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Comments by sunil mali (Top 106 by date)

sunil mali 22-Jun-18 8:28am View    
Wow.. Thank you so much, You are a true star, Can you please help me with some link where i can learn pivotes in deep.
sunil mali 17-May-18 5:44am View    
I need help badly as i am getting this type of request again and again and i am failing badly.
sunil mali 17-May-18 5:41am View    
If you have a look at my output table you will understand what i am trying to say.
I cannot execute logic as per your suggestion as it would end up creating lakh of columns.
sunil mali 17-May-18 5:39am View    
Let me explain you the logic in detail.
1. One account can have multiple gst numbers.
2. GST number tagged against Account1 will not be there for Account2

As per your suggestion you want me to create columns based on GST Numbers, so if there are 100000 gst numbers, i have to create 100000 gst columns.
I don't want that,
WHat i want is if Acount1 has 3 gst numbers then data will come only in column1, column2 & column3
If Account2 has 2 gst numbers then data will come only in Column1 & Column2
If Account3 has only 1 gst number then data will come in only column1.
if Account4 has 10gst numbers then output table should have column1...column10
and each column should have different gst numbers.
sunil mali 2-May-18 9:07am View    
Hi Rajat,
Thank you so much for the explaination,
But there was problem in my explaination of the question i have updated the question, can you please look back and get back to me.