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Francisco T. Chavez 20-Jul-14 1:05am View    
In that case I would advise you to create a UserControl that uses the selected item as its DataContext. This control would contain your WebBrowser, and you can have it refresh eachtime the DataContext is changed. Then have the refresh button raise an event that tells the control that contains your list to select the next item in the list.

You might even be able to get rid of the visual list, and just have some kind of list or array in the code behind that feeds you one item at a time.
Francisco T. Chavez 19-Jul-14 23:52pm View    
I'm going to assume that by .NET IDE, you mean Visual Studio. I'm sorry Wes, but Visual Studio is an IDE for the .NET Framework. In which case this really depends on which version of Visual Studio you are using. The reason I'm saying this is because some versions of Visual Studio have a quick deploy system (which I would advise against). And, some versions let you create an additional project that builds your installer (it's a bit of a pain to figure out, but works fairly well).

There are also scripting programs like Inno Setup that you can use to create Windows Installers. You might want to have your program compiled first, but who knows, maybe there's a way to compile from the script.
Francisco T. Chavez 16-Jul-14 20:15pm View    
I think you might want to rethink your solution a bit. The CheckBox's IsChecked property should be bound to a property within the item you are templating (your TodoItem instance). This way, you only need to check the value of that property in your item, not the value of each CheckBox. One of the nice things about WPF is the seperation of the data from the UI. This doesn't always work (like in the case of the selected items property), but it does a really good job at it.
Francisco T. Chavez 5-Dec-13 21:44pm View    
What about using a pipe to capture the data from console application? This way you won't have to wait for the console to finish with the temp file.
Francisco T. Chavez 21-Nov-13 23:08pm View    
The only way to make a window app that is accessible from any computer is to host it in a location that is accessible from any computer. At that point, wouldn't it be easier to create an MVC 4 website, and connect the site to the database.
*It would cut down on the need to install the a window app on the computer you are using.
*It would open you up to operating systems that aren't windows based.
*It will allow you to connect the site more directly to the database, which would get rid of the need for creating (or finding) network code for communications between the app and database. Don't get me wrong, the site and database will need a way to communicate with each-other, but there are plenty of well established ways to communication between a website and it's database that anyone can get their hands on for free, the same can't be said about a windows app that talks to a database over a network (the free part).