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Comments by ely z (Top 21 by date)

ely z 18-Apr-11 5:32am View
i change it
but i have error in my program

The type 'System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElementCollection' has no constructors defined
ely z 9-Apr-11 7:24am View
how do it
p;ese help
ely z 9-Feb-11 4:36am View
my program is 3layer
plz help
ely z 24-Jan-11 3:20am View
i have error again
Error:Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, and new object expressions can be used as a statement
ely z 15-Jan-11 6:54am View
because i have to show a row
these are information about gift and when i present a gift this row delete it
ely z 15-Jan-11 4:03am View
yes i receive sms in web application
these sms store in a table
ely z 15-Jan-11 3:04am View
my program is a windows application but i receive sms in my web page
ely z 10-Jan-11 6:50am View
i don't know how to use suspendbind
please help me
ely z 10-Jan-11 5:28am View
pls guide me and how to use it becuse i not using SuspendBinding method
ely z 10-Jan-11 2:57am View
hi your answer is very good
thanks alot
ely z 9-Jan-11 8:45am View
this.hide is not true
because i have a timer in my project therefor when write hide and show several form are opened.
ely z 9-Jan-11 8:29am View
it's good
thank's alot
ely z 9-Jan-11 3:48am View
i try
but the form nothing to display
ely z 9-Jan-11 3:36am View
the form nothing to display
ely z 9-Jan-11 3:22am View
the code in similar discussion has errors and i do not solve it
ely z 8-Jan-11 9:03am View
ely z 8-Jan-11 7:54am View
ely z 8-Jan-11 6:21am View
it must count from 30 to 0
ely z 8-Jan-11 6:15am View
it must count from 30 to 0
ely z 8-Jan-11 5:09am View
thanks but where add this code
ely z 8-Jan-11 2:55am View
thanks alot