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Manoj K Bhoir 26-Mar-19 3:51am View
DB Connection String
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Jun-15 2:09am View
Welcome :)
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Apr-15 10:45am View
OMG :o. Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov you deserve my 5 for only understanding that question. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Apr-15 10:30am View
It is very difficult to understand your question. If you want to set default text of label control as “Hello Programmer” then what is the problem? just set “Text” property of label control to “Hello Programmer” , so whenever you will run your application you will see “Hello Programmer”.
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Apr-15 10:26am View
Don't post any comment as solution. Please remove it.
Manoj K Bhoir 31-Mar-15 7:06am View
If you just want to convert number into text then you can use CASE Statement.
Manoj K Bhoir 31-Mar-15 7:05am View
Your question is not clear. Please use Improve Question.
Manoj K Bhoir 30-Mar-15 1:12am View
Create New View in your database in which join those two tables and then bind that view to your Grid View.
Manoj K Bhoir 30-Mar-15 1:06am View
On which line you are getting this exception?
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Mar-15 12:21pm View
Question is not clear. Please use Improve Question and specify what exactly you are doing and where you stuck?
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Mar-15 1:22am View
Where is fval?????
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 9:18am View
Welcome :)
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 9:00am View
It means where ever you are using data reader object you are getting Invalid Index Exception.
Please try to debug your code and ensure that your sql query returns proper result.
Also ensure that, column name you are using in dr[“ColumnName”] are proper.
Try to set quick watch while debugging on dr object.
Also if error still exist try using index instead of column name like dr[0];, dr[1];
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 8:43am View
On which line you are getting this exception?
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 7:28am View
My 5 ! :P
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 7:09am View
Welcome. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 6:42am View
Yes you can use Session or you can validate your secrete key on same page and if validation is successful then redirect to download page. Also if you are storing your file into the database in byte() format replace Response.WriteFile(Dfile.FullName); this line with
Response.BinaryWrite(bytes); to download file where byte is the array of file contents.
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 5:23am View
Sorry, but without full code i can not identify your issue.
I am quite sure there must be something wrong in your code.
Now you tell me how can i help you? :)
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 5:19am View
Yep Same .Net 4 :) But its not Framework Issue.
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 1:57am View
Please try to debug your code because above sample code is working properly.
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 1:54am View
Here is my steps:
- Right click on grey area in the report
- Select 'Design - Printer Setup'
from here you can change the orientation for the page.
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Mar-15 1:37am View
Thank you Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov :)
Manoj K Bhoir 12-May-14 1:24am View
Can you tell me the exact line on which you are getting the error?
Manoj K Bhoir 15-Oct-13 1:14am View
For Auto Increment you have to store your number from Textbox field to your database so that next time you can fetch the max of number stored in your database and simply add 1 in it. I think this is the simplest way to solve your problem.
Manoj K Bhoir 10-Oct-13 1:42am View
Please check updated code.
This code simply check in each Row of DataGridView of your specified column
whether data is present or not. If data is not present in your DataGridView _mFlag value will be False so you can insert record in DataGridView otherwise update the same record.
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Oct-13 1:39am View
So check Record in your DataGridView. See below sample code :
Dim _mFlag as Boolean = False
For Each _mColumn As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows
If _mColumn.Cells(0).Value = txtKodeitem.Text() Then
_mFlag = True
_mFlag = False
End If
If _mFlag = False Then
'Save Your Data into Table
'Update Reocrd
End If
Just Change Column Index instead of 0 in _mColumn.Cells(0) with your column index in which you want to check value exist or not.
Manoj K Bhoir 8-Oct-13 1:07am View
In your question you said that if date is 05/10/2013 then you want 04/11/2013
Difference between 05/11/2013 and 04/11/2013 is 30 Days
and now you are saying if date is 01/09/2013 then you want 31/10/2013
Difference between 01/09/2013 and 30/10/2013 is 60 Days.
For your expected Result you have to add 2 Months instead of 1 in your query.
You just have to Check for what date which result you want. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Oct-13 12:03pm View
Post a comment for further help, don't post solutions.
Also don't forget to Rate 5 if my Solution is helpful to you. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Oct-13 9:39am View
Don't Post Duplicate (Double :)) Questions Here. I think same question is already asked here :
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Oct-13 9:35am View
Don't make any DataGrid, it's already made by Microsoft :)
You just have to check Whether Value you are inserting into the Database is already Present or Not on your btnSave Button before Saving the Record. If record is already present then just Update the record otherwise insert the same record. Now to check record exist or not you have to execute some queries on your Database and I hope you have the basic knowledge of Database otherwise Google is your friend.
Best Of Luck :)
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Oct-13 8:18am View
For more info refer my updated answer. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Oct-13 8:14am View
Just add this below line on Button2 to Rest your ReportViewer befor Loading other Report.
Manoj K Bhoir 27-Sep-13 1:09am View
Debug and check value of strselectedEmpID also use Try Catch Block While Executing the Query to handle Exceptions.
Manoj K Bhoir 18-Sep-13 9:39am View
Why you are not considering Seconds and milliseconds i.e. (HH:MM:ss tt) instead of HH:MM.
I think you should use 10:00:00 00 instead of 10:00. It will Solve your Problem. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Sep-13 1:59am View
Perfect Answer.... My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 24-May-13 2:32am View
Just Use [Your Application Name].Properties.Resources.[ResourceName]
Manoj K Bhoir 31-Oct-12 3:10am View
Don't Forget to Hit 5 :)
Manoj K Bhoir 31-Oct-12 3:07am View
In Your Above Procedure It Requires Only One Parameter @UserId and Your Are Not Passed this Parameter From Your C# Code. Just Write Following Code below
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@UserId", bobj.UserId));
Manoj K Bhoir 23-Oct-12 0:48am View
If Your Class Contains Any Method Or Function to Refresh the Service then Create a Thread and Call this Service in that Thread! If you are Asking anything else then please explain what exact you want.
Manoj K Bhoir 23-Oct-12 0:41am View
So Can You Explain Me What Exact You Want????
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 8:17am View
Thanks Mits Machhi :)
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 7:46am View
Please Provide More Information in your Question. What type Of Service you are asking For? Android Built-In Services or Anything Else????
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 7:32am View
Your Query is Correct Only Check That if DataType of H_id is Not Numeric or int then Write Query like this :
string querystring = "Select H_FileContent From UploadProcess where H_id='46'"; It Will Work.
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 4:34am View
It's Simple :

SELECT ColumnName FROM TableName Where ColumnName = 'Enter Your Value'
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 4:20am View
Then Modify Your SQL Query as per Your Requirement. Insert Where Clause in Query Which Will Return Exact Column Value.
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 3:38am View
Use GetValue Property Of DataReader Insted Of Item Because Item Property Work in VB.NET Check Above Updated Code. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 22-Oct-12 3:29am View
Can You Tell Me What Error You Are Getting?
Manoj K Bhoir 30-Sep-12 23:54pm View
So Do One thing. Before Calling this Method Just Close the Data Base Connection If it is Open. I hope you know how to do this. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 31-Jul-12 23:54pm View
Thanks! :)
Manoj K Bhoir 28-May-12 1:54am View
My 5! to Prasad!
Manoj K Bhoir 28-May-12 1:52am View
More Information is required...
Manoj K Bhoir 25-May-12 5:32am View
Which type of Speech library you want & for what purpose?More Information is required.
Manoj K Bhoir 22-May-12 0:26am View
In Your Above Code Where is the Code to Delete Record?
Manoj K Bhoir 17-May-12 4:44am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 5-May-12 5:18am View
MY 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 23:59pm View
Thanks losmac!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 23:59pm View
Thank You VJ Reddy!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 23:58pm View
Thank You Prasad!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 23:57pm View
Thanks losmac!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 23:56pm View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 8:37am View
Small and Correct, My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 3:10am View
Verify That All Columns Refered in DataReader Object are exist in Table and The Names Of Columns In DataBase and Name Passed In DataReader Object Must Be Same!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-May-12 1:48am View
I agree with SAKryukov.
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Apr-12 0:08am View
Just Write Following Code :

Manoj K Bhoir 2-Apr-12 0:23am View
It's easy.Whatever Icon File You want to Set for Your Application follow these steps:
Right Click On Prject Solution-Goto Properties-In Application Tab Browse the Icon which you want to set for your application.After that Build your Application.:)
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Mar-12 3:00am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Feb-12 7:51am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Feb-12 7:49am View
I agree with Christian...
Manoj K Bhoir 25-Dec-11 5:37am View
Please provide more details about your problem.
Manoj K Bhoir 16-Dec-11 6:59am View
Please check above link it include how to send file from one pc to another using Lan on basis of IP address.
Manoj K Bhoir 16-Dec-11 6:57am View
Thanks :)
Manoj K Bhoir 12-Dec-11 8:22am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 9:37am View
You have to learn the Basic of Object Oriented Programming.
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 1:50am View
Thank You Monjurul !
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 1:47am View
Thank You Monjurul!
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 1:46am View
Thank You Abhinav!
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 1:04am View
Thanks SAKryukov for Suggestion and your 5! :)
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:57am View
See this :

RichTextBox1.Font = New Font(RichTextBox1.Font.FontFamily, RichTextBox1.Font.Size + 1, RichTextBox1.Font.Style)
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:55am View
My 5! Because i agree with above explaination.
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:54am View
Thank You SAKryukov! :)
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:50am View
Yah thats why My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:48am View
Thank You Abhinav!
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:47am View
Thank You RaviRanjankr!
Manoj K Bhoir 11-Dec-11 0:43am View
I agree!My 5 :)
Manoj K Bhoir 10-Dec-11 8:34am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 10-Dec-11 2:05am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Dec-11 1:34am View
Best Comment for above Question :) My 5+
Manoj K Bhoir 9-Dec-11 1:30am View
Fantastic Explanation! My 5+
Manoj K Bhoir 8-Dec-11 12:24pm View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 8-Dec-11 2:48am View
Thank You!
Manoj K Bhoir 8-Dec-11 2:48am View
Thank You!
Manoj K Bhoir 8-Dec-11 2:47am View
Drag OpenFileDialogBox in your Application from ToolBox then write following code on your Browse Button :

If OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
Dim SelectedFile As String = OpenFileDialog1.SafeFileName
End If
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 2:36am View
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 2:26am View
I tried this on my computer and it's working fine.I tried this on VS2008 Remove reference of microsoft.forms.core and then try.
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 2:24am View
So i think both Dll's are conficts each other thats why you are getting this error.
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 2:17am View
and also this is not a second field.This is first field in which you are passing the value which will pass in the actual query at the time of query execution.
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 2:14am View
Second field name is the same value you mentioned above as @FieldName ex :
objCommand.CommandText = "Insert into TableName (Name) Values(@Name)"
objCommand.SelectCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Name", i)
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 2:03am View
Which Connection?
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Dec-11 1:46am View
Excellent answer!My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 6-Dec-11 0:36am View
Please provide your code which you used to insert Data!
Manoj K Bhoir 5-Dec-11 23:35pm View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 5-Dec-11 9:42am View
Agree, My 5.
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Dec-11 23:39pm View
You want to insert 1,2,3,4,5 in same column or different columns?
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Dec-11 23:34pm View
Please provide code where the actual error comes.
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Dec-11 11:55am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Dec-11 11:22am View
Thanks RaviRanjankr!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Dec-11 11:18am View
See updated Solution!
Manoj K Bhoir 4-Dec-11 10:35am View
Which software you are using to unzip file?Try Winrar and Extract File Contents by right clicking on it.
Manoj K Bhoir 3-Dec-11 6:53am View
Thank You Deeksha!Now the Download-Link Problem Solved.
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 10:52am View
Yes!I don't know why but it show cirtification error.If you try more than two or three times then it works.I will solve this problem as early as possible.
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 10:12am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 2:51am View
Scubapro this is not copycatting.If OP is not satisfy with your answer then try to imporove your answer.If you are not doing that and other one is doing then is it copycatting????
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 1:41am View
You want to add values manually or from DataBase?
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 1:29am View
Please post what error you are getting?
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 1:28am View
You have to retrive Max no present in database after that increment it by one or if DataBase is empty assign it 1.
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 1:17am View
Before above code add one line dr.Close().This error comes if Data Reader Object already in used and not Closed Properly.
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 0:47am View
SAKryukov your code is right but the problem is that it show index when cell gets selected but op want that index should be display when row gets i wrong?
Manoj K Bhoir 2-Dec-11 0:20am View
Edited to highlight your problem!
Manoj K Bhoir 1-Dec-11 23:58pm View
It's very simple.If you don't no how to do it.You must have to learn some basic concepts of Asp.Net i.e Loop.
Manoj K Bhoir 1-Dec-11 23:53pm View
Ok SAKryukov
Manoj K Bhoir 1-Dec-11 11:44am View
Ok Marcus Kramer! and Thanks
Manoj K Bhoir 1-Dec-11 11:37am View
My 5!
Manoj K Bhoir 1-Dec-11 9:49am View
If you know how to make your application Default editor through registry then do it through code or provide registry key which are required to change i will give you the code.
Manoj K Bhoir 1-Dec-11 1:29am View
5+ SAKryukov
Manoj K Bhoir 30-Nov-11 23:55pm View
It means you want to save checked radiobutton value into sql databaseam i correct?
Manoj K Bhoir 30-Nov-11 23:52pm View
Please provide more information about your problem.
Manoj K Bhoir 30-Nov-11 5:37am View
It's quite complicated! but i will try for you.
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 11:03am View
can you give me the link of cisco packet tracer control image?
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 11:00am View
can you give me the link of cisco packet tracer control image?
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 8:42am View
Edited for formatting!
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 8:10am View
Check Updated dolution!
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 7:25am View
Thanks RaisKazi!
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 1:35am View
There is no property in DataGridView like AutoGenerateDeleteButton.Please check this.
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 1:24am View
Which class you are using?Please provide some code.
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 0:45am View
I agree with AKryukov!Hence 5P's
Manoj K Bhoir 29-Nov-11 0:32am View
Please check out the updated solution!
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Nov-11 12:03pm View
Please provide some code snipets which will help us to understand how you are importing data from excel.
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Nov-11 11:39am View
5 points
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Nov-11 11:05am View
5 Points :)
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Nov-11 10:47am View
5 points SAKryukov. :)
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Nov-11 1:18am View
Threre is no property in MsAccess like allow null for columns.
Manoj K Bhoir 28-Nov-11 1:12am View
Edited to add <pre> tag.
Manoj K Bhoir 27-Nov-11 23:32pm View
I completely disagree with SAKryukov.and for your kind information this is not a fake code.I only publish the code to rounded the sharp corners of the usercontrol and it works fine.If some one want to design rounded control then it is very usfull by altering and adding sum code and functionalities.
Manoj K Bhoir 27-Nov-11 11:33am View
Try updated solution.I hope it will help you.
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 11:16am View
Thanx SAKryukov.
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 11:03am View
I think in .bat file you refer name of .msi file to uninstall. You can use Product code insted of .msi reference.and you find the product code into the properties of deployment project. Example : @Echo Off
C:\WINDOWS\system32\MsiExec.exe /Package {5CC2C972-3912-496F-8FCD-13B92B9130E0} /qf
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 10:42am View
You can uninstall your application through System Control Panel.Or
you can create .bat file to uninstall application.
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 10:01am View
I tested my code and it is working fine.This error comes because your DataGridView is bound with DataBase.So if you add values it affects DataBase thats why it will give you error.You have to add row into DataBase then it will automatically display into GridView.
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 9:42am View
I think Path is not required because all resources are added into the .exe while building the project.
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 9:40am View
Check out the updated solution!
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 9:10am View
I don't think so!
Manoj K Bhoir 26-Nov-11 1:50am View
Please provide more details about your problem.
Manoj K Bhoir 25-Nov-11 10:16am View
Manoj K Bhoir 25-Nov-11 9:49am View
Can you tell me on which line error comes>
Manoj K Bhoir 25-Nov-11 8:23am View
Color.FromArgb() is the custome color used for the Control.In that i passed two parameters.
_opacity : To set Transparancy of the Control.
_backColor : Set Background Color of Control.
ClientRectangle : It is the Property which returns Rectangle to represent Client Area of the Control.
Manoj K Bhoir 24-Nov-11 23:30pm View
Why you want query? You can add column using DataBase design view.
Manoj K Bhoir 24-Nov-11 9:13am View
You have to Use a NameSpace System.Diagnostics.Process
and then Just write one line of code :
Manoj K Bhoir 23-Nov-11 6:41am View
Thanks! :)
Manoj K Bhoir 21-Nov-11 9:50am View
I am providing another Code which is working properly.I hope it will solve your problem.
Manoj K Bhoir 21-Nov-11 9:31am View
Don't Use [] because it is used in C#, In Vb.Net you have to used () insted of [].
Manoj K Bhoir 20-Nov-11 10:44am View
Yes Friend!ADO.Netdoes all the things which can be done by DataBAse Wizard
as well as it also provides aditional functionalities.
Manoj K Bhoir 20-Nov-11 10:06am View
Why you r hiding first form? In above question it is mentioned that both form should be visible but Second Form should be Focused.
Manoj K Bhoir 17-Nov-11 0:36am View
Best Answer!
Manoj K Bhoir 7-Nov-11 6:06am View
Thanx for your help.but if i hide folder using above code it is still accessible by cmd.