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hitech_s 6-Jun-17 22:09pm View
Thanks for commenting. Attached sample application is just a small application, i am not accessing any ui components in catch block. if you could just download and see the code you will understand easily.
hitech_s 29-Jul-14 3:35am View
if you share your code we can explore and provide you the way. it would throw an error definetly
hitech_s 16-Jan-14 13:22pm View
thanks for your suggestion. but in my project i need an unique device guid we want to figure. MAC address may change. why i want to find out the unique device guid is i need to send a single toast notification for a device.
hitech_s 15-Jan-14 12:11pm View
can you please provide a sample code.
hitech_s 15-Jan-14 5:28am View
thanks for sharing 'mopicus'. i need to identify the device uniquely. i will not create any guid in the app. my requirement is to get the devices unique id. so that i can will maintain only one channel uri to send the toast notification
hitech_s 8-Sep-12 2:12am View
thanks for giving link. it helped me somewhat....
hitech_s 28-Aug-12 14:20pm View
hitech_s 28-Aug-12 14:18pm View
may i know the guys who down voted and why ?
you should give proper reason to down vote something . please let me know...don't be think in negative way and don't make people sad.
hitech_s 24-Jul-12 2:10am View
while inserting you can insert directly and while retrieving, use convert method of sql in query
hitech_s 16-Jun-12 2:38am View
provide code in .aspx page
hitech_s 7-Jun-12 1:16am View
please post your design code then we will catchout the mistake
hitech_s 4-Jun-12 6:47am View
if the string contains no data then also you will get the same error error while converting to dataetime
hitech_s 2-Jun-12 6:05am View
<pre> tags added....
hitech_s 31-May-12 1:37am View
i paste your code and executed but i didnt find any error can you check once please
hitech_s 26-May-12 4:07am View
my 5!
hitech_s 26-May-12 1:00am View
thanks member60
hitech_s 26-May-12 0:27am View
if you debug your code line by line you get the solution easily...
hitech_s 26-May-12 0:06am View
it's ok ZaiDz.
hitech_s 25-May-12 7:10am View
are you using entity datamodel?
hitech_s 25-May-12 7:04am View
why dont you place link button and raise rowcommand event of gridview then you will get commandname,command argument
hitech_s 25-May-12 6:26am View
nice my 5!
hitech_s 25-May-12 6:24am View
replace this line "sd.InsertCommand = new SqlCommand("insert into DBtest VALUE(@firstname, @lastname, @mobile, @emailid)", con);"


sd.InsertCommand = new SqlCommand("insert into DBtest VALUES(@firstname, @lastname, @mobile, @emailid)", con);
hitech_s 25-May-12 2:45am View
did you create virtual directory at iis ?
hitech_s 25-May-12 2:44am View
please explain your problem clearly
hitech_s 25-May-12 2:41am View
give permissions to the usertype "everyone"
hitech_s 25-May-12 2:39am View
how many columns are there for gridview
hitech_s 24-May-12 6:28am View
at savepath you are getting error i think?
hitech_s 24-May-12 6:26am View
Nice my 5
hitech_s 24-May-12 6:20am View
my 5!
hitech_s 21-May-12 7:43am View
thank you sravani
hitech_s 21-May-12 7:21am View
nice example my 5.
hitech_s 16-May-12 7:26am View
can you post the error what you are getting
hitech_s 12-May-12 4:27am View
you mean you are displaying applicants details in one row of gridview, after clicking on download link you need the row data to be downloaded to word . is it right ?
hitech_s 12-May-12 4:13am View
My 5!
hitech_s 12-May-12 4:12am View
My 5!
hitech_s 10-May-12 7:14am View
please add references to your dll's correctly
hitech_s 9-May-12 3:46am View
please post actual answer
probably solution is creating the user for that database will resolve the issue
hitech_s 9-May-12 1:37am View
you need to add installer for that
hitech_s 5-May-12 5:51am View
can you share part of code ?
hitech_s 2-May-12 23:57pm View
Thank you 'shahin khorshidnia'
hitech_s 1-May-12 2:22am View
after close button you can add those buttons ..
what are you feeling complex ?
hitech_s 28-Apr-12 3:21am View
what's your question man ?
hitech_s 28-Apr-12 0:17am View
in which line you are getting error ? if you dont know debug your code.
I think the best solution is clean your solution and rebuild it or do one thing that delete the references and add those again
hitech_s 27-Apr-12 2:05am View
yes you are right VJ
hitech_s 27-Apr-12 2:01am View
try to use parameterized queries then you will be out of sql injection once about sqlinjection attacks, will get so many links.
hitech_s 27-Apr-12 2:00am View
at what line you are getting error ?
hitech_s 27-Apr-12 0:30am View
please elaborate your question then only you will get better solution
hitech_s 25-Apr-12 1:26am View
use rowdatabound event in that check with with the value you want to verify and then make the checkbox value to true(checked)
hitech_s 23-Apr-12 0:31am View
can u please check once whether txtdate.Text contains data or not ?
hitech_s 17-Apr-12 0:34am View
be clear
hitech_s 17-Apr-12 0:06am View
nice. my 5!
hitech_s 16-Apr-12 23:48pm View
some people are doing rubbish things
i told so many times you are downvoting means you should give proper reason for that otherwise dont do such kind of things..............
hitech_s 16-Apr-12 7:51am View
<pre> tags added
hitech_s 12-Apr-12 1:27am View
there is no session time out still am logged in
hitech_s 6-Apr-12 6:23am View
hitech_s 6-Apr-12 6:15am View
i saw the link u posted . but its not working for the machine that is in the network.
i mentioned in my question that am working on my machine and database server is in another machine which is in same network
hitech_s 6-Apr-12 6:15am View
i saw the link u posted . but its not working for the machine that is in the network.
i mentioned in my question that am working on my machine and database server is in another machine which is in same network
hitech_s 5-Apr-12 4:55am View
for popup which one u r using ? i mean div as a popup or showmodaldialog javascript function?
hitech_s 5-Apr-12 4:34am View
am also using the same it works fine for me
hitech_s 30-Mar-12 7:06am View
post u r code plz
hitech_s 30-Mar-12 6:21am View
is dot(.) presents always, if so, we can split it like this

string s="Formandmanner.AAA";
string data=s.split('.')[1]

output :: .AAA
hitech_s 26-Mar-12 3:11am View
could u post u r .aspx code plz
hitech_s 16-Mar-12 1:21am View
in my code url looks like this :

in your code url looks like this :

in second case you are specifying the file that is going to be downloaded ..(i.e image name directly )
but in my case i dont know which file is going to be downloaded
hitech_s 15-Mar-12 0:31am View
i posted it in my question.
the above url is not in my site.
file is returning from other site

hitech_s 14-Mar-12 7:57am View
with the above url am posted is not a file directly it calls another method download which in turn returns a file....
hitech_s 14-Mar-12 6:52am View
in your case we know the file what we going to download where as in my case i dont know which file is downloading because another method is calling which returns the original file that is going to be downloaded...

if you observe the URL what i had posted is this one :: ""
hitech_s 14-Mar-12 2:18am View
any one while u r down voting u should give proper reason for that otherwise dont do such kind of things.. plz
hitech_s 14-Mar-12 2:17am View
first of all thanks for giving reply

I mentioned that when am pasting the url in downloadlink in any browser it prompts a open/save dialog i dont want that i want that file to copy to localdrive directly in button click ..
if u dont mind, plz read the whole question what i posted
hitech_s 12-Mar-12 1:42am View
plz post relevant code other wise someone can't predict the exact solution ..
hitech_s 3-Mar-12 5:33am View
added pre tags
hitech_s 2-Jan-12 4:13am View
nice answer
hitech_s 2-Jan-12 4:09am View
added pretags
hitech_s 26-Dec-11 0:19am View
separate TCODE with comas while sending
hitech_s 26-Dec-11 0:14am View
provide some code snippet plz
hitech_s 6-Dec-11 6:07am View
placed <pre> tags
hitech_s 1-Dec-11 5:08am View
thank you very much
hitech_s 18-Nov-11 3:53am View
hitech_s 18-Nov-11 1:10am View
where did you assign back color
hitech_s 18-Nov-11 1:04am View
you can assign through javascript
hitech_s 18-Nov-11 1:02am View
can u show the class where you use those
hitech_s 16-Nov-11 1:06am View
can u post the error
hitech_s 16-Nov-11 1:05am View
added pre tags
hitech_s 11-Nov-11 3:13am View
post your code plz and what is that some file
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 7:54am View
why dont you use visual studio command prompt?
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 1:55am View
can you please accept my solution if it really useful
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 1:33am View
this message is for the person who downvoted me..
my solution was useful the author of this question posted that.
may i know who and why downvoted me..

plz dont hurt the people
if there is wrong with the solution tell me i will learn something from that without mentioning anything how can i know
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 1:32am View
if it is useful plz accept the answer
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 1:07am View
if some one is down vote should give explanation i think let me know whats wrong with this..
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 1:06am View
if some one is down vote should give explanation i think
let me know whats wrong with this..
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 0:48am View
what is the authentication mode you are using
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 0:39am View
placed pre tags
hitech_s 9-Nov-11 0:37am View
can u post the error
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 7:13am View
placed pre tags
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 6:53am View
placed pre tags
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 6:19am View
what is the error you are getting..?
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 6:05am View
while you are typing the site address you are getting error?
can you provide your startup page code..
you said that you are hosting in test folder may be the path you are giving is not correct
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 6:03am View
are you getting this error after hosting the website in ftp or you are getting in local system..
change the names to index.aspx you will get it i think
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 5:22am View
when did you get this error? I mean at what page you are getting this error.first debug your page you will get an exception in such cases also you will get those errors
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 5:19am View
provide the names of your files i mean pages
hitech_s 8-Nov-11 4:39am View
are you uploading any images to the folder at server or writing data to files at server ?
hitech_s 7-Nov-11 2:27am View
it works fine .......
my 5!
hitech_s 7-Nov-11 0:55am View
using c# or vb?
hitech_s 6-Nov-11 23:57pm View
hitech_s 5-Nov-11 7:03am View
its possible and updated my solution plz check it ..
hitech_s 5-Nov-11 6:50am View
you want to upload image ..........?
hitech_s 5-Nov-11 6:48am View
i will try it and will be back in few minutes..........
hitech_s 5-Nov-11 6:29am View
hitech_s 1-Nov-11 4:45am View
without mentioning your error nobody will give you solution....first post the error
hitech_s 31-Oct-11 4:54am View
place linkbbuttons in place of hotel name s

you had hotel names and corresponding .aspx page means url in your database table

then while binding bind hotel names to text property of linkbutton and your page url to postback property of linkbutton
hitech_s 31-Oct-11 4:48am View
after binding the grid view count the no of records and assign the value to label
hitech_s 19-Oct-11 3:40am View
provide your master page design code and the content page design code then only we can say what is the problem
hitech_s 18-Oct-11 8:37am View
plz provide your code
hitech_s 18-Oct-11 8:36am View
post your design code..then only you can get the solution
hitech_s 18-Oct-11 8:15am View
alternative way?
hitech_s 18-Oct-11 7:59am View
my 5!
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 8:40am View
clarify your question plz provide specific details
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 8:12am View
edited to put a link
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 7:26am View
what is the version of ajaxcontroltoolkit you are using?
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 7:21am View
first find once that gives this error .put a brakpoint in page load and debug it .
if possible post your code.other wise we can't say where the problem is..
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 7:12am View
your question is confusing plz modify the question through 'improve question' widget
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 6:57am View
ok from default.aspx to default2.aspx? only table or gridview

if so put table in session in default.aspx page and retrieve in default2.aspx page
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 5:58am View
means datatable from form1 to form2?
hitech_s 17-Oct-11 3:34am View
post the error
hitech_s 15-Oct-11 4:33am View
can u post the error what you got
hitech_s 15-Oct-11 3:40am View
provide your design code i will give you solution
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 7:54am View
which "onclick" you want..?

whether your button inside datalist or outside? plz be specific
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 6:40am View
yes right... 'gladiatron'
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 6:24am View
what is the datatype of image in database?
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 5:17am View
bold is not clear in heavy bright ness monitors so i edited that
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 5:15am View
you want to insert one table data to another table directly?(means bulk)
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 5:14am View
for such type of situation you should create the folder first and give permissions to that file/folder then only you can create file in that folder
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 5:11am View
you want file to be saved to excel sheet?
hitech_s 14-Oct-11 2:16am View
have you used two web.config files? if yes reply me
hitech_s 13-Oct-11 5:50am View
what are the type of files you are going to play ?
hitech_s 13-Oct-11 5:40am View
yes its possible.......
hitech_s 13-Oct-11 5:35am View
put breakpoint and debug it you will get the solution
hitech_s 13-Oct-11 5:20am View
where is the table?where you want cancel button plz be specific
hitech_s 13-Oct-11 5:11am View
you want to change the iframe source ...
yes you can do it directly by the id of that frame
hitech_s 13-Oct-11 5:09am View
could you plz provide your design code?
hitech_s 12-Oct-11 6:23am View
in which way u want to scroll the div?

plz post your code and be clear..plz
hitech_s 12-Oct-11 5:52am View
check once i modify my solution

changed the style property
hitech_s 12-Oct-11 5:01am View
where you want find the textbox?
i mean in rowcommand or in rowdatabound or in another events or functions?
hitech_s 12-Oct-11 4:52am View
My 5!
hitech_s 12-Oct-11 0:04am View
debug the page which leads to redirecting to customerror page
you will get one error
hitech_s 11-Oct-11 7:54am View
then call this function in page load
hitech_s 11-Oct-11 7:23am View
what are the tables you are using..and what is the data you are storing
without mentioning no one can say
and where you want to display the data?
hitech_s 11-Oct-11 5:26am View
can u provide the design code of anchor tag?
hitech_s 11-Oct-11 3:33am View
is button inside the repeator or outside the repeator?
hitech_s 11-Oct-11 3:11am View
plz improve your question your requirement is not clear ..
i worked on this rotation of images in master page
if you improve your question i can go forward
hitech_s 11-Oct-11 2:48am View
provide the .cs code then only we can give solution
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 8:16am View
try replace join with innerjoin

could you plz provide your .aspx code of gridview
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 8:07am View
if you want some buttons to be in different width create another class and assign the cssclass for those
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 1:21am View
do like this
<body önload="fnframe()">
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 1:20am View
where you are calling that function?
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 1:19am View
if anybody down voting me you need to give explanation for this..
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 0:31am View
set your startup page and startup project
hitech_s 10-Oct-11 0:20am View
which dropdown you want hide.
where exactly chekbox and dropdown located?
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 8:44am View
insert record to w and get the top record that is recently added to the table then with that id insert to remaining 3 tables
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 8:32am View
bind the grid after doing deletion or edite
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 8:08am View
where is the curve man
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 3:33am View
put your popup in upate panel
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 3:24am View
where you are getting the error exactly?
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 3:11am View
what is the problem you are getting
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 3:08am View
create PROCEDURE SaveTwoTable
//parameters you want to pass to stored procedure
//your queries
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 3:05am View
can you give page load code snippet...
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 3:03am View
if you need exactly listview you can proceed..
but my curiosity why dont you use grid view ?by using gridview we can do it easily thats why am asking plz dont mind
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 2:57am View
you can use this for getting name
hitech_s 8-Oct-11 2:03am View
where is the problem exactly?
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 8:32am View
ok put breakpoint in button click event you will get where the error is
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 7:46am View
thanks simon
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 7:45am View
thanks simon
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 7:21am View
place breakpoint in this function

debug it you will get it easily
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 2:08am View
your code is showing so many errors plz provide whats the exact code you are trying to execute
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 2:01am View
plz provide code in your page_load event
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 1:54am View
why you want store command object ?
i think your requirement is string the text for that you can use
string query =commandobject.CommandText;
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 1:11am View
plz post your code then i will try to give the solution
hitech_s 7-Oct-11 0:46am View
if you provide some code snippet we can help you asap
hitech_s 5-Oct-11 6:23am View
no one can answer your question without knowing what are the tables you are using.and what are the columns you want to show.first give the requirements clearly plz dont mind
hitech_s 5-Oct-11 1:50am View
in which way you want to control plz be specific
elaborate your question then only you will get solution quickly
hitech_s 4-Oct-11 3:02am View
provide code so you can get solution easily
hitech_s 4-Oct-11 1:03am View
plz dont make readers confuse..
you are asking lostfocus and onfocus both at a time plz specify which one you want
hitech_s 3-Oct-11 7:39am View
are you using master page for that page(the page which gives that error)

and tell me where you used that update panel
hitech_s 3-Oct-11 6:57am View
provide your .aspx code ,i will try my level best
hitech_s 1-Oct-11 7:43am View
your query is correct check once..

have you check in database whether records having names started with 'a' or not
hitech_s 1-Oct-11 0:30am View
try these
1) ../Images/menub_hover_left.gif
2) ./Images/menub_hover_left.gif
3) /Images/menub_hover_left.gif
4) Images/menub_hover_left.gif

check your images folder name
hitech_s 30-Sep-11 5:26am View
which table values you want to change in database..?
(while clicking on linkbutton in gridview database table data you want to update)
if you are asking for this reply me....
hitech_s 30-Sep-11 5:17am View
i can suggest one solution
place all the gridviews in individual div tags
then set left and top properties for the div
you can get it easily
hitech_s 30-Sep-11 4:47am View
check for the version of ajax you are using plz
hitech_s 30-Sep-11 3:04am View
in your website have you use any chart controls or you are storing any images like things and give your site address we will see and tell you
hitech_s 30-Sep-11 2:42am View
upon running your site it is giving error i think
tell me what is the authentication mode in both the web.config files you have used
hitech_s 30-Sep-11 1:37am View
plz improve the question
hitech_s 29-Sep-11 23:42pm View
hitech_s 29-Sep-11 8:15am View
u need hours from ..?
hitech_s 29-Sep-11 7:25am View
use table then only you can get the design perfectly
hitech_s 29-Sep-11 6:14am View
please debug your code and tell us in which line you are getting error

generally these type of errors will occur if you are accessing unassigned variables
hitech_s 28-Sep-11 3:21am View
may i know who and why down voted my answer...
your question is changing time to time, in the begining you asked for only numbers after that changed question to restrict to 10 digits..
hitech_s 27-Sep-11 8:34am View
are you creating user control..?
hitech_s 27-Sep-11 8:28am View
and one more replace this with existing one..plz do it fast
<asp:TextBox ID="txtname" runat="server"/>
hitech_s 27-Sep-11 8:27am View
have you changed the file names..reply me
hitech_s 27-Sep-11 7:13am View
in your page you dont have "txtbox" as name for paritcular control

have you changed the file names individually..
means for .aspx and .aspx.cs seperately

give the error what you have got exactly