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Pradip R 9-Dec-15 0:23am View
This kind of issue occurred with me as well. So in that case I have added my own loader and shown it to the end user when webpart is being loaded. Your code doesn't have any error but sometimes the behavior is causing the issue. So I would suggest you to have custom loader or place setTimeout in your current loader to check whether it is working or not.
Pradip R 8-Oct-15 2:12am View
Please post your code of saving the list of people in your Web Part.
Pradip R 8-Oct-15 1:47am View
Your question is unclear to understand, please update your question with some snapshot or some code. It would be good to identify your problem for us.
Pradip R 14-May-15 3:04am View
SharePoint 2010 website? and you want to have app working on it? Please clear your question first. SharePoint 2010 doesn't support app model. How you will deploy on it?
Pradip R 1-May-15 6:07am View
Can you post your request code here? What output you are getting when you debug this operation in developer tools?
Pradip R 1-May-15 6:05am View
You might find something with moment.js plugin. It is very good plugin when it comes to date and time. Refer this documentation:
Pradip R 13-Apr-15 3:36am View
Show your code of something you tried, it is just customization of your thumbnail view.
Pradip R 3-Apr-15 1:33am View
I have feeling that you are trying to deploy the feature with no resource in it. Can you elaborate more about your solution, what does it do?
Pradip R 3-Apr-15 1:25am View
Post your HTML snippet of button at the time of rendering (DOM Element). I guess you are not putting the selector in right approach.
Pradip R 12-Mar-15 7:18am View
Are you using Embed code of twitter feeds? If you are using it, then they have not given support for IE 8 or less browser.
Pradip R 12-Mar-15 6:27am View
What do you mean by list box? Can you please elaborate?
Pradip R 12-Mar-15 6:24am View
I think better option is like you give custom group a good naming conventions. So that you can directly identify the difference.
Pradip R 9-Mar-15 1:06am View
Did you check the JavaScript libraries are being referred on the master page? What is the error are you getting on the console of developer tool?
Pradip R 4-Mar-15 1:13am View
As per my understanding, it is not possible to hide content placeholder programatically for particular page. I would suggest you to hide the content instead of deleting.
Pradip R 3-Mar-15 5:08am View
Did you check the service URL you are accessing, does have the access with your credentials?
Pradip R 26-Feb-15 8:10am View
You mean you want to allow only integer values in textbox only?
Pradip R 30-Jan-15 14:33pm View
Do you think without sharing code, we can help you? Better you share some line of codes so that we can identify the exact issue.
Pradip R 21-Jan-15 8:04am View
There might be a need to maintain the position CSS according to your element. For more information about position in CSS, read this article.
Pradip R 20-Jan-15 0:42am View
Yes that can be possible. As an approach you can store first state input values in any variables to check whether the textboxes are filled or not. becuase once you go to second state DOM will be cleared for first state and you will no longer find the object of those textboxes.

Once the second state is submitted you can check those first state textbox's variables values to validate and if they are invalid you can go back to state 1 with the help of ipromptu plugin (as you did in your code) so that you can fill the empty textboxes .
Pradip R 12-Jan-15 23:49pm View
Have done some research on performance optimizations of a website? There are lot of tools available you will find if you search. CodeProject is to share codes & help others in coding. Look at this thread before posting any question. And this link for your reference: Webpage Performance Test for your domain..
Pradip R 12-Jan-15 23:35pm View
Can you post your html snippet, so that we can identify the exact issue.
Pradip R 9-Jan-15 1:30am View
Not new view but new display form. You can create new display form using SharePoint Designer for any particular lists. So when you try to open the list item details, it will be displayed on the from. Refer this link: Create custom list form using SharePoint Designer.
Pradip R 8-Jan-15 8:33am View
Are you using OOTB people search result Web Part? If you post some of your code, will be good to identify the error.
Pradip R 8-Jan-15 8:31am View
Did you check this error code line Skipping the uninstall step because the app for SharePoint is not installed on the server.? Are you sure the Site URL you have given is correct?
Pradip R 8-Jan-15 8:28am View
Did you check this link: Multiple File Upload in MVC
Pradip R 8-Jan-15 8:25am View
I think you should create separate display form for the lookup column list. So when you click on the Employee name, it should redirect to your created display form of an item. In that you can have your custom columns whichever you want.
Pradip R 6-Jan-15 4:48am View
Have you take a look at the API documentation?
Pradip R 6-Jan-15 2:41am View
Here is the great jQuery plugin that you can use to achieve your functionalities. Or else you can send ajax request for each operation and get the according data as per you filters.
Pradip R 6-Jan-15 2:37am View
There is API documentation already given for this. Take a look at it here. There is a property called readOnly, you just need set the value of it as true.
Pradip R 5-Jan-15 6:30am View
As per your question , you are asking you want code for replacing 'and' word with line break. Is this what you want? Or when any user press enter on first textbox it should be reflected with the same enter in output textbox?
Pradip R 5-Jan-15 6:27am View
This kind of error only occurs when you are getting null response and converting it to something. You are operating on that null data so you need to take a look at the response you are getting. I think you need to take a look at the start page on production server and check the server side code with debugging.
Pradip R 30-Dec-14 1:28am View
As per your code document.documentElement.clientHeight will give you the document height automatically, you don't need to get the object of it and find the height of it. Try this var wh = document.documentElement.clientHeight;
Pradip R 26-Dec-14 0:23am View
Never did that, but this link can surely help you.
Pradip R 25-Dec-14 5:43am View
Can you post your code related to Crossqueryinfo object? So that we can try.
Pradip R 25-Dec-14 5:42am View
Have you checked that your Sandboxed service is running? If so, kindly check the performance of the machine. As per my understanding 5 GB RAM is not sufficient to run the SP 2013.
Pradip R 25-Dec-14 5:40am View
Are you expecting that we will do the full coding for you and give you. Google has lot of details available for how to creating a service as per your requirement. Do that first and also Read this article before posting any question.
Pradip R 24-Dec-14 0:27am View
I agree with Kaushal. He wrote the good points. One thing you need to note that if you want to clear any certifications for MCSD of SharePoint, you must give an exam of MVC.
Pradip R 23-Dec-14 0:33am View
Read SPServices jQuery library here.
There lots of samples you will find in it.

Also Read this article before posting any question.
Pradip R 18-Dec-14 2:22am View
Are you adding webpart manually or by packaging you are trying to create page and add webpart into them?
Pradip R 16-Dec-14 9:35am View
If you are able to create web application with current logged in user, you must be able to create site collection into that web application. Make sure you have selected the right web application to create site collection. Is there any root site collection created for that web application?
Pradip R 4-Dec-14 5:41am View
By looking at your code, Client context is not being loaded. Have you loaded it first?
Pradip R 27-Nov-14 2:50am View
Yes you need to find the same for that sub-control and then the iteration, Can you post your rendered HTML so that it will be very easy for me to iterate and help you.
Pradip R 27-Nov-14 2:17am View
Can you elaborate more, I am not getting your question. What do you want exactly?
Pradip R 27-Nov-14 2:15am View
Why don't you update your code blocks with Code block feature. The code block is not readable for me as it is not aligned. Also check this link: How to Ask a good question?
Pradip R 26-Nov-14 9:32am View
I see the question has been updated. Have you tried debugging this click event? Also verify that whether the script has been loaded or not.
Pradip R 26-Nov-14 9:31am View
I see the question has been updated. Have you tried debugging this click event? Also verify that whether the script has been loaded or not.
Pradip R 26-Nov-14 9:26am View
The best SharePoint jQuery library :
You can use this library to get list items from any of the list and you can do any DOM manipulation after that.
Pradip R 26-Nov-14 8:56am View
Do you want to initialize that datepicker control over that textbox, right?
Pradip R 26-Nov-14 8:38am View
When I tried your above code, it gave me Unexpected token error. So I have changed the
"Form title" to "Form title" and it worked for me. Why don't you try that and let me know?
Pradip R 19-Nov-14 6:19am View
Can you post some of your code here?
Pradip R 17-Nov-14 9:32am View
There might be some wrong column name you have used to display. Are you sure you have placed right columns in your GridView?
Pradip R 17-Nov-14 9:30am View
Can you post your rendered HTML? so that I can identify the error.
Pradip R 17-Nov-14 9:25am View
You need to post some of the code so that viewer can identify the issue. Else nobody could figure out.
Pradip R 14-Nov-14 1:01am View
Do you have UpdatePanel in your page?
Pradip R 13-Nov-14 8:38am View
Are you trying to submit when the popup opens?