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hitech_s 6-Jun-17 22:09pm View    
Thanks for commenting. Attached sample application is just a small application, i am not accessing any ui components in catch block. if you could just download and see the code you will understand easily.
hitech_s 29-Jul-14 3:35am View    
if you share your code we can explore and provide you the way. it would throw an error definetly
hitech_s 16-Jan-14 13:22pm View    
thanks for your suggestion. but in my project i need an unique device guid we want to figure. MAC address may change. why i want to find out the unique device guid is i need to send a single toast notification for a device.
hitech_s 15-Jan-14 12:11pm View    
can you please provide a sample code.
hitech_s 15-Jan-14 5:28am View    
thanks for sharing 'mopicus'. i need to identify the device uniquely. i will not create any guid in the app. my requirement is to get the devices unique id. so that i can will maintain only one channel uri to send the toast notification