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pjaar89 22-Dec-16 3:29am View

If you don't go with this I won't believe in humanity anymore. Please accept the answer
pjaar89 21-Dec-16 8:59am View

see line #32
pjaar89 21-Dec-16 2:35am View    
Just read what F-ES Sitecode and I said.

In your fiddle you put your bind() inside the fact is you target the same controls over and over... just target the newly created control like I wrote in the solution. We cannot do more to help you
pjaar89 20-Dec-16 8:07am View    
No it does not, see the edit of my solution
pjaar89 20-Dec-16 5:43am View    
How are you binding the click event? You forgot to share us the most important part :)