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Comments by somnath roy24 (Top 5 by date)

somnath roy24 17-Feb-14 0:49am View
Thanks pjeet_4411 but it is linq equivalent of left outer join and right outer join I need the lambda expression equivalent.
somnath roy24 6-Jan-14 6:45am View
If You are asked not to add but to set an example where two different types of variables will be sent as input parameters and the value returned will be of another type. Basically it was an interview question.
somnath roy24 6-Jan-14 6:37am View
If i ommit the struct part i am unable to cast the integer or the double value to string. Can u please help me how to cast. I want to have

public Add<t,u,v>(U obj1, V obj2)
T temp;
return temp;

it will be combination of basic types
somnath roy24 29-Oct-13 15:17pm View
Please Help Friends....
somnath roy24 28-Oct-13 7:24am View