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Vipin Kumar Mallaya G 7-Nov-12 3:26am View    
First of all thank you for responding.
The requirement laid out to me is like that :)

My actual Problem Goes like this
There is an existing application which contacts a remote server in users machine( i cannot make any changes to the existing application).
User requires a tabbed application to contact with multiple server and he should also be able to work with multiple tab simultaneously.
Thus i designed a solution which is similar to chrome. Each tab host the existing child application, which contacts the desired server.
I managed to do it and its working fine too user is quite happy with it. Sole problem is with menus in the child application. Menus are not getting displayed on mouse click for my child application once attached to my application. Keyboard shortcuts are working fine and displaying menu.

Is it the problem with child application or with .net menus ?
Vipin Kumar Mallaya G 7-Nov-12 0:33am View    
Code is added to question
Vipin Kumar Mallaya G 10-Feb-11 22:57pm View    
Dear friend thank you for the suggestion it was very usefull. Is there any way without specifying the parameter name???As function overloading in c++
Vipin Kumar Mallaya G 13-Jan-11 6:42am View    
Hope You used Tables for the placement of images and text if not then it will cause problem
Vipin Kumar Mallaya G 12-Jan-11 13:09pm View    
Dear Friend
When you switch on the pc please think how the os boots and how it works when you click a button
for all those there is a software developer who worked very hard to implement the logic within a set of resource.
So don't tell that developers are of no use.
They are also needed. And management is also needed. All are interdependent.
For a successful project there should be skilled developers and good management without that the project wont be successful and what the end result would be; a very low performing system which will reduce the through put of the organization