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andywawa 13-Jul-11 4:20am View    
Hi John,
thanks for your answer. To write a custom Event is one thing, but what fires the Event actually? Let's say I've got 15 TextBoxes on each TabPage. You surely don't mean, that I should implement my Event on every TextBox TextChanged-Event?
andywawa 25-May-11 5:27am View    
Hello SA, hello Alan,
thanks for your answers. Hmm, it's pretty complicated. After reviewing all your links, documentations etc. the picture is still not much as clear as I hoped. I wish I could have from you (if it were possible) a following manual:
1. design decision: a form, a button, some methods on it should run in "classical" top-down manner, but NOT as a single thread (form freezes...) and wating for each other to be complited.
2. what to use: background worker or ansynchronous method (pros and cons?)
3. simple working example
4. that would be (from my point of view) a perfect manual. For a beginner it's hard enough. :-)
andywawa 24-May-11 9:51am View    
Hi Alan,
thanks for your answer. I've already tried to solve my problem using BackgroundWorker, but it will not work with the completion event.
Unfortunately your solution doesn't work either. I suppose I place the next action (in my case the method no. 3 under the button after copying) in "finally" block. There is also a method 4 as well and the program tries to start with the method 4 immidiately and crashes, for copying must be finished befor the method 4 can start...
andywawa 24-May-11 2:55am View    
can you help any further? I'd stucked..
Best regards
andywawa 23-May-11 5:12am View    
Hi, thanks for your answer and working example. That explains a lot (I'm still reading your code, some things are new to me..). Anyway: I still don't know how to put other methods together and make them work top-down? My goal: every single step should wait for complition of the previous one (copying, installing, executing some scripts, copying, install other routine etc.). At every single step I want to show the progress bar stating the app-progress. How to make the single-methods wait "for each other"? As I said: it's essential that one method waits for another one to be finished for there is no point trying to ínstall before some files needed for the installation are not copied yet etc. How to put the single steps together ( a Queue or something)? Thanks for any hints.