am View
I searched but all for 4.0 or 4.5.

I need for 3.5 .
so pls guide
Arul R Ece 26-Dec-12 3:49am View
Hello man,

I know using data table.but my question is can we able do this using list OR
Array list
Arul R Ece 1-Nov-12 3:17am View
need to find cout of rows .that contains "0" values.

in above example 5 values there.contain 2 zero result is '2'.
Arul R Ece 26-Oct-12 1:10am View
it is free or cost
Arul R Ece 12-Sep-12 6:21am View
If it is help for you means accept this as answer
Arul R Ece 12-Sep-12 4:32am View
Hey ,
This is just example foramt pa....
Arul R Ece 1-Sep-12 7:46am View

If any Error came or not,
Arul R Ece 30-Aug-12 0:55am View
Hi any one reply for this,
Arul R Ece 14-Aug-12 3:04am View
I want some text constant and other thinks like name ,empid will change accoring to DB dynamically.
Arul R Ece 14-Aug-12 2:09am View
Hi Ashis,

The above query gives error,please check and update
Arul R Ece 6-Aug-12 1:25am View
fetch the value from data base for particular country .using two data set ,one for states and another one for cities.
Arul R Ece 26-Jul-12 4:42am View
U want to know about Cursor in SQL ?
Arul R Ece 20-Jul-12 4:40am View
Can u please use datetime as data type for AGE
Arul R Ece 20-Jul-12 2:51am View
Can u please post ur query.
Because the above given query working fine
Arul R Ece 20-Jul-12 0:44am View

Please try this.

select top 1 [name]+' #'+[product]+' #'+CONVERT(varchar,[amount],0)+'@'+
case when isnull([sales ID],'')='' then 'Null'
else convert(varchar,[sales ID])
from sales
Arul R Ece 19-Jul-12 7:47am View
Can't understand your Question.please explain in detail
Arul R Ece 19-Jul-12 7:45am View
Select the Bar Diagram-> Right click->change chart type-> select any type
Arul R Ece 19-Jul-12 7:09am View
change the chart type.............
Arul R Ece 19-Jul-12 2:04am View
If u use select distinct Fullname City Email Mobile OrderID from tblname .

It will check all the colums.if any matching 2 rows ,it will display one row.otherwise display all the rows.
Arul R Ece 19-Jul-12 1:45am View
one record means ,which condition basis u want
Arul R Ece 17-Jul-12 6:53am View
Which column is common for both table..
Arul R Ece 17-Jul-12 6:35am View

The value of TransactionDate is from same table r another table
Arul R Ece 9-Jul-12 8:01am View
Ok.....Thanks ..
Arul R Ece 9-Jul-12 7:42am View
If it is help u means , accept this as answer
Arul R Ece 9-Jul-12 6:06am View
U put the value in notepad n save in server.
Then mentioned server path in above mentioned place
Arul R Ece 9-Jul-12 4:53am View
You can use "BULK INSERT "
Arul R Ece 6-Jul-12 2:55am View
select [monthname],[YES],[No]
(select * from mon )source pivot
(count(attend) for attend in ([Yes],[No]))pt

order by monthname
Arul R Ece 6-Jul-12 2:54am View
Hello ..i Got result like u want
Arul R Ece 6-Jul-12 2:21am View
If it is correct means ,accept solution
Arul R Ece 26-Jun-12 7:47am View
Ya Thanks for ur reply.
Arul R Ece 26-Jun-12 7:47am View
Ya Thanks for ur reply.
Arul R Ece 23-Jun-12 7:41am View
Can U pls confirm the data type for PUR_QTY , SAL_QTY
Arul R Ece 23-Jun-12 1:58am View

My question is can we use sdtored procedure in crystal report.

like table
Arul R Ece 6-Jun-12 6:55am View
U which data type used for dates
Arul R Ece 5-Jun-12 4:14am View
I develop a task allocation application.
so degn like that way
Arul R Ece 4-Jun-12 1:27am View

I have already added the mentioned Name Spaces
Arul R Ece 2-Jun-12 4:35am View
Hi Friend...

Alreay i go through the above mentioned link.

I can able to create chat report.but not showning in correct data.
i Dont know how to set
Arul R Ece 31-May-12 6:58am View
K Thanks friend...

I will try and let u know i have any issues
Arul R Ece 30-May-12 8:20am View
Ya .. i used above mentioned....

But same error.
Arul R Ece 30-May-12 7:59am View
Till get same error
Arul R Ece 30-May-12 7:09am View
Hi Friend,...
I am getting the below error.
The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>). Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>). Source Error: An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below. Stack Trace: [HttpException (0x80004005): The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).] System.Web.UI.ControlCollection.Add(Control child) +8680983 AjaxControlToolkit.ScriptObjectBuilder.RegisterCssReferences(Control control) in C:\Users\wahlind\Desktop\Code\ControlToolkit\AjaxControlToolkit\ExtenderBase\ScriptObjectBuilder.cs:249 AjaxControlToolkit.ExtenderControlBase.OnPreRender(EventArgs e) in C:\Users\wahlind\Desktop\Code\ControlToolkit\AjaxControlToolkit\ExtenderBase\ExtenderControlBase.cs:352 System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +80 System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +171 System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +171 System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +842
Arul R Ece 30-May-12 7:00am View
I am getting the below error.
The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).
Arul R Ece 29-May-12 7:25am View
Can u Please tell the error message
Arul R Ece 25-May-12 8:29am View
Thanks friend
Arul R Ece 25-May-12 4:13am View
It is example for report between two dates
Arul R Ece 25-May-12 4:12am View
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(constr);
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("taskreport", con);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@calledFor", "ByStatus");
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@assignedto", "NULL");
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@status", status);
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@startime", strdate);
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@endtime", enddate);
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
gridreport.DataSource = ds;
Arul R Ece 23-May-12 1:41am View
In my office this url restricted..

only code project n C # corner allowed
Arul R Ece 23-May-12 1:17am View
Hi sharma..
i am not able to open the above link.
Please post the answer
Arul R Ece 22-May-12 3:19am View
When excel inside any folder not able to read.
Arul R Ece 18-May-12 6:59am View
Hi I am using same think like in abbove mentioned page.
but dropdown control can't be found.
Arul R Ece 18-May-12 4:44am View
When i use that link..
Can't find the control(dropuser)
Arul R Ece 18-May-12 4:14am View
Hi ..

I am not able to get the answer
Arul R Ece 18-May-12 2:43am View
I want to load user name for Header Assign To from data base .
Arul R Ece 2-May-12 5:25am View
Ya..thanks ..
Now working fine ..
Arul R Ece 30-Apr-12 0:40am View
Thanks sandeep
Arul R Ece 27-Apr-12 0:27am View
Hi Sandeep ...

I tried with above code .but no result.
Arul R Ece 26-Apr-12 4:50am View
Thankn u praveen..nice
Arul R Ece 26-Apr-12 1:48am View
ya ... s pa... for ordinary page .it is working fine...

When i add that page into master page it is not working
Arul R Ece 23-Apr-12 2:31am View
i am not able to get
Arul R Ece 23-Apr-12 2:31am View
Hi ..
i am not able to get
Arul R Ece 19-Apr-12 7:30am View
hi priya
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 4:18am View
protected void btnSave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Insert(); }
private bool Insert() {
string strcon = "Data Source=USER-PC\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Course;User ID=sa;Password=sql2008";
SqlConnection mycon = new SqlConnection(strcon);

string strquery = "insert into studentDetails([name],qualification,age,mobileno) values('" + txtName.Text.ToString().Trim() + "','" + txtQual.Text.ToString().Trim() + "','" + txtAge.Text.ToString().Trim() + "','" + txtMobile.Text.Trim() + "')";

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(strquery, mycon);

string message="success";

if (message="success")
cconsole.writeline("Record added successfully")

cconsole.writeline(" Please check")

try like this way.may be it will help for u
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 2:53am View
sari pa
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 2:33am View
oh good ..
what was the problem
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 2:09am View
hi priya ..did u got the answer
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 1:42am View
s i know pa ..i just check
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 1:41am View
when i try this
i got error
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 1:36am View
i am also try ,when i enter 11 digit mobile no.that nentioned error came.
so may be that place error.
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 1:34am View
Hi priya
can u pls tell size of mobile no which u enter in coding part.

because in DB u create only 10.if u enter more than 10 digit

"String or binary data would be truncated."

Eror will come.pls check
Arul R Ece 12-Apr-12 1:08am View
what is the data type for age n mobile no
Arul R Ece 10-Apr-12 4:21am View
Ya sorry friend....It is for .....

Arul R Ece 10-Apr-12 4:17am View
When i run my .net application , i want to view in full view.i.e) maximize view
Arul R Ece 9-Apr-12 6:51am View
Hi bala....
when i use the first query only 3 rows were affected.
Arul R Ece 9-Apr-12 2:41am View
Hi Anil.
When i click the ADD button.
the text box value should to Label.
Arul R Ece 9-Apr-12 2:39am View
Hi patil,

Thanks for your info.
but i am not able to get that answer
Arul R Ece 9-Apr-12 2:28am View
For example i enter the value in txetx should pass to lable.
Please look into it
Arul R Ece 6-Apr-12 2:00am View
k salini ..,
i need in C #
Arul R Ece 19-Mar-12 5:41am View
how we export the grid data in Excel