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woopsydoozy 9-Oct-14 17:34pm View    
Do you have a generic? Look at my TestContract object--that gives you all you need to reproduce. Copy/paste that to new class (I've got mine in a separate project holding all my data models, not sure if that matters). Create web service. Copy/paste method above into new service. Finally create a client consumer project and try to add a web reference to the web project.
woopsydoozy 9-Oct-14 9:30am View    
Thanks, but this does not answer my question. I know how to create a web reference, and I am doing so successfully except in the case where I have nullable property AND a generic type in my contract. The problem is not in the WSDL, as the only difference between a WSDL created when the property is nullable and when the property is not nullable is the attribute nillable="true" on that element. Appears instead to be a bug in MS's proxy generation. Interesting, though--the last response in your next to last link ( shows that someone else encountered the same issue I have. Still looking for a solution.
woopsydoozy 9-Oct-14 9:16am View    
int? is just a shortcut for Nullable<int>
woopsydoozy 19-Dec-13 10:15am View    
What you've got works fine for me--are you sure you're not missing a namespace on the parent element or something? Maybe provide a sample XML. I would recommend getting rid of the "contains" unless it's really necessary: //hardwarestore_423x63[@jcr:mimeType='tiff' and @jcr:uuid='2e82b0df559f' and @jcr:lastModified='2011-12-20T15:57:21.905-08:00']
woopsydoozy 4-Dec-13 10:27am View    
Above comments are right--XSLT is not simplest way to go on this, and only makes sense if you're doing it as a part of an existing transform. And what output are you looking for? Every permutation? If so, sounds like a homework exercise ... though if someone's asking you to do this in XSLT for an assignment, they're torturing you.