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Comments by Rajni from delhi (Top 33 by date)

Rajni from delhi 29-Oct-15 3:14am View
still not ..getting the height $('#MainDiv').height()); = 0 ..dn't know why it's not giving when using doc.ready
Rajni from delhi 28-Oct-15 7:41am View
yah.. fine for me
Rajni from delhi 28-Oct-15 7:36am View
No.... undefined is my code Looks like
<div class="border_box" ng-style="getHeight('#MainDiv')"></div>
<div id="MainDiv">
<div id="ObjAccordian" ng-repeat="guide in GuideDetails" init="refresh();">
---my code

$scope.getHeight = function (selector) {
var element = $(selector); //You will prolly need to get the first item

return "height:" + element.offsetHeight + ";"; //undefined is coming
Rajni from delhi 28-Oct-15 6:42am View
I want to get the height of Maindiv which dynamically set according to the Ng-repeat element counts. and then set that height to Borderbox div.
you do the reverse of it.I am not able to get the height of Maindiv which is coming 0px.
Rajni from delhi 9-May-14 6:11am View
ok .. so can u please provide me the regular expression to check just special characters .
allowed characters are @,#,$,%,(,),- and _
Rajni from delhi 26-Apr-14 8:49am View
<img src="../Resources/Images/CSO/gsk_CSO_12.png" width="32" height="82" önclick="ShowDivOverlay('Register');" />

<asp:TextBox ID="txtEmailAdd" CssClass="txtbx" runat="server" Width="300px" >
<ajax:TextBoxWatermarkExtender ID="TWEEmailWatermark" BehaviorID="EmailWatermark" runat="server" TargetControlID="txtEmailAdd" WatermarkText="Enter your email" WatermarkCssClass="txtbx">

Onclose dv
function CloseOverlayDialog(which) {
$find('EmailWatermark')._watermarkText = "Rajni";
but it's not happening at my end
Rajni from delhi 16-Apr-14 5:16am View
nothing is data it's retriving
Rajni from delhi 5-Nov-13 0:37am View
thanx... for the info.
Rajni from delhi 22-Oct-13 2:55am View
after opening ..what i need to click's just showing me an image in middle and buttons on top .. well, i able to slide/overlay my div from right to left but i need to fade my back visible page
Rajni from delhi 22-Oct-13 1:46am View
do i need to login into this?
Rajni from delhi 16-Sep-13 7:55am View
My design is like this
<telerik:radgrid id="rgPoolType" width="99%" autogeneratecolumns="false">
<mastertableview allownaturalsort="true" datakeynames="ID" "="">
<telerik:GridTableView DataKeyNames="ID" runat="server">
<telerik:gridtemplatecolumn headertext="Pool Name" sortexpression="Name" uniquename="PoolName">
Rajni from delhi 17-Jan-13 6:55am View
Canvas.vsDoc.Canvas2dContext = {

fillStyle: "#FF0000",
fillRect: function (x, y, width, height) {
// Canvas.vsDoc.Canvas2dContext.fillRect(10, 10, 150, 75)
x = 10;
y = 10;
width = 150;
height = 75;


Canvas.vsDoc.VSDocCanvasElement = document.getElementById("myCanvas");
Canvas.vsDoc.VSDocCanvasElement.getContext = function (twod) {
twod = '2d';
return Canvas.vsDoc.Canvas2dContext;
Canvas.vsDoc.VSDocCanvasElement.width =200;
Canvas.vsDoc.VSDocCanvasElement.height =100;
Canvas.vsDoc.VSDocCanvasElement.toDataUrl = function (type, args) {

return "";
what's the issue with this?
Rajni from delhi 17-Jan-13 5:51am View
I have added the Canvas js but still not getting the Canvas fill rectangle?I dn't know what other i need to do in there any other js I need to add ?
Rajni from delhi 8-Jan-13 0:27am View
I want a filter like - to extract node which is having an attribute id. so
only this below node should come.As other area nodes doesn't have an id attribute.
<area id="1"></area>
Rajni from delhi 7-Apr-11 10:18am View
having 2 itemtemplate too.Now,I also want to have this value on above called LinkClicked function?How do i achieve this?
Rajni from delhi 31-Mar-11 11:31am View
How I pass the value on ONClientClick?it shows me.. it's null or n't an object
Rajni from delhi 31-Mar-11 11:30am View
yah.. i know this .. act. i tried


what should i right on Right hand Side..
Rajni from delhi 1-Mar-11 0:05am View
when m setting the property of table NoRows,it's also n't firing.
Rajni from delhi 28-Feb-11 22:54pm View
i can't use that.i have to do this in .Rdlc desgin page.if table has data,then m showing only selected rows who's having Fields!CPEType.Value = "C" that i aplies to table row hidden,i want to assign table No rows poperty in any expression,how can i do this ?
Rajni from delhi 28-Feb-11 22:36pm View
act.. when i wrote Report or RDLC ,IT's show me the error of revise tag.
Rajni from delhi 28-Feb-11 10:06am View
Sql server is using.Can i assign String constant of "No Records Found" in the table NoRows property in any textbox Expression by Conditionally counting the No of rows of Fields!CPEType.Value = "C".
Rajni from delhi 18-Feb-11 5:35am View
i tried .. but still stuck into the same thing..even,m also n't finding the solution.
Rajni from delhi 18-Feb-11 4:32am View
i already tried that.plz help me, might be associativity creating the problem
Rajni from delhi 17-Feb-11 22:54pm View
link on a webpage,on click on that link,m opening a new page by calling a javascript function showModalDialog.but scrolling with the mouse is n't working when scrolling is visible on that page.
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 5:50am View
it's a problem of nested iif.Is Nothing is ok . how can i write in another way ..plz help
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 4:21am View
Act.,my values contain the double value like upper syntax is correct.only in case of null value,that #ERROR Poblem comes
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 2:12am View
ok.. m snding u the expression which m using ....
=IIF(Fields!NonTechHours.Value is Nothing ,"Raj",(IIF(Right(Fields!NonTechHours.Value,InStr(Fields!NonTechHours.Value,"."))>0,Fields!NonTechHours.Value,Left(Fields!NonTechHours.Value,InStr(Fields!NonTechHours.Value,".")-1))))
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 1:48am View
but when i do like that,it's says 'Please Revise your tag'
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 1:09am View
sorry,Act. m new to this code Project site.wht's tag should i use for it?how can i achieve the solution of my problem?
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 0:37am View
Not able to achieve,still getting #ERROR
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 0:35am View
Not Getting.wht should i do to achieve this ?
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 0:27am View
?? operator is not in RDLC
Rajni from delhi 16-Feb-11 0:14am View
No,It's N't working in this way