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sampath1750 31-Oct-17 8:25am View
Hi, I have added same code in button click, but Picture box is visible after complete the button click process.

sampath1750 25-Aug-17 10:14am View
We need to display the result set, so we stored this result set in another table and displaying the result set.
sampath1750 22-Jan-17 21:40pm View
Using foreach (IBug thisBug in bugL), i am able to read all fields, except below value
dynamic this[string FieldName].

How to read dynamic this["Field"] value in foreach loop
sampath1750 5-Jan-17 7:26am View
in insert case it is working fine, but upadte case need to set previously date this case it is not working means need to set previously selected date to textbox.
sampath1750 5-Jan-17 0:54am View
I wrote below code in $(document).ready(function () {
format: "dd/mm/yyyy",
autoclose: true,
todayHighlight: true
but in edit case need to set date.
sampath1750 5-Jan-17 0:53am View

I wrote your code, but i got below error
"Uncaught TypeError: Date is not a constructor"

Thank you
sampath1750 1-Jan-17 11:28am View
If possible Can you help me on checkbox check change event.
Thank you!
sampath1750 1-Jan-17 5:17am View

Thank you for your quick response, it is working .

sampath1750 20-Nov-14 2:30am View
It is not good to install tool in client system na. client also not agreed to install any tools.
sampath1750 29-Sep-14 2:13am View
Thank you for replay, i got the same code in google and implemented in my app.
sampath1750 26-Jun-14 6:37am View
I need the scroll bar in listbox enable case, in chrome browser listbox disable case also scroll bar is showing.
sampath1750 24-Apr-14 2:46am View
My original problem is, if the user deletes the history cookies also deleting, cookies wont delete permanently? is ther any alternate for cookie
sampath1750 24-Apr-14 2:43am View
I entered correct user name and password
sampath1750 24-Apr-14 2:17am View
i applied, but i got below error
Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: Could not create Windows user token from the credentials specified in the config file. Error from the operating system 'Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
sampath1750 24-Apr-14 1:45am View
in which section should i add above line in web.config, i am using forms authentication
sampath1750 23-Apr-14 9:29am View
I need cookies location using code. Test application working, original appication it is showing different
sampath1750 27-Nov-13 3:39am View
i cleared all cookies, but getting same problem
sampath1750 27-Nov-13 1:56am View
It is working in all systems, only one machine it is not workin
sampath1750 29-Sep-13 5:40am View
sampath1750 16-Aug-13 4:38am View
i tried using while loop, but data not coming properly
sampath1750 16-Aug-13 4:36am View
table data only,
in my table only 2 columns.
sampath1750 16-Aug-13 3:44am View
I want the display data like below, now i am giving the numbers.
1 1
2 1
2 2
3 1
3 2
3 3
4 1
4 2
4 3
4 4
5 1
5 2
5 4
7 6
7 7
after 7 then
8 8
9 8
9 9
10 8
i want upto 100
sampath1750 18-Jul-13 14:26pm View
My table is LoanDetails( UserId, MonthId, YearId, LoanAmt, Installment)
using above columns, i want the userId, MonthId, YearId, Previous loan amount and Remaining loan amount, where condition monthid and yearid. Previous Loan amount means Last months pending amount, Remaining loan amount means Loan balance amount
sampath1750 18-Jul-13 12:46pm View
I want Prevoius loan amount and remaining Loan amount using my table data, if i enter MOnthId and YearId
sampath1750 18-Jul-13 12:43pm View
I want the userId, MonthId, YearId, Previous loan amount and Remaining loan amount using MohId and YearId using My table data
sampath1750 11-Jun-13 14:07pm View
Thanks Mike
sampath1750 19-Jul-12 6:03am View
Thanks AlluvialDeposit
My vote also 5
sampath1750 12-Jun-12 7:55am View
But i didnt use Model, button click event only i wrote the textbox code
sampath1750 12-Jun-12 6:25am View
How can i give disabled and enabled property in controller
sampath1750 4-Jun-12 8:46am View
sampath1750 4-Jun-12 7:57am View
In mvc3 we wont add page_load event
sampath1750 26-Apr-12 7:50am View
Thanks Murali
sampath1750 26-Apr-12 7:19am View
Thanks Muralikrishna i have one more problenm.
How to give colspan and rowspan for that table(if one column data is same in 2 rows then i will merge)
sampath1750 23-Apr-12 9:42am View
I got the sollution
sampath1750 23-Apr-12 8:06am View
i saw the links, that links are different for my post
sampath1750 5-Mar-12 2:17am View
Top of the model i wrote [DisplayFormat(ApplyFormatInEditMode = true, DataFormatString = "{0: d}")] but not working
sampath1750 2-Mar-12 4:21am View
In foreach table(Gridview) after clicking edit button go to edit page, in that page i need created_Date textbox date will be dd/MM/YYYY date format
sampath1750 2-Mar-12 0:15am View
i want to display the dd/MM/yyyy date in Textbox in foreach gridview after click edit button
sampath1750 1-Mar-12 1:02am View
Postback is nothing but After clicking image button dropdown list going to selected index zero.
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 23:59pm View
I tried but not working
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 23:55pm View
Hi Syed,My text box code in view

@Html.EditorFor(model => model.created_date)

how can i write like string. string datatype is not accepting in view

i am used this in Foreach loop table edit case.
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 23:50pm View
if i write

@Html.EditorFor(model => Model.created_date..ToShortDateString()) i got below error

Templates can be used only with field access, property access, single-dimension array index, or single-parameter custom indexer expressions.
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 8:32am View
I want to display date in textbox, ur code is not working
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 8:28am View
I want to display date in textbox
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 8:11am View
How can i show short date in textbox
My textbox code is @Html.EditorFor(model => model.created_date)
sampath1750 29-Feb-12 7:10am View
how can i use above code in controller
sampath1750 16-Jan-12 4:31am View
Again it is opening in another window
sampath1750 16-Jan-12 3:59am View
it is opening in another window
sampath1750 13-Dec-11 7:14am View
Is this possoble in gridview
sampath1750 13-Dec-11 7:13am View
No In code
sampath1750 13-Dec-11 5:47am View
Can u give me c# code
sampath1750 24-Nov-11 6:19am View
Crystal report default toolbar(export,print,next,previous.... buttons toolbar)
sampath1750 23-Nov-11 8:26am View
Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 default toolbar
sampath1750 23-Nov-11 8:24am View
I need print,export,previous & next buttons toolbar
sampath1750 5-Sep-11 7:48am View
Can u give me sample project
sampath1750 29-Jun-11 7:42am View
can u send me some links
sampath1750 27-Jun-11 3:31am View
i add same as radtreeview_Itemprepared(object sender, RadTreeViewItemPreparedEventArgs e) but i got one error
error is the type or namespace name RadTreeViewItemPreparedEventArgs could not be found.
sampath1750 27-Jun-11 3:16am View
can u give me one sample for expand and collapse image
sampath1750 27-Jun-11 2:41am View
Is it possible to change the expand image by using dynamic data
sampath1750 13-Jun-11 3:43am View
Thanq for giving replay
sampath1750 13-Jun-11 3:43am View
But here it is not closed.
sampath1750 13-Jun-11 3:31am View
I used that method but it is not hide.
sampath1750 3-Jun-11 3:09am View
Is it possible for javascript or not
sampath1750 28-Apr-11 1:00am View
in my project 20 code columns are there each code column having 4 to 10 issued & received fields are there.
sampath1750 28-Apr-11 0:59am View
Buty i want balance in each code is it possible.
sampath1750 19-Apr-11 1:48am View
U Gave one link na in that link they are explained by using oledb,Is it possible for sql?
sampath1750 19-Apr-11 1:30am View
Thanku Dipalikolhe
sampath1750 19-Apr-11 1:30am View
Thanku walterhevedeich
sampath1750 18-Apr-11 8:40am View
I changed Default app pool to classic the problem is not solved.Means again the error is came
sampath1750 18-Apr-11 5:29am View
I also add mime for aspx is text/html it shows me the html coded section of the file but my code isn't translated at all
sampath1750 23-Mar-11 7:26am View
I changed like this crystalreports -> Design -> Pagesetup -> change the values is it correct or any other sollution.
sampath1750 23-Mar-11 7:22am View
I changed the size & again the problem came
sampath1750 7-Feb-11 0:41am View
sampath1750 2-Feb-11 5:09am View
sampath1750 25-Jan-11 5:40am View
Thanq Sandeep.
sampath1750 25-Jan-11 5:13am View
sorry sandeep actually i dont know javascrpt thats why i asked.
sampath1750 25-Jan-11 0:14am View
I will give one example this is same as ajax cascading bt directly come
1 is Countryddl & 2nd Stateddl If we select country then related states only displayed.
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!Page.IsPostBack)

void GetData()

string command = "select CountryId,CountryName From Country Order by CountryName";
da = new SqlDataAdapter(command, con);
ds = new DataSet();
da.Fill(ds, "Country");
CountryDropDownList.DataSource = ds;
CountryDropDownList.DataValueField = ds.Tables[0].Columns[0].ToString();
CountryDropDownList.DataTextField = ds.Tables[0].Columns[1].ToString();
CountryDropDownList.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("-- Select Category --", "0"));

catch (Exception ce)
MsgLabel.Text = ce.Message;

protected void CountryDropDownList_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
StateDropDownList.Enabled = true;
string command = "select StateId,StateName From State where Countryid="+CountryDropDownList.SelectedValue+ "Order by StateName";
da = new SqlDataAdapter(command, con);
ds = new DataSet();
da.Fill(ds, "State");
StateDropDownList.DataSource = ds;
StateDropDownList.DataValueField = ds.Tables[0].Columns[0].ToString();
StateDropDownList.DataTextField = ds.Tables[0].Columns[1].ToString();
StateDropDownList.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("-- Select Category --", "0"));

catch (Exception ce)
MsgLabel.Text = ce.Message;

sampath1750 25-Jan-11 0:01am View
1st u should write the code for ddldept by using<asp:listitem>---</asp:listitem> or Byusing Dataset then ddldept events will be displayed
sampath1750 19-Jan-11 4:13am View
How can i use above code in Data Grid view