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Tim Corey 24-Oct-19 22:58pm View
I agree. If your table has a column called First_Name but your property in your model is firstname, it will not link the two. Make sure the spelling matches exactly.
Tim Corey 27-Oct-15 13:01pm View
This isn't the best place to get an answer. If you have a question you need help with, create a new question instead of posing a question in the comments of a somewhat related question. When you do post your question, please be as specific as possible. The information you provided doesn't really give enough information to fully understand your situation.
Tim Corey 3-Apr-13 12:00pm View
No, but I was trying to go through proper channels to do so. I figured if I asked the question here, I could get the answer I needed and it would be here for others in the future. If I just ask Chris, it is a one-off answer that doesn't help anyone else but me. If I can't get a good answer, though, I'll just send a message to Chris.
Tim Corey 3-Apr-13 11:58am View
Well, I think you have misunderstood what I am asking. First, I'm asking if the system Code Project uses is available for use (open source). If not, I'm asking if anyone knows of a similar system. My reference to Google is that I don't want someone to just spew back a basic Google search and say "try these". I've done that. I was trying to communicate that I've done research before coming here. What I'm looking for is information from people who have a working solution or know of one. I'm not looking for people with no idea to just paste the Google results I've already looked through. There are probably libraries out there in even my Google searches that I've missed but just posting the links doesn't really help me.

I'm not trying to not do work here. I'm just trying not to reinvent the wheel. That is the point of Code Project. We help each other learn what we already know. That is why I asked the question here. If you check my history, you will see I've spent a lot of time helping others here on Code Project. I'm not trying to get something for no effort. I'm just asking others who know more than me in this area to help point me in the right direction.
Tim Corey 3-Apr-13 11:13am View
Yeah, I did do a Google search and an article search before posting here. I've reviewed the top 10-20 that seemed relevant, but nothing seemed to work like what we have here on Code Project. A lot deal with desktop apps (rich text boxes, etc.) and those that do deal with web pages seem to be overly complicated and difficult to use.
Tim Corey 27-Dec-12 10:18am View
This is wildly off topic. I'm going to assume you have good intentions here and are just in the wrong place. Code Project is for developers. The questions section is for software developers to ask programming questions. This is not a programming question. Please remove it.
Tim Corey 27-Dec-12 9:59am View
Sorry about that. I've updated my answer. It is basically the same thing, only you need to use a different construct name.
Tim Corey 4-Dec-12 7:47am View
This question is incomplete. You have not shown us what you have tried or even really clarified what you need. Please add more detail to this question. Remember, we aren't here to do your work so if the ultimate question is "give me the code to do x", you won't get what you are looking for.
Tim Corey 4-Dec-12 7:45am View
First of all, this question is incomplete. You need to be more descriptive about what you are looking for help with. A "glassy usercontrol" could be anything. Do you need a textbox, label, button, etc.? More importantly, though, is that this is not a "we do whatever you want" service. I would recommend asking nicely for what you need help with. Remember, it is you that need help.
Tim Corey 4-Dec-12 7:39am View
I didn't see the "answer" posted by the person asking the question, but is there a reason why you deleted it? It would seem that the answer has been found but now the question is still open as unanswered. Just wondering so I know how to advise others in the future (since I would have advised the OP to post the answer they found as an answer both to help others and to close out the question).
Tim Corey 4-Dec-12 7:36am View
This is not the site for getting help with password cracking software. As for the specifics of how this program does its work, that would be better asked in a forum dedicated to that software. I also don't believe it "finds" your password, but rather it cracks it based upon available information. I could be wrong though.
Tim Corey 2-Dec-12 22:21pm View
This is not a question. It is a rather rude demand. Please either remove it or reform it to be a true question. Explain what you are doing, what you have tried, and where you are stuck. If you haven't tried anything, you aren't ready to ask a question. We aren't here to do your work.
Tim Corey 30-Nov-12 9:34am View
Technically correct but it misses the point. You can put SQL statements in your program as well. Linq is an object query language that allows a standard way of querying different types of data sources (XML, SQL, POCOs, etc.) When talking about accessing SQL, you can do the same thing with Linq as you can with a TSQL statement (both in your code). Because of the efficiency of Linq, it is practically the same in terms of performance as making the SQL call from code. My suggestion would be to learn more about Linq and figure out what you are trying to do exactly to see if Linq is the right choice.
Tim Corey 30-Nov-12 9:16am View
The solutions area is not a place for comments. Please remove this entry and either put this in a comment or modify your initial question.
Tim Corey 30-Nov-12 8:12am View
We can't answer this question except in the most general of terms. You have provided no details on how your system is designed, what the relevant code bits are, or what you have tried. In general the answer would be to check the database to see if the user has posted a comment before allowing a new comment to be posted.
Tim Corey 20-Nov-12 13:19pm View
Once you clarify which you mean (winform vs webform), can you please clarify what exactly you are trying to do? Are you looking to resize the form or the controls on a form? Are you looking to resize inside a parent window or is it a stand-alone form? What do you want it to resize to (size)?
Tim Corey 20-Nov-12 13:09pm View
Have you tried it out on a database? That would tell you for sure and it would be more instructive than a simple yes/no from us.
Tim Corey 19-Nov-12 12:58pm View
Couple things: first, we aren't here to do your work for you. We are here to help you when you get stuck. Second, this sounds like a "do my homework" question, which won't get you much help. Third, you haven't explained what you have done or what you are looking for (except in the most general of terms). Fourth, Google has a ton of information related to this.
Tim Corey 19-Nov-12 12:07pm View
I'm glad you found a place to come back to. I hope that as you start benefitting from Code Project that you also are able to contribute. We love to see new authors share their wisdom and experience. It makes all of us better.
Tim Corey 19-Nov-12 9:25am View
Then what exactly are you asking for? You know how to get the data in SQL, you know how to call the stored proc, and according to this post, you know how to get the data to the presentation layer. What are you missing?
Tim Corey 19-Nov-12 9:10am View
In response to your edit, it still isn't clear. Is city not in the users table? If it isn't, you will need to do a join on the table where it is located. If it is, then you already have city at the presentation layer.
Tim Corey 19-Nov-12 9:09am View
We really need you to expand upon your question. Where exactly are you stuck? It seems like what you are asking for is to have the stored procedure return the city name for the user that is passed in. This is a straight-forward query. We don't have your database schema so we couldn't give you the TSQL to do so. If this isn't what you were intending to communicate, please clarify this point.
Tim Corey 6-Nov-12 8:41am View
Posting "please send me code" is not a very thoughtful way to ask for help. You haven't shown any effort at all to solve this problem. As willempipi told you, there are tons of examples on the web (and many on Code Project) that can help you. I would recommend you remove this question and instead do a little research. Then if you get stuck, come back here and ask for help (showing what you have done and where you are stuck).
Tim Corey 6-Nov-12 8:36am View
You are missing a lot of information here that is necessary for us to help you. For instance, what type of installer are you using? What type of database are you using? What have you tried?
Tim Corey 2-Nov-12 9:08am View
If you try this query out, you will find it does work. It is joining your two tables together by TechnologyId, just like the other solutions do, it just puts the join in the WHERE statement instead of in an explicit INNER JOIN statement. It isn't as popular a syntax, but it does work.
Tim Corey 2-Nov-12 8:57am View
Well, I'm not sure that I would agree with that statement. A SELECT statement is probably your most efficient option. However, I have given you an alternative in my answer. The best alternative, though, would be to change how you approach this issue if you can. Having 30 labels on a form that are usually hidden seems like a waste of resources and a pain to manage. Can you programmatically add one label based upon the value of the textbox on the button click? That would seem simpler.
Tim Corey 31-Oct-12 9:31am View
Couple things - First, this is not the place to ask a new question. There is a link above that says "Ask a question". Use that to ask a new question. Second, before you ask a question, make sure that it hasn't been answered already. That means Googling it, searching Code Project, and checking out the documentation on the application or language you are trying to work with. If all that doesn't yield a question, post it here. Make sure you indicate you already tried to find an answer. Finally, when you do post your question, please try to be very clear as to your issue, what you have tried, what you are attempting to accomplish, and any relevant code or background details. Thanks.
Tim Corey 23-Oct-12 8:45am View
The permissions are at the database level, not the operating system level. You would need to identify which accounts need access to the database and then add those accounts to the security in the database. How you do that depends on your database type that you are using. Your other option would be to use a local database user instead of integrated security. I would recommend you look into database security before you continue just to make sure you know what you are doing and why.
Tim Corey 23-Oct-12 8:43am View
Nelek modified your post to properly format it. All posts at Code Project are required to follow a specific pattern in order to keep them looking professional. Your post did not conform to that, which is why it was changed.
Tim Corey 23-Oct-12 8:37am View
This is not a complete question. Please expand on what you are looking for and what you have tried. The fact that you had to copy and paste from the title into the actual question body indicates that you don't have enough content here. Questions should give full background of what you are trying to accomplish, information on what you have tried and where you are stuck, and relevant source code if possible.
Tim Corey 16-Oct-12 8:14am View
This isn't a coding drive-through window. You need to do the work. We are here to help if you get stuck in a particular coding issue that is specific and technical. We aren't here to give you a handout or do your work for you.
Tim Corey 11-Oct-12 8:32am View
I know I'm with my type of people when they have a database that stores and tracks their common responses for easier use and for reporting.
Tim Corey 11-Oct-12 8:22am View
Why did you post an outdated link as an answer to your own question and then accept it as the answer?
Tim Corey 10-Oct-12 8:16am View
This is not a well-formed question. Please give us some context, what you have tried, and what you are trying to accomplish. The details would include specific language (.NET is not a language).
Tim Corey 10-Oct-12 8:14am View
This is not a question. We do not know what you know, nor can we see what you see. You need to explain to us (in full sentences) what you are trying to do, what you have tried, and where you are stuck.
Tim Corey 10-Oct-12 8:00am View
The BETWEEN operator is treated differently in different databases. In SQL server, the 3 is usually not included. If it is being included, change the 3 to a 2.
Tim Corey 9-Oct-12 15:25pm View
You need to give more information than this in order for us to help you out. What is the relationship between the client and the server? For instance, is the client doing the copying? If the client isn't doing anything with the transfer of files, what is? Where is the code you tried?
Tim Corey 9-Oct-12 9:55am View
I have never done it for a non-duplicate question (and rarely even then) but I'm tempted to delete this question. This seems to be a ploy to drive traffic to your site. The only reason I haven't deleted the question yet is because I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Please post the error you are getting (explain in your words and also post any error text) and also what you are trying to accomplish. Then post any relevant code (if you can figure out what is relevant).
Tim Corey 8-Oct-12 8:47am View
"Help me out" isn't exactly a question. We aren't here to do your work. What have you tried? Do you know what a UDF is? Have you figured out how to do a query for this? Sorry, right now this looks to be a "do my work for me" post and I don't respond well to that.
Tim Corey 8-Oct-12 8:45am View
The only problem I see here is that this will give you the minimum price per hotel. From the question, it looks like the OP wants the lowest price overall, not just the lowest price for every hotel.
Tim Corey 8-Oct-12 8:45am View
The only problem I see here is that this will give you the minimum price per hotel. From the question, it looks like the OP wants the lowest price overall, not just the lowest price for every hotel.
Tim Corey 4-Oct-12 10:30am View
You can use Windows Azure for hosting of up to ten sites for free ( or you could use GoDaddy hosting (if you have a domain their already you usually get ASP.NET hosting for free - I have it).
Tim Corey 3-Oct-12 11:55am View
This isn't a question. You haven't shown any effort towards solving the problem yourself. Please do some Googling instead of asking us to do your work for you. If you get stuck on a particular problem, you can ask us for help with the specifics (but please show us your code and where exactly you are stuck).
Tim Corey 2-Oct-12 11:14am View
C# easily converts to VB.NET. In fact, if you compile the information into a DLL, you wouldn't even need to convert it. You could run a C# dll with your VB.NET program. Another option would be to take my first suggestion and roll your own. I'll add another link to my answer that will get you started down that road. Basically, you are either going to have to pay for something or do some work. We don't have a pre-built VB.NET option for you.
Tim Corey 28-Sep-12 8:39am View
This is really an off-topic question. This is a question and answer section for programming questions.
Tim Corey 28-Sep-12 8:38am View
When you post a question on Code Project, please first think of the reader. What will they see when they read your question. Right now, as a reader I don't see a question. I see a statement that this code is not working. I don't know what you intend for it to do, I don't know what debugging steps you have take, and I'm not confident you have put any effort into it. Those three things make me not even attempt to answer your question. Please reformat your question and provide this information.
Tim Corey 27-Sep-12 9:05am View
Right now this question is incomplete/not a question. First, XAML is a markup language. Usually you don't "convert" it to C#. You can write XAML in your code behind, if that is what you are asking, but it is still going to output the same XAML. You can only use it in the same place you would use this XAML (you can't use it in Windows Forms, for instance). Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish and why? Also, you haven't really shown us any effort. We aren't here to do your job. Let us know where (specifically) you are stuck and we will do our best to help.
Tim Corey 27-Sep-12 9:01am View
What Legor is alluding to is the fact that you seem to be asking us to do your job. We aren't here to write your code. We are here to help you if you get stuck. Just asking for us to write your CRUD operations is not a valid question. Try to accomplish it. Get some examples from Telerik. They have excellent documentation, so that will at least get you started.
Tim Corey 20-Sep-12 11:21am View
I so wish I could +5 this comment just because of the opening sentence.
Tim Corey 20-Sep-12 8:45am View
While your question is unclear (read it out loud - I think you forgot a sentence or two in the middle), it sounds like you are asking us to do your homework. We don't do that. If you are asking if you are allowed to get code, that would be a question for your professor. If you are asking if you can have code, the answer is no. Do the work and let us know if you get stuck in a particular spot.
Tim Corey 18-Sep-12 15:08pm View
That's logical. The file isn't locked for very long. To the computer, it is a long time but when you step through the code, the system has enough time to finish creating the file between the time the event fires and when you are able to step to the place where the file is read.
Tim Corey 15-Sep-12 14:42pm View
You have not shown any effort towards solving your issue. You have also not provided enough information to allow us to help you. Please improve this question.
Tim Corey 11-Sep-12 8:28am View
This is a very poor question. What are you having trouble with? Asking for an explanation and then refusing to accept links isn't a good way to ask for help. Ask nicely for what you need, explain clearly your problem or confusion, and then accept graciously the help you receive.
Tim Corey 2-Sep-12 23:52pm View
Then it is one of your other fields. Check Loc_ID and College_ID first but then also check DocumentCategory as well.
Tim Corey 24-Aug-12 8:34am View
We are going to need more information about what you are doing before we can give you any sort of targeted solution. What is the code that is giving you a problem?
Tim Corey 24-Aug-12 8:31am View
Is this all of your code, or have you left something out? I don't see where you are using your command object to make the call to the database.
Tim Corey 24-Aug-12 8:30am View
Nope, not a good solution. You shouldn't put the value directly into the SQL string. This could lead to SQL injection. I understand that the listbox might be a set list now, but that might change in the future. I strongly recommend against this technique. Besides, this wouldn't even work, since you would end up comparing the Courseno column against the literal "listbox1.SelectedValue", not its actual value.
Tim Corey 3-Aug-12 15:14pm View
Instead of posting a new question to clarify your last question, use the "Improve question" link to add this to your original question. Posting again is counter-productive and not an approved method of getting more help.
Tim Corey 3-Aug-12 7:54am View
Please update this question (using the "Improve question" link) to give us more details. Right now it is very unclear what you are trying to do. You have marked this project as an ASP.NET project, but you are saying you are building exe files. That is contradictory. Also, you have shown us no code and you haven't explained what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going about it (except in the vaguest of terms).
Tim Corey 2-Aug-12 10:45am View
This looks just like your previous question:
Tim Corey 2-Aug-12 8:52am View
That is a broad range of topics. First, start with Microsoft's sites. You can get a lot there. The ASP.NET site provides a bunch of Pluralsight videos for free. For general C#, start here: and read through the relevant material. From there you can figure out what you want to learn more about.
Tim Corey 31-Jul-12 9:07am View
Your question does not make sense. You state that you want to keep the numbers that we write one below the other but not one below the other. That is a contradictory statement. Can you please be more clear and also provide an example of what you want to see, what code you are using, where the problem is, and what you have tried to do to resolve it?
Tim Corey 28-Jul-12 12:22pm View
It takes a lot of work to become better (you will never be perfect). Read books, watch training videos, and use other resources to get a good broad base of understanding. Then come back to Code Project and read articles to improve your depth in different areas.
Tim Corey 26-Jul-12 20:34pm View
You do that with two database calls. One to the first table and one to the second table.
Tim Corey 26-Jul-12 15:07pm View
I've updated my answer based upon this new information.
Tim Corey 26-Jul-12 14:44pm View
If the data does not have any relationship between tables, why are you attempting to join it together? You have to have some idea of how you want the two tables to relate, right? Why don't you list a few key columns and what you want to see as a result.
Tim Corey 26-Jul-12 14:36pm View
No one in the lounge is ever sarcastic.
Tim Corey 26-Jul-12 10:06am View
You need to give us more than that. How can we help you fix your issue? Please show us the relevant code and paste the error statement here as well (the actual wording, not your interpretation of the wording).
Tim Corey 25-Jul-12 11:11am View
I removed your email address from this question. You should never post your email address here. All answers will be emailed to you automatically.
Tim Corey 24-Jul-12 15:20pm View
I think the issue here is that you definied @TOTAL twice in your SqlCommand (see Wes Aday's answer). Also, if the problem is solved, you should mark one or more solutions as the accepted answer. That way, future viewers know you don't need help fixing the problem you asked about.
Tim Corey 24-Jul-12 8:56am View
Yeah, I was thinking about that when I wrote that comment. I did end up posting an answer.
Tim Corey 24-Jul-12 8:40am View
There isn't one. If there was a best one out there, everyone (or almost everyone) would use it because it was the best. Instead, we have multiple because people look at the available ones and don't find the one that does what they want to do so they create one. There are a number of CMS systems out there, and none of them are best at everything. However, if you narrow down your requirements, you can choose what is best for you. It is like buying a car. Which car is "best" for me? It won't be the same as what is best for you. My price range is probably different and my requirements are probably different as well.
Tim Corey 24-Jul-12 8:24am View
Wish I could upvote this comment. I agree. "Best" is relative. Otherwise there would only be one CMS out there.
Tim Corey 24-Jul-12 8:23am View
I tweaked my code a bit based upon this info. You had spelled CUSTOMER correctly once in your code. I fixed that to match the spelling you use in your database. As for providing you working code, the code above is your code and it has been updated with all of the problems I have spotted. Compare my code with yours and you will see a number of small fixes. Programming is about paying attention to the little things. The difference between a comma and a period is very important. Even casing can be important (myData is not equal to MyData).
Tim Corey 23-Jul-12 16:00pm View
CodeProject is not a programming language (yet?). You need to tell us what technology you are using. Are you using WPF? ASP.NET? Java? Also, a more thorough description of what you are attempting to do will help us. Any relevant code snippets will only help to clarify the issue.
Tim Corey 23-Jul-12 12:44pm View
Good catch. I updated the post to reflect the changes.
Tim Corey 20-Jul-12 12:05pm View
I've tweaked my answer slightly, assuming you are using a standard calendar control named Calendar1. This should fix your issue.
Tim Corey 17-Jul-12 15:29pm View
I think you meant to put this under my solution. The first link I posted was for the free tool. You don't need to buy the full software to get the logging. It is free. I understand about wanting to do it yourself though.
Tim Corey 17-Jul-12 12:35pm View
This sounds like something that you would do inside your application when you send something to the printer. However, you have provided no detail so we have no way of accurately answering your question. We would need details of what is printing, how it is printing, how you intend to "intercept" that print job, what type of data you want out of the print job, etc. before we can help.
Tim Corey 17-Jul-12 8:38am View
I'm going to echo what E.F. said. Performance is dependant on your environment and what you want to accomplish. Even if you gave us details on your system, we couldn't do more than give you best practices that might not apply to your specific environment. My suggestion is to learn about n-tier systems and how they are built. Also learn how to test them and what the options are. Then you will be better equipped to answer your own question.
Tim Corey 16-Jul-12 14:06pm View
I'm not sure I see the difference from what I posted an hour earlier. Did you do something I missed?
Tim Corey 16-Jul-12 14:05pm View
That is the code I tried to post (only I included single quotes around javascript) but as I posted in my response, the CP editor would not let me put just single quotes - it added the extra double-quotes automatically and I couldn't take them out.
Tim Corey 16-Jul-12 9:02am View
This is not a well formed question. Please explain what your issue is in detail, what you are attempting to do in detail, and what you have tried.
Tim Corey 16-Jul-12 8:02am View
This is not enough for a question. You need to explain what you are doing and what you have tried. Please show that you are committed to working towards the solution before asking us to work towards the solution.
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 10:55am View
You are welcome. Please don't forget to accept one (or both) of the answers as the solution so that others know that this question is now complete. Thanks.
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 9:41am View
I've updated my solution based upon these comments.
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 9:34am View
You are going to get a lot of those. What you are trying to do is barely on the edge of possible and it is overriding the functionality of the application you are running. I would recommend updating this question with the code you are trying (using the Improve question link above) along with what error you are getting and what browser you are testing it in.
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 9:28am View
In my answer, the <pre>Convert.ToInt32</pre> converts the string to an integer (like a cast).
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 9:27am View
That is pseudo-code. You would need to put the timerNumber value into your timer, whatever it is named. If you don't have a timer, you would need to create one. I just showed you what it would look like to assign a timer a new interval. Does that help?
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 9:25am View
Why not? Based upon your clarification in the comments above, the second option is the way you need to go. You will need to do this code in Javascript, since ASP.NET C# code is server-side and won't "hear" the keypress event. Only client-side code will.
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 8:46am View
Please explain your question. Right now it is very confusing. Could you also show us an example of what you mean?
Tim Corey 12-Jul-12 8:27am View
What seems to be the issue? Where is the description of the situation, the intended result, and what you have tried? Where is the relevant code? You need to put some effort in here. You shouldn't expect us to care about your problem more than you do.
Tim Corey 10-Jul-12 16:35pm View
I made some updates to my solution just a minute ago as a type of mini code review. Please look it over. I think some of these should help. The issues on option three and four might be ok for your environment but I made the changes to the way I thought they should be. Make sure you test it before just making the changes live.
Tim Corey 9-Jul-12 14:30pm View
This question is quite unclear. We cannot understand what youw ant to do based upon this description. Instead of writing short phrases, please try to develop a paragraph that explains what you are attempting to do, what outcome you would like to see, and where you are having difficulties.
Tim Corey 6-Jul-12 16:07pm View
Good advice. +5
Tim Corey 6-Jul-12 14:35pm View
Most likely that file would have dependencies on other dlls. Also, when you start looking to distribute third-party dll files with your project, you have to look at licensing agreements to be sure that it is allowed. Most software does not allow you to include their dll files with your project. In this case, you probably need to require Shockwave to be installed. I doubt Adobe would let you distribute their dll without installing their full application. I could be wrong though.
Tim Corey 6-Jul-12 11:06am View
You would use ExecuteScalar here? Since this is an INSERT, I went with ExecuteNonQuery. Still, +5 for the good catch.
Tim Corey 6-Jul-12 11:06am View
Yep. +5
Tim Corey 5-Jul-12 18:32pm View
That is entirely possible. This is a tricky process, since you are asking to access system-level data on a remote machine. The permissions have to be just right to do so. Can you log in as a domain admin just to test it? If it works, you know that permissions are the issue.
Tim Corey 5-Jul-12 15:45pm View
"How to solve" and "the value" are two different things. If you are just asking us to do math for you, this is not the appropriate forum to do so. Besides, that should be fairly simple for you to do. Just do the operations from right to left, keeping in mind to do things inside the parenthesis first.
Tim Corey 5-Jul-12 15:38pm View
Do you mean the initial page that loads when you browse to your web application? Are you using MVC or WebForms?
Tim Corey 5-Jul-12 15:24pm View
Two things: first, what is your question? Second, what does C++ have to do with this? Is this a homework assignment? Are you stuck somewhere?
Tim Corey 4-Jul-12 12:43pm View
Have you tried it? What error did you get?
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 11:18am View
I specified things you can try in my answer. Walk through my answer and do the work needed to diagnose the problem. This isn't something I can say for certain. You need to do the work to discover the true error. Read through paragraphs 2 and 3 and do those steps. Update your question above with the results of those steps. That will go a long way towards solving your issue.
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 11:08am View
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 11:01am View
Correct. It simply gives you the name and location where the user wants to save the file. Your code will need to do the actual work of saving the file.
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 10:55am View
You need to actually put code in to save the file. You have the name, now use that in your save process. Look at the code example on this page for help:
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 10:08am View
It sounds like you've made it through the first paragraph of my advice. Have you tried the steps listed in paragraph two and three?
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 9:45am View
Why did you post this code here? You marked this question as answered and it is two weeks old. There should be no reason to add a second solution.
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 9:41am View
No clue. We cannot see your code or look at what you are doing. You will need to share your code with us and give us a much more detailed explanation before we can do more than guess. For instance, what are you dragging? What is the button that is disappearing? Are you calculating the position of an item relative to the board in such a way as to confuse the application when the item isn't above the board?
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 9:25am View
What is "server 2008"? Do you mean Windows Server 2008? SQL Server 2008? Also, have you Googled this question? I'm sure there are hundreds of answers out there on how to do an unattended setup, regardless of the server you are referring to.
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 9:05am View
How about you show us your code instead of asking us to go to an unknown website?
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 9:03am View
Can you show us the code? Also, are you expecting the header to show up on the sheet (you realize this is the header for when you print the document, right)?
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 8:56am View
This is not a question we can accurately answer. We don't know what your payroll system is, or how you want to "attach" these smart cards. It sounds like you already have a good start, so where specifically are you stuck? Remember, we need a lot of details from you since we do not know your situation.
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 8:37am View
Great. Good for you. So, why are you telling us? Do you need help? If so, what have you tried? What you have here is not a question. Please either make it a question or remove it.
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 8:34am View
I fixed the formatting on your article to remove the all-caps text and to clean up how it looked. Please do not use all-caps, since that is the equivalent of screaming.
Tim Corey 2-Jul-12 16:25pm View
Great. Glad you figured it out. If you wouldn't mind, could you please accept this answer so that others that look at this question later know that it isn't still an issue? Thanks.
Tim Corey 2-Jul-12 15:09pm View
Please don't post duplicate questions. This will actually cause you to get less help, not more.
Tim Corey 2-Jul-12 11:46am View
First, why? This gets dangerously close to providing you with a way to do something unethical. Next, what have you tried? We aren't your employees. We are here to help, not do your job for you. Please show some effort.
Tim Corey 1-Jul-12 17:33pm View
I can't tell you what query to write. That will be up to you based upon your data and your environment. Download a couple examples and get them working. Then start modifying them for your own use.
Tim Corey 30-Jun-12 12:20pm View
That means that you have a working solution for this question. Now you have a new issue - the logic of your application has not been properly designed. On your button click, you first need to verify if the data exists or not. If it exists, you should overwrite it. If not, you should insert it.
Tim Corey 30-Jun-12 12:17pm View
Now you are getting into the deep weeds. This is something that you are going to need to develop on your own. You are going to need to develop an algorithm that is specific to your purposes. This is no longer a specific, measurable task (like "retrieve image from SQL"). Now you are into the subjective area of comparison. There may be books and other texts to help you in this area, but this isn't a "use this code"-type of issue. Sorry.
Tim Corey 29-Jun-12 8:57am View
I don't see how either of these links apply to the OP's question. Can you please clarify?
Tim Corey 29-Jun-12 8:27am View
Glad to hear it. So what is the issue? What have you tried? Where are you stuck (saying "I'm stuck on how to do this" doesn't count)?
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 19:44pm View
Nice answer. +5
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 19:27pm View
I've updated my post with more info.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 18:04pm View
I'm not sure how you are generating the Save dialog in this. If you step through the code, look at where the dialog actually pops up. If it were in this loop statement, you would get one for each file. However, I don't think it is popping up there.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 17:38pm View
I don't see where your code prompts for any box. That might be your problem. If you leave your dialog outside of this foreach loop, it won't be displayed for each file.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 15:51pm View
Look in the JSON data you get back from Facebook. If it isn't there then you aren't requesting it correctly or Facebook isn't allowing it to go through. If it is there, look at the name so you can reference it properly in your code.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 15:05pm View
Well answered. +5
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 12:54pm View
Can you please clarify your question? Right now it is unclear what you are attempting to do or how you are attempting to do it. Are you using SQL replication to replicate data changes to the other servers? Are you using a custom application to try to keep the databases synchronized? What errors are you getting?
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 11:00am View
Your question is unclear. Can you please clarify what you are trying to do and what the problem is? Are you trying to store an image name in the database? If so, what seems to be the issue. You said something about storing a maximum of 20 (20 what?). The imagename field has a varchar(max), which I believe is 8000 characters).
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 10:29am View
We are going to need a lot more to work with before we can begin to answer your question. What exactly are you wanting to do? Is this a website that you want to allow only certain people to download files from? Is this a desktop application to prevent the user from transferring files off the machine? What is your overall goal? What have you tried?
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 10:08am View
This question was already answered over two years ago. You are also not adding anything substantive to the question here. Please do not spam answers like this.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 9:36am View
Why are you posting an answer on a 9-month-old question when the OP already got an answer (didn't mark it but told the person the solution worked)? Your answer isn't any different from that answer except you didn't explain anything.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 9:26am View
I'll put my recommendations here instead of as an answer since I'm not going to directly answer your question - I would recommend that you start with a good foundation in C# before you dive into a problem like this. It looks like you are trying to do complicated logic without understanding the basics that form that logic. That can be very frustrating for you. I know it is difficult to learn before jumping in, but that will make you much happier in the long run.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 9:23am View
Good recommendations.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 9:23am View
Nice job on the pseudo-code.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 9:23am View
Good points.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 9:16am View
Please use the "Improve question" link to add to your question. Please reserve the Solutions section for answers to your question.
Tim Corey 28-Jun-12 8:29am View
You are going to need to explain what you are trying to accomplish, as well as what you believe this code is currently accomplishing. Right now it looks like your linq statement never gets used and you are referencing variables we don't see declared.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 14:40pm View
Here is a link to help you out: I would recommend that you go through some good tutorials on developing in VB.NET before you continue, however. It seems like you would really benefit from a good foundation in the basics. This will help you better understand what to do and it will be less frustrating for you as well.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 13:47pm View
Sorry, I don't have one for you. You are going to need to do your own legwork on this one. The link above gives you full code snippets. Start there and see how far you get.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 13:17pm View
Can you please repost this? Right now you have a duplicate of a previous question. Also, based upon the title of this question, it sounds like you are asking a very broad question that Google could answer quite quickly. Please check there first.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 13:01pm View
You haven't asked a question here. What is the problem? What are you trying to accomplish?
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 12:59pm View
To generate an unknown number of BCC email addresses, simply put the addresses in a list and then do a foreach loop on the list. Inside the loop, create your bcc address and add it to the mail.Bcc collection.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 12:38pm View
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 12:07pm View
You are going to need to step through the code. My guess would be that there is a logic error somewhere in your code.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 12:04pm View
I've updated my solution with a link that shows you how to send sms messages using Tropo. It is in C#, but the conversion should be easy.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 11:54am View
It sounds like your question has been answered. If so, please mark the solution as accepted so that people who come across this question will know it has been solved. Otherwise, they may spend their time trying to help you when you no longer require assistance. Thanks.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 11:50am View
I've updated my solution to show you. Basically, since BCC is a collection, you can just keep adding addresses. In my example, I just reinitialize the bcc variable with a new address and then add that to the oMail.Bcc collection.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 11:35am View
I apologize. I wrote that code quickly and I forgot that BCC is a collection and not a single value. I've updated my answer with working code. I've also included a link to MSDN where it explains BCC.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 9:31am View
One quick note - Console applications and ASP.NET are two different technologies. It isn't a big deal in this instance since that isn't the focus, but it helps with clarity if you correctly specify the type of application you are building.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:57am View
I updated my solution for Windows 7. Changing the Login screen on Windows 7 is easy, but changing the logo isn't as easy. The first forum link, near the bottom of the first page, has some suggestions that seem like they might work. Use at your own risk though.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:49am View
You should be doing validation on the data before you stick it into the database. Otherwise you could end up with serious issues (SQL injection, for example). On your textbox, check to be sure the data is valid before you add that line to the list. For example, check that the length is greater than zero. Also, run a RegEx against the string to be sure it doesn't contain any non-standard characters (whatever you define those as - best would be only letters and number be allowed but that depends on your business rules). That will fix your issue.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:43am View
I can give my general opinion, but some of this comes down to environment. In general, I like to let SQL do what it does best (process data) and I let my application do what it does best (interpret/display/capture data). That means I would probably create one stored procedure on the server that returned one list at a time. I would then probably call it three times. Three calls isn't ideal, but it would allow me to be more flexible in how I operated. My next choice would be the one stored procedure that looped through the items and returned multiple resultsets. As in any situation, though, you need to take your environment into account. Is your SQL server overloaded? If so, maybe you should process the data at the client. Is your front-end a bit slow? Then do all you can on the server before you send the data down. In the end, test, test, test.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:39am View
If you mean "can I still connect to Outlook on the client from ASP.NET", the answer is no, there is no option for that. Even if it were possible, and it isn't as far as I know, that would be an awful design. A web page should not be reliant on things on the users' computers. What would happen if they browsed there using Mac/Linux/Mobile? As far as design alternatives, you need to look at reading the users' email from the server (POP3, Exchange, etc.) instead. This will be feasible and it will be a much better design.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:36am View
Great. I'm glad you figured it out. The only thing left, then is to mark this question as complete so that others know you don't need more help. Thanks.
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:34am View
Nice links. +5
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:33am View
Correct. That was what I was saying. That setting is only for folders you might want to add but don't want to put things into (maybe a logs file that you will fill later with log files but for now is just empty).
Tim Corey 27-Jun-12 8:07am View
There is no question here, just code. Ask a question or remove this question.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 15:50pm View
I'm still not understanding what you mean. What do Photoshop and Word do that you like? Is it that they show a splash screen until they are loaded?
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 15:28pm View
It is difficult to know what you are asking for here. First, what are you designing your system in (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET)? This will change our answer dramatically. Second, what do you want to accomplish that you aren't able to do now? Do you want to show the page and have it be responsive before the panels load? Do you want a "Please wait" message to show until everything is loaded? What is the end goal you are trying to accomplish?
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 13:10pm View
Sorry, I meant that it was a bad assumption on Code Project's part, not yours. This may have been changed since I last looked, but it used to be a problem. In any event, you are right that the use of English is rather poor in the question.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 13:08pm View
Your answer does not really add to the solution and it comes four months after the question was asked.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 13:01pm View
I believe US is the default country when signing up, so if you don't specify a country then you are assumed to be in the US. Bad assumption, really.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 12:59pm View
Still laughing. +5
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 12:58pm View
DateDiff is what you want to use but the link you provided is for Access, not SQL.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 11:50am View
Then this should solve your issue. Modify your CSS and see if it works.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 10:51am View
I read what your post said. However, hostname could mean your local machine or your server. Both have a host name. I cannot tell from your above statement if you meant the hostname of the server or your local machine's hostname. It would make a difference. I have services on my machine that I cannot call using "localhost" but that I can call using my local machine's hostname. In any event, you are going to have to follow the instructions I listed above about debugging your web service locally.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 10:45am View
It depends on if you are talking theory or reality. In theory, the page would be a bit slower because it is doing more. In reality, there is no noticeable difference. In fact, since you are doing validation at the client side, the client will see it as faster since the results happen right away instead of after they hit the submit button. For instance, if they leave a field blank, it can prompt the user as soon as they leave that field. That is seen as "faster" than if the prompt doesn't come until after they are done filling out the form. In the end, perception is reality. The user perceives the site to be faster, therefore it doesn't matter what the metrics say - it is faster.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 10:42am View
It depends on what you mean by "hostname". If you mean that you point back to the web service on the server, that doesn't really help. See my comments above if that is the case. If you mean that you reference your local machine by its hostname and it works, then your problem is solved. Just use that (it is still working locally in this case).
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 10:39am View
At this point, I would recommend loading up the service in Visual Studio, adding a Console app as the "front end" to test it, and stepping through the code to see where the error is.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 10:33am View
Can you please clarify what you are asking for? What do you mean you want to hide and show with "some style view"?
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 8:43am View
I've updated my post based upon this information. I would start by changing out the development server for IIS Express. This is probably your first problem.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 8:42am View
I've updated my post based upon this information. I would start by changing out the development server for IIS Express. This is probably your first problem.
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 8:28am View
You are going to need to walk this through, I cannot since I am not there. Read through my post and follow my questions. First, is Word installed on the server (a must in order to use Interop)? Second, can you browse to the file path (via URL)? Third, are you trapping any errors that you should be exposing?
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 8:07am View
If MSC is doing the shipping, what exactly are you going to do in your site to "track" the container? That would be the job of MSC unless you are going to get all of the data from MSC and then just display it in your site. At that point, it would be up to MSC how they are willing to give you the data. You just need to display it then.
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 14:37pm View
I cannot recommend a philippines-based service because I have never used one. As for the VB.NET code, just find a C# example if they don't have a VB.NET one. The code is very easy to translate. You can even use an online translator to do the work for you.
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 13:37pm View
You are just spamming a paid product. Please stop this.
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 10:27am View
:) Yep, it is easy to do.
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 10:21am View
Simple yet effective. Nice job.
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 10:19am View
That would result in "kcats" but the OP wants "kstac".
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 10:18am View
What have you tried? What is the context of this?
Tim Corey 25-Jun-12 8:52am View
It sounds like you have a bit of a mess here, but we are going to need much more explanation before we can help you. We also need to see the relevant code. What it sounds like is that you are re-using the same grid for multiple purposes (one column with different data in it). However, we cannot be sure of this or of the rest of your implementation. Please clarify this post.
Tim Corey 23-Jun-12 19:00pm View
This is the solution I would recommend. +5
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 21:59pm View
Why are you commenting on a four-year-old question. This is not constructive.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 21:56pm View
Why are you attempting to answer a 2-year-old question now? The technologies, languages, and tools have all changed by now and I'm sure the OP has moved on by now.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 21:45pm View
I agree with Wes. This question is currently meaningless. Please clarify it right away.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 21:38pm View
Nice addition. +5
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 21:36pm View
Good answer. I would definitely recommend a jQuery ajax call so that the refresh isn't a full page refresh.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 10:57am View
I think you are reading this question wrong. The OP asked about a table with a foreign key restraint where the restraint didn't have to be dropped. This indicates that the table is "referenced by a foreign key restraint". The wording wasn't perfect, but I think the meaning was clear.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 9:45am View
Then you are going to choose one of the other options I laid out. Schedule the creation of the Excel document, reduce the amount of data going to Excel, put the export on a more powerful computer, or live with the speed issues.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 9:33am View
I updated my solution with more info about PowerPivot. If you are doing your export with ASP.NET, I think you are going to either need to accept the speed issues or change how you operate. At the very least, I would recommend scheduling the export and then just linking to the Excel file on your site instead of letting your users generate the file on the fly.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 9:02am View
The only other possibility would be if the OP was looking to do localization, where the actual translation work was done and the user just needed to select which language to use.
Tim Corey 22-Jun-12 8:56am View
You posted this question before. Please refrain from reposting the same question. If you want to clarify something, please use the "Improve question" link to do so. Please remove this question.
Tim Corey 21-Jun-12 21:41pm View
Well, I assumed that was the case because the "display name automatically displays", which seemed to indicate an update was happening/needed. An UpdatePanel would work, although I haven't used one in a while, since jQuery is so easy to use and is so powerful. The jQuery ajax is so great.
Tim Corey 21-Jun-12 16:54pm View
I updated my solution based upon this new understanding of how you want to develop your app. This should be the right solution for you now.
Tim Corey 21-Jun-12 16:47pm View
I tweaked my answer slightly to fix the issue with the editor messing up what I was trying to say. Basically, you need to find the image tag inside the string and then get the contents out of that. It will involve some string parsing. You will probably need to use RegEx if you want to be the most efficient about it.