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Comments by Sagar Rawal (Top 6 by date)

Sagar Rawal 13-Dec-11 7:08am View
it may increase system load. and if we apply style it works faster than that...
Sagar Rawal 9-Dec-11 5:20am View
Thanks Manoj Savalia
Sagar Rawal 9-Dec-11 4:40am View
still not the right answer in following data
var a:Number = 2.33;
var b:Number = 2.00;
var c:Number = 1.45;
var d:Number = 1.45;
Sagar Rawal 9-Dec-11 4:31am View
User can enter anything between 0 to 60. but that all in number that's why i am facing problem. he/she can enter 1.23 + 2.42 then total time is 4.05 not 3.65.....
Sagar Rawal 1-Dec-11 1:32am View
Thanks for the suggestion.

there is also a simple way to do this for showing the value of sum3 variable in alert box.
Sagar Rawal 18-Mar-11 9:17am View
@Sandeep, I have tried a lot but the last way is create a panel and give that panel background. but it doesn't seems like a group box. and there isn't any GUI component for group box in flex... so please help me if u can...