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DeepsMann 7-Aug-13 0:41am View    
Hi Pawel
Thanks for reply.

I switched to database first in that project. Though I will try Code first and this template.
Till now i couldn't understand why it was taking 30-40 seconds.
I came to read everywhere that its too long time.
But why? Is it my WCF services, is it the network, database, IIS or Entity framework.
Because i tried using classic approach of using SQLConnection class and connecting to database. And its performance was much better. So, what is the benefit of using a functionality which lessen the performance of your site?
Please explain.

Sorry for such a long list of questions.
But I am not able to understand.

Thanks, again for your reply.
DeepsMann 14-Mar-13 0:47am View    
Hi Andy,
Thanks for reply.
I tried using a test method. It doesn't take that much time. Now I figured out that the problem was with EF. The views generated were not working.

I was using Code first approach. And I generated views for performance improvement. But there was no change. So, I tried switching to Database first and then i created views. And the time reduced to 10 seconds from 40 seconds.

Then, I tried your 3rd point, and it helped. The time now reduced to 5 seconds. Thanks
DeepsMann 16-May-12 7:04am View    

It didn't solved my problem, but helped me a lot.

Finally what i did is:
Created Registry Key while installing application and saving ProductCode there.
Created another application (app2) just to get registrykey if exists and uninstall application by its ProductCode using msiexec.exe.
Put them all in sfx file and executed the app2 before extraction and the installation continues after extraction.
DeepsMann 13-Apr-12 4:57am View    
Thanks Steve,
Presently what I can use as Backend for my Windows 8 Tablet Metro Apps. ?
DeepsMann 26-Mar-12 6:18am View    
Can i configure ip address of my system from my application???