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Comments by Adam Zgagacz (Top 66 by date)

Adam Zgagacz 27-Mar-15 13:48pm View
I was wrong. This solution should work in Windows 7/8
Adam Zgagacz 25-Mar-15 9:21am View
Set the breakpoint in fist line of OnPaint. You should see how often it is called.
Adam Zgagacz 25-Mar-15 9:19am View
Hmm... I dont see any OnPaint override in code in your comment. Are you sure you added it?

protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e)

//Add your painting code here
paint(this, e);
Adam Zgagacz 24-Mar-15 12:30pm View
Can you elaborate more what is not working? Code you provided looks OK.
Adam Zgagacz 15-Dec-14 9:16am View
You have to show us how do you convert resume to binary format before saving.
Adam Zgagacz 17-Sep-14 11:50am View
Additionally, if computer is sleeping, there is not much to write abut into log. Your service is sleeping as well and nothing is really happening.
Adam Zgagacz 11-Aug-14 16:58pm View
looks like error is coming from:
new FileSecurity(path, System.Security.AccessControl.AccessControlSections.All);

when you are executing it file does not exist yet.
Adam Zgagacz 3-Jun-14 12:30pm View
What is location of the files on the hard drive? Perhaps if you publish piece of code it would help? Waht method gives access denied?
Adam Zgagacz 14-May-14 14:08pm View
If this is the case you have to convert Emgu.CV.Image to the System.Drawing.Image and then assign is to the Picture box.

See this:

Adam Zgagacz 14-May-14 11:36am View
I'm not sure if I understand what do you mean by "imageBox". Can you explain?
Adam Zgagacz 29-Jan-14 11:31am View
Can you be more specific? Pixel as most people understand it is a dot/point. I dont see what could be an angle in this case. How do you define an angel beteen two pixels?
Adam Zgagacz 6-Jan-14 15:30pm View
Perhaps you shous post the new question with most current code and sample of the file you are attempting to read.
Adam Zgagacz 6-Jan-14 15:02pm View
Btw, you should take your post out of unanswered questions. Othwerwise peple will be hitting your post while you already know the answer.
Adam Zgagacz 6-Jan-14 14:33pm View
1) Before doing conversion you should check if line is at least 13 characters long.
2) Instead of ConvertToInt64 I would rather recommend to use long.TryParse(). With it you can handle cases when substring contains invalid characters.
Adam Zgagacz 6-Jan-14 14:18pm View
Nice solution. Congratulations!
Adam Zgagacz 6-Jan-14 14:10pm View
Now I understand. This is tough with .NET build-in tab control. However there are several tab controls you can find in CP. Below are just two examles (there are more). You can download one of them you like most and extend functionality to support your need.
Adam Zgagacz 1-Jan-14 15:03pm View
It should work without a problem. Please show us the code. Perhaps problem is somewhere else.
Adam Zgagacz 31-Dec-13 20:10pm View
Are arrays, strict requirement? Problem is that when reading from file you will not know size of arrays at the start of reading, and arrays are not meant to be re-sized.
If you switch to lists instead of arrays it would be much easier.
Adam Zgagacz 31-Dec-13 18:21pm View
Do you have any code to share with us? What did you do so far? Where are you stuck?
Adam Zgagacz 30-Dec-13 9:12am View
Well, if you really need to store binary data in Excel (it's a little bit abusing of Excel. Excel wasn't created for binary data storage) you need to:
1. Convert binary data to text (you are already doing it by base-64 encoding)
2. Split text into smaller chunks and store each piece in separate cell. This way one image would be stored in several cells.

Adam Zgagacz 29-Dec-13 20:25pm View
There are several CP articles about the subject. Perhaps you can start from there:
Adam Zgagacz 25-Dec-13 19:01pm View
SA comment/solution is valid. It doesn't really matter if it is float, double or decimal. All have limited number of significant digits. You cannot achieve very big precision with them.
Adam Zgagacz 22-Dec-13 7:18am View
I'm glad I could help.
Adam Zgagacz 20-Dec-13 9:41am View
Are sure you want to do it? It is not good design practice for GUI (at least for 99.99% of cases).
Adam Zgagacz 20-Dec-13 7:11am View
Can you please explain a little bit more what you want to achieve. I have problem to understand what your question is about. Do you have any code to show us?
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 15:23pm View
You can treat Excel as database and access data via Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB

Using SQL as suggested by bowlturner might improve performance.
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 14:49pm View
It must be a better way. How your lists are populated first place?
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 14:23pm View
Your book probably came with CD and/or perhaps it has reference to the web site where should install examples from. If you have CD you should install whatever it contains, I'm sure it will install samples to the proper folder.
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 14:10pm View
This might be good idea.

gettgotcha, you really should re-think your solution from scratch. It must be better way than comparing huge number of list elements.
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 13:44pm View
Textvalue.Replace(",", " ") be sufficient?
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 13:31pm View
Maybe you should rethink your solution. If both list you are comparing would contain same object instances for identical values, you would need to compare only objects, not every member in each object. It would be much faster.

Perhaps you should look at how your lists are created and populated.
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 13:20pm View
Understood. BTW, comparing 200 list elemente will not take any significant amout of time.
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 13:03pm View
Post your code, please
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 11:21am View
One more thougt:
In case you didnt see it, check it out:

Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 11:16am View
I was advising to run /K option from Windows Start/Run (just as a part of testing):

cmd /K "\\\r10\SilentInstall\Tools\PsExec.exe netstat"

When run programatically will stuck becuase CMD window will not close. But when you run it manually maybe you can figure it out what's happening.
Adam Zgagacz 19-Dec-13 9:36am View
This is strange. I've tested your code with "dir" command not with "PsExec.exe" so it's not the same.

Did you try to run from command line:
\\\r10\SilentInstall\Tools\PsExec.exe netstat

did it produce any output?

Also you can try from Windows start/run:
cmd /K "\\\r10\SilentInstall\Tools\PsExec.exe netstat"

/K option will keep command line window open. Do you see any result when running this way?

Adam Zgagacz 16-Dec-13 16:08pm View
So first split using ','. You will have 2 elements one 'firstName lastName' and another one "(position)". Then split fist element using ' ' (space) so you get firstName and lastName separated.

Finally, strip "(position)" from paranthesis and convert it to integer.
Adam Zgagacz 16-Dec-13 15:01pm View
If what you are showing is 100% of your code, errors are valid. I don't see any declaration and instantiation of object listed as not existing.

But there is even more wrong with your code. It is console application and you are trying to use WinForms objects. If it is console app you don't have windows forms, labels, dialogs etc.. If you want to use them you should start from scratch and select Windows Form application when creating new project.
Adam Zgagacz 16-Dec-13 12:27pm View
Can you post some code of what are you trying to do? I see you modified your question but I still can't understand what you are up to.
Use more sentences to describe things you want to achieve.
Adam Zgagacz 16-Dec-13 11:54am View
Can you please rephrase your question? Add some more details if possible. It is difficult to understand what your objective is.
Adam Zgagacz 9-Dec-13 11:48am View
Regardless if this is console or Windows form it should behave same way. But since it doesn’t, here is suggestion for further debugging:

Instead of hardcoding path, have openFileDialog in your program to pick the file and from dialog navigate to location you want to pick it. Does it give you same error?
Adam Zgagacz 7-Dec-13 15:11pm View
I didn't mean to offend you. Sorry. But seriously, if you want different answer, you need to show the code. Otherwise nobody can guess.
Adam Zgagacz 6-Dec-13 9:17am View
They did compile, I've got it. You fooled the compliler :). But I'm sure you wee not able to place call to it without compiler error.
Did you try to call the method?
Adam Zgagacz 5-Dec-13 9:33am View
Please give as some code. BTW if this is C# and WinForms Focus() should work.
Adam Zgagacz 4-Dec-13 16:55pm View
See solution #3 by SA. There is no point to talk more about SetPixel GetPixel.
Adam Zgagacz 4-Dec-13 16:24pm View
I'm not sure I understand your problem. In the piece of code you posted you assign value to the single pixel, then you are checking different pixel and wondering why you don't see value you put somewhere else.

if you do:

bmp.SetPixel(0, 0, Color.Blue);
int c = bmp.GetPixel(0, 0).ToArgb();

you will se value.
Adam Zgagacz 4-Dec-13 14:59pm View
There is nothing wrong with while loop in C# language. Problems are cause by the code you are not showing us (whatever you are doing in the loop is wrong).
Adam Zgagacz 4-Dec-13 12:12pm View
See my prevoius reply: assign selected date from the first control to the minDate property of the second one (do it in ValueChanged event handler). It cannot be simpler than that.
Adam Zgagacz 4-Dec-13 10:00am View
So when you select value in first DateTimePicker set MidDate in second DateTimePicker to value you just selected.
Adam Zgagacz 3-Dec-13 15:58pm View
Looks roughly Ok. it should execute as long as content of txtLength.Tex, txtX.Text and txtY.Text contain numnerics only (no decimal points on letters).
and of couse you need to remove lines:

because in the second iteration it will fail becuase content onf txtY and txtY will be "" and int.Parse will throw an exception.
Adam Zgagacz 3-Dec-13 15:22pm View
This question is not specific enough. You don't expect us to write entire checker game for you, do you?
Adam Zgagacz 3-Dec-13 11:25am View
Waht kind of application it is? WinForms, WPF, Web ...
Adam Zgagacz 2-Dec-13 14:10pm View
Well, I'm not so sure about speed. If Excel is not already running, your method will need to launch it in the background what might add significant delay. Reason your GUI is not responding to your interactions is due to the time button2_Click_1 takes to complete. You can try to time how long it take to perform button2_Click_1 (you can use Stopwatch for this).
Adam Zgagacz 2-Dec-13 10:07am View
1 minute is long. If I remeber correctly, default SQLTimeout is 30s.
Improve your query (preferred) or increase timeout.
Adam Zgagacz 2-Dec-13 10:02am View
It is really not enough information to work with. If you are getting timeout it must be coming from the reader (database). 5000 rows and 100 properties should be not a problem for handling by your program unless your database query is not performing well. Concentrate on the query you are using to retrieve data, see (outside of the program) how long it takes to return data, optimize it.
You can also try to increase query timeout while debugging.
Adam Zgagacz 2-Dec-13 9:21am View
Can you provide more info? What do you mean by "button box"? Perhaps if you post some code it will help.
Adam Zgagacz 29-Nov-13 13:47pm View
if you declare with 'void', you need to remove "return 0;" line.
Adam Zgagacz 29-Nov-13 11:17am View
I'm not sure if I fully understand your question. Do you mean column name or caption?
You can access column object and properties within your loop with code like:
Adam Zgagacz 28-Nov-13 17:15pm View
Do you have source code of your RoundUp method? By analyzing it we can tell why it is behaving this way.
Adam Zgagacz 27-Nov-13 9:15am View
This is all correct.
You entered "FOC9" and you got 201 what in hex is C9. So method first converted "FOC9" to numerical form (you saw 61641 when displayed as decimal). Then removed "F0" part so now value was 00C9 (or 201 as decimal). And such value was returned.

What you see dispalyed as character is not Unicode character itself but it's graphical representation that depends on Font you are using. Character value returned is correct. It's up to you (your program/your font) how you want to show it to the user.
Adam Zgagacz 26-Nov-13 14:02pm View
I belve that's all you can get from fragmet info you provided. This is binary file with some text element. Download binary viewer program and try to see content in different format (as binary (hex), ascii, unicode etc).
Adam Zgagacz 26-Nov-13 9:44am View
It depends what you define as "disbaled". If "disabled" means you cannot select it. My code does the job.
Adam Zgagacz 26-Nov-13 9:40am View
Most likely query to the database is producing more than memory can handle. Can you investigate first what your query produces?
Adam Zgagacz 25-Nov-13 22:21pm View
What is your question?
Adam Zgagacz 25-Nov-13 12:42pm View
I see. good luck with the rest of your code.
Adam Zgagacz 23-Nov-13 22:05pm View
Hmm.. I tried code you posted and it works on my PC. Is there anything specific about you PC settings (language, date format etc.)?

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