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Comments by Adam Zgagacz (Top 66 by date)

Adam Zgagacz 27-Mar-15 13:48pm View    
I was wrong. This solution should work in Windows 7/8
Adam Zgagacz 25-Mar-15 9:21am View    
Set the breakpoint in fist line of OnPaint. You should see how often it is called.
Adam Zgagacz 25-Mar-15 9:19am View     CRLF
Hmm... I dont see any OnPaint override in code in your comment. Are you sure you added it? protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e) { //Add your painting code here paint(this, e); base.OnPaint(e); }
Adam Zgagacz 24-Mar-15 12:30pm View    
Can you elaborate more what is not working? Code you provided looks OK.
Adam Zgagacz 15-Dec-14 9:16am View    
You have to show us how do you convert resume to binary format before saving.