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Muralikrishna8811 12-Mar-18 5:57am View

Looks like you are defined "AddEmployee" method in service as httpGet try by changing it to POST method in your service handler not sure about the syntax though , As per my understanding it is working fine in browser as it is accepting in GET method
Muralikrishna8811 11-May-14 14:08pm View
post your problm here , we will help you out
Muralikrishna8811 11-May-14 14:05pm View
verificationpage.aspx.cs contains something like this...

string customerid=Request.QueryString["custid"].toString();
//do something to very this customer using his id which is coming from querystring


Muralikrishna8811 1-Jul-13 9:46am View
Hi Suraj,
Don't use url base data passing .Upto my knowledge I recommend use global urls (I mean place image in CDN and use that url to display image)
Muralikrishna8811 22-Feb-13 9:04am View
Hi Manikandan,

Thanks for your observation.

That is my mistake I just typed month id instead of year .And no need to check whether leap year or not in manually DaysInMonth() method checks internally thn returns corresponding days.
Muralikrishna8811 8-Jan-13 2:26am View
Very welcome
Muralikrishna8811 8-Jan-13 2:24am View
yeah you are Right need some wrk to pass startindex and pagecount based on pageindex.
Muralikrishna8811 29-Oct-12 15:28pm View

sorry for late reply . I'll check my code let you know the changes(If any)
Muralikrishna8811 25-Sep-12 6:05am View
Hi Ravisonaiya,
Let me know What changes are need to be done to make it perfect I'll Update my solution
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 6:22am View
can you post your code its better to understand your problem.
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 5:17am View
K and Let me know if you found any
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 5:13am View
I'm working on it I'll send solution in soon
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 4:56am View
thn how can i test .....

just kidding its everything working fine in local dev area

my friends said may be that .dll(oovoo.webRoom.dll) is the problem in server side
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 4:34am View
hey ur video is still in on
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 4:31am View
hi I c some video in that but no one in video
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 4:27am View
O Sorry I'm just testing in my local system.
Muralikrishna8811 3-Jul-12 3:54am View
same thing here its working locally

same problem in IIS ...

I'm creating one new site with that raw info
I'll let you know after completion .
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 8:57am View
Yeah I'll check that code and I'll let you know if i found any problems or issues
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 8:55am View
very welcome
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 7:01am View
k k check all possible debug methods u'll find good solution
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:37am View
you are developing that site by your own or its clients requirement.
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:30am View
do u understand what i said
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:28am View
take one textfile and update that file by placing update code in each and every statement of that DB access
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:27am View
thn check DB settings

you know how to trace execution in server by placing Log.write("");
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:23am View
send ur prjct code i'll test it in my localhost
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:20am View
yeah only by testing changing urls of that pages
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:06am View
i think that's the problem in accessing that pages
the main reason for that issue is only resource accessing problem only
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 6:04am View
if you don't mine letme know after completion on that API integration
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 5:41am View
I hope you need to test 'comet.aspx'
and history.aspx url are may be not working i think
place like <%=Server.MapPath("~/history.aspx") %>
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 5:00am View
you are testing locally or in live ?
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 4:59am View
hi did you you added AddParticipant(name) method to
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 4:34am View
empty means in your room no one joined na so it shows empy and check your DB table which u created for that API if there is any records thn you'll c that list is filled

and you need to provide one register page to fill that DB table
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 4:18am View
check that asynchrounous requests are working or not
Muralikrishna8811 2-Jul-12 3:59am View
Yeah that API was still underdevelopment so its may have some bugs
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 9:25am View
Hi Supriya
did it work?
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 8:47am View
post code which u used ?
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 8:40am View
if that wrks means keydown events must be wrks its jquery so cross-browser
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 8:35am View
$(document).ready(function () {
$("#txtpincode").live('keydown', function () { }); });

this code working? i mean alert working or not?
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 8:21am View
place alert in document ready method to check its working or not
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 8:04am View
check jquery files are refereing or not
Muralikrishna8811 29-Jun-12 3:41am View
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 8:40am View
Can you send that embedded code and credentials (just to check like abc/pwd)
to my mail id
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 8:36am View
Can you send that embedded code to me ?
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 8:36am View
and you need to create two more page like notifier and Watcher
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 8:34am View
Embedded code means i think its in Html
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 8:32am View
create one another page like chatroom

after that place all code what in that document

did you get that embeded code from site?

Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 8:22am View
You registered in that oovoo site just as in document?

Actually I'm trying to register but getting errors from that site .

Tell me where you getting those confusion.
I'll try to solve
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 7:56am View
Hi Supriya did you tried steps in that document?
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 7:11am View
I hope document has clear details
K I'll try to make sample prjct in that
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 7:07am View
k. so you need example on that API right?
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 7:00am View
I checked it its working fine
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 5:57am View
Jquery is simple and powerfull
and its just collection of javascript methods(javascript Library)
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 5:55am View
Yeah Sure
latest code works for you right?
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 5:52am View
<html xmlns="">
<head id="Head1" runat="server">
<script src="Scripts/jquery-1.4.1-vsdoc.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script language ="javascript" >
$(document).ready(function () {
$('.numeric10').live('keydown', function (e) {

if (parseInt(e.keyCode) > 47 && parseInt(e.keyCode) < 58) {
if (parseInt($(this).val().length) <= 10) {

else {
else {
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<input type ="text" id="txtmbno" class="numeric10" />

Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 5:52am View
Did you check my latest update which i developed in Jquery its working fine
in all browsers
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 5:43am View
Hi I changed code check it once
which is simple in Jquery
Muralikrishna8811 28-Jun-12 5:28am View
yeah change that key event onkeyup to onkeydown
Muralikrishna8811 4-Jun-12 7:42am View

In that case you can achieve by providing exact width of table like

<table width="960px"
Muralikrishna8811 4-Jun-12 7:40am View
check your code
are you passing all parameters or not?
Muralikrishna8811 9-May-12 9:09am View
Hi Where do u binding that javascript method to button
Muralikrishna8811 2-May-12 7:53am View
try this

<body önload="CreateGridHeader('pnlGVForecast', 'gvForecastSummary', 'HeaderDiv')" >
Muralikrishna8811 27-Apr-12 7:52am View
bind that method in Jquery it's better than pageregisterscript

CreateGridHeader('pnlGVForecast', 'gvForecastSummary', 'HeaderDiv');
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 7:52am View
very welcome
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 7:37am View
To set rowspan you need to do something like
in select query "select B1.title,,B1.prize,(select count(*) from Books as B2 where B2.title=B1.title) as rspn from Books as B1 group by B1.title

by using that query we can get data with count of title in rspn

string pretitle="";
foreach(datarow dr in dt.rows)
tablestring=tablestring+"<tr><td rowspan='"+dr["rspn"].tostring()+"'>"+dr["title"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["author"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["price"].tostring()+"</td></tr>";
else if(pretitle==dr["title"].tostring())
tablestring=tablestring+"<tr><td rowspan='"+dr["rspn"].tostring()+"'>"+dr["title"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["author"].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr["price"].tostring()+"</td></tr>";

you can set like this

this is just idea only you can modify it to achieve your requirement

All the Best
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 7:24am View
same as how you set in html
tablestring=tablestring+"<tr><td>"+dr[0].tostring()+"</td><td>"+dr[1].tostring()+"</td><td colspan='2'>"+dr[2].tostring()+"</td></tr>";
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 5:36am View
Hi ,

just use existing property like listbox1.selectedIndex
Muralikrishna8811 26-Apr-12 4:33am View

how you displayed that popup by using ajaxtoolkit or Jquery or
Muralikrishna8811 19-Apr-12 10:34am View
If you want to avoid user entry thn just add disabled="disabled" to textbox
Muralikrishna8811 19-Apr-12 10:28am View
Hi can u specify which date format which that callender control accepting
Muralikrishna8811 18-Apr-12 4:48am View
SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE FirstName='"+TxtSearch.Text+"%' or LastName='"+TxtSearch.Text+"%' or Department='"+TxtSearch.Text+"%'

after you entered text in textbox it should be search all fileds

with single value
Muralikrishna8811 16-Apr-12 11:40am View
Jquery is simple one

K let me try in another way and let you know
Muralikrishna8811 16-Apr-12 8:27am View
Nice Link sravani

My 5+
Muralikrishna8811 13-Apr-12 8:47am View
Hi do same as how you retrieve data from sqlserver

but needs to store in byte[]
da.fill(dt);//here da is dataadapter and dt is data tble instances
byte[] pdffilebuffer=(byte[])dt.rows[0][0];
Muralikrishna8811 12-Apr-12 9:47am View
xmlns="#unknown" is nothing its just added by code project parser

event should be "onchange" not "oncheckedchanged"

still u r getting error means u've problem with body of that method
Muralikrishna8811 12-Apr-12 4:44am View
That's y we need State Management Concepts to maintain previous page or previous request info in future pages

Just Store that form1 data in session or Viewstate then use that in next page or any where
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 8:59am View
firstrow in grid means head part or in item part itself
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 8:54am View
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 8:52am View
Did you mention column names of objDT

Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 8:43am View
Hi I tried code for your requirement
and posted here in another solution plz check it once

let me know if there is any issues
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 8:37am View
Hi Add this div to your page then
<div id="showControlDetails1" style=" background-color:#136012; position:fixed;left:500px;top:600px; border-color:Red;">

after that you need to add javascript code with Jquery reference files
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 7:44am View
popup 'll come just beside node

and if popup displays. the below nodes'll not move to down
and popup is overlaps below nodes is it k for you
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 7:43am View
Hi you are doing it in static mode right i mean>Controls->TextBox

how you getting this process .from DB or this is entire in static
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 7:32am View
did You check what I tried which I updated in solution
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 7:28am View
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 6:26am View
I updated solution plz check it once
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:47am View
k k javascript is enough
I'll post some sample code for your requirement
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:37am View
k unfortunately we are unable to insert panels in treeview

so we need to go for another process

do u familiar with Jquery
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:32am View
is that strict requirement to use treeview in this case

Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:30am View
K I'll guide you sure.
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:29am View
In that case my suggestion is just use accordian panels or something like that
it's more effective than tree structure I think

Its just suggestion only
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:25am View
Yeah we can do whatever it requires but getting properties is main thing after that all are comes under presentation
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:24am View
U mean popup should come just under textbox node
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:23am View
Hi Thn change Url of image tag on admin click in javascript or in server side which u've more convenient
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:19am View
Hi place this code Under foreach loop

treenode tnd=new treenode();
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:13am View
you can show in labels under textbox node

for this you need to add all labels to textbox node ha
Muralikrishna8811 10-Apr-12 5:11am View
you mean whenever user selects node i.e TextBox

details should be displayed in list of labels in another side

i'm i right
Muralikrishna8811 9-Apr-12 9:34am View
Hi can you specify where you getting this error
Muralikrishna8811 9-Apr-12 9:27am View
Hi Swetharachana,

can you specify where u getting this error
Muralikrishna8811 9-Apr-12 8:24am View
check pagename or location.href values in falseEnterKey()
Muralikrishna8811 9-Apr-12 7:07am View
Hi you need to convert doc files into rich text format by using


i pasted link in solution3 plz refer to it
Muralikrishna8811 9-Apr-12 5:29am View
then replace 400 with 100
by default it takes as pixels
Muralikrishna8811 9-Apr-12 4:49am View
I hope you need to place jquery ready method in master page
Muralikrishna8811 5-Apr-12 5:33am View

If you familiar with Jquery then no need to worry about to show first 50 mails in first time

You can make it two scenarios

In pageload retrieve first 50 records from outlook and show them in page to user on first time.

After pageload in client side then make one asynchronous request to retrieve all mails from outlook and then store them in session or cache which you know
Then after completion of asynchronous you can retrieve second 50 mails on client request or you can append them in inbox list.
Muralikrishna8811 4-Apr-12 6:03am View
Hi ,

Selected pages means you are maintaining list for those pages ha
Muralikrishna8811 2-Apr-12 8:16am View
Muralikrishna8811 2-Apr-12 7:54am View
Hi can you share some code for uploading file?

check server paths or uploading folder permissions in that hosted server .
Muralikrishna8811 2-Apr-12 5:53am View
Hi ,

Just flash object(Object Tag) to play that flash file

check this link
Muralikrishna8811 2-Apr-12 5:39am View
Hi I hope you need to check them in each way possible...

means first need to check with one format if it not match thn check with another format like that.
Muralikrishna8811 2-Apr-12 4:41am View
Muralikrishna8811 29-Mar-12 9:38am View
Cay you specify your code for retrieving DB Data
Muralikrishna8811 28-Mar-12 9:02am View
As per my understanding you need to place

below line after

cmd.Parameters.Add("@MESSG", SqlDbType.VarChar).Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;

cmd.Parameters["@MESSG"].Size = 300;//need to place

This means you can gave size to nvarchar of output parameter
and string[5] means fourth parameter.

All the Best
Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 11:37am View

As per my Exp ...

Based on that Logic we need place it either SP or Component(class).

If logic has feasibility to develop in SP (Sql ) then we can place it in SP
some Logic has based on external entities so obviously we go for Component.

Finally Logic place is not important ...

That Logic must have certain features like feasibility ,re-usability,upgradabilty ....
Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 8:36am View

you are changing height of second Grid intentionally or ..... ?
Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 6:40am View
Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 5:02am View

its better to write

Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 5:00am View
Hi check tenderDAL.GetTender1(int id) method return same dataset type
Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 4:49am View
hi can you specify the line where it exactly it raising
Muralikrishna8811 27-Mar-12 4:48am View
try this
Muralikrishna8811 26-Mar-12 10:36am View
Hi ,

you need all filters in AND operation or with OR operation?
Muralikrishna8811 26-Mar-12 10:21am View
catching error in application means you want that message ?

just using that out parameter

you'll get that message
Muralikrishna8811 26-Mar-12 7:54am View
same error at @PGID or some where else
Muralikrishna8811 26-Mar-12 6:23am View
Muralikrishna8811 26-Mar-12 6:02am View
Hi ,
Try this

Use PROD_GRP_ID=@PGID instead of this PROD_GRP_ID='@PGID'

you've to pass integer type values without single code .

Muralikrishna8811 14-Mar-12 7:48am View
most welcome
Muralikrishna8811 14-Mar-12 5:26am View
you've to mention bind methods to display corresponding values in labels
Muralikrishna8811 13-Mar-12 7:54am View
are you mention bind methods in all labels like
<asp:Label ID="Label31" runat="server" Text='<%# bind("discount") %>'>
<asp:Label ID="Label33" runat="server" Text='<%# bind("SFOID") %>'>
Muralikrishna8811 13-Mar-12 7:49am View
every thing is correct check the values at runtime in ddl_sfo .
Muralikrishna8811 13-Mar-12 5:29am View
Hi same thing working for me with dropdownlists

check dropdownlist control has value property or not...........
Muralikrishna8811 13-Mar-12 5:21am View
Hi can you provide design code?
Muralikrishna8811 13-Mar-12 5:10am View
Hi can you provide your design code
Muralikrishna8811 20-Jan-12 5:39am View
you wan to invoke something on control loading
then its better to write on onload of control tag
Muralikrishna8811 19-Jan-12 8:08am View
your problem is solved or still need some support?
Muralikrishna8811 19-Jan-12 7:51am View
Hi can you plz post your code .

It'll help to findout whats wrong in code
Muralikrishna8811 19-Jan-12 7:19am View
thanks for editing
Muralikrishna8811 19-Dec-11 7:31am View
Hi upto my knowledge u've to get all access of that folder from your server admin
Muralikrishna8811 29-Nov-11 4:37am View
check this link once
Muralikrishna8811 29-Nov-11 4:21am View
k got it let me try some code
Muralikrishna8811 29-Nov-11 4:13am View
k now you wanna add one textbox instead of checkbox

or just beside of checkbox

after that textbox data should be stored in server right
Muralikrishna8811 29-Nov-11 3:53am View
if you don't mine can you plz provide sample code i mean design code
Muralikrishna8811 28-Nov-11 7:06am View
if you are using jquery means just call that function in

Muralikrishna8811 10-Nov-11 2:58am View
yeah you can change jjust as i did in above but it must refresh page

It's not possible because you can not change actual url from javascript to load same page

Muralikrishna8811 9-Nov-11 7:25am View
what problems you facing while implementing

specify few of them
Muralikrishna8811 9-Nov-11 5:22am View

can you provide some for it
Muralikrishna8811 9-Nov-11 4:35am View
you want to select 2-12 rows of your db right
Muralikrishna8811 3-Nov-11 9:58am View
most welcome
Muralikrishna8811 3-Nov-11 3:43am View
saving image in database is not good idea in my view.
save that image in particular user folder and
store that path in DB table column which is belonging to that user.
on user logon store that path in session["profimgpath"]

then you can use whenever you want

try some code for this

if any error come back with error
all the best
Muralikrishna8811 1-Nov-11 8:31am View
k let me try

you wanna display first menu right
Muralikrishna8811 1-Nov-11 8:19am View
can you specify your database design
Muralikrishna8811 31-Oct-11 5:48am View
I updated solution check it once
Muralikrishna8811 31-Oct-11 5:36am View
yeah sure I'm doing it
Muralikrishna8811 31-Oct-11 5:16am View
if you don't mine can you clearly post what are you going to check and after that what you to do
Muralikrishna8811 31-Oct-11 5:15am View
Are you using Jquery
Muralikrishna8811 28-Oct-11 6:37am View
when you want to check that textbox on leave focus event or some other control event

post some code for it

and you've to make this javascript validation in databound event or someother
because you are using textbox in datacontrol so

can you post with some code we can solve it
Muralikrishna8811 27-Oct-11 9:31am View
If that label within update panel then only it updates otherwise not.

In any case page_load event is must and should that is the Microsoft Architecture

make sure your label must be in update panel
Muralikrishna8811 27-Oct-11 9:12am View
And check first your selected rows are shown in server side or not
Muralikrishna8811 27-Oct-11 9:11am View
Try this

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Muralikrishna8811 27-Oct-11 8:27am View
where you call getdata() to store your selected data in session
Muralikrishna8811 26-Oct-11 6:43am View
most welcome
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 15:14pm View
yeah I used that for my project to copy database from linked server in early morning

but there is no such a way without windows services
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 10:35am View
we can do it by using url rewritting or url routing
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 9:44am View
what is the code in popup.html

you can show that simple value in same page with popup div(without Jquery)

Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 8:32am View
<div id="testdiv" style ="width :100px; word-wrap :break-word ;">


try some long code in this
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 8:22am View
hi is it not showing value in alert"popup.aspx?val=",)
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 7:22am View
k use only <br>
<br> can support all web browsers
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 6:06am View
try this
string restr = str.Substring(0, 400) + "<br/>" + str.Substring(400, str.Length);
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 6:04am View
you are binding that data from server side right

then add <br/> after 300 charecter
Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 4:29am View
hi I send that code to your mailid

check it
Its just for testing that's y I don't make full feature

B'coz that is not my site to Use their

Muralikrishna8811 25-Oct-11 4:24am View
yeah sure
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:56am View
check for delete operation now
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:49am View
same coding

it can works for you too
wait I'll update remaining operations also
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:35am View

check this link for once
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:30am View
'm working on your requirement

If it complete I can ping you k
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:27am View
its long and logic process
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:22am View
after changing you've to post that change effect to server and then save it in some variable
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:10am View
what about my server side coding

is it works or not
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 8:07am View
you are doing it in client side

so deletion operation is not effects server side
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 7:17am View
try this link
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 7:12am View
for adding that feature means some what difficult.

I don't know is that feature enables usercontrol in .net
If you found paste here that
I'm also searching for that If I found back here with solution
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 7:08am View

you wanna create new dropdwonlist using jquery or
just styles to that

if just styles means

you can see

properties in Jquery
Muralikrishna8811 24-Oct-11 7:07am View
how you write code for delete
divtag array has divjust place in first in pageload
Muralikrishna8811 23-Oct-11 10:30am View
where your music file located in client location or in your server side

you've to store it in your solution downloads or something else
then you 've to give that path in server.mappath

Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 5:28am View
I mean older versions

Label1.Attributes.Add("Style", "size:10px;color:red;");
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 5:19am View
it works when you'll see same page in different old browsers

now almost all browsers follow same span alignments
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 5:14am View
I already said you span is waste incase of label

I hope you know that why we use span means allignment of letters.

some span effects are unrecognized on latest browsers.
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 5:12am View
k let me clarify you

<div id="audply" runat="server" >


and code behind file contains

audply.InnerHtml = "<embed src=\"Downloads/Brathakali.mp3\" ></embed>";

then we can play what ever it is
with out any plugin
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I mean you've to pass
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 5:01am View
any value integer
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lblch.Attributes.Add("span", "");

you can apply by using above code

And one more thing is remove "sir" k
All the Best
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Label is converted to span tag after rendering right

so what is the use of span again add to it.

label has already span features
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What you wanna apply for that label
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 4:30am View
can can
Muralikrishna8811 22-Oct-11 4:16am View
based on your requirement.

I mean If you want to check at start of page then write it in pageload

If you want to change that settings in client side just invoke which textboxes you want to validate
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you can upgrade it

I mean you can reduce it by using jquery or controlling from server side
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k maybe your database has only one row.

check it once
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write loop for all rows in that datatable like

for(int i=0;i<dt.rows.count;i++)
foreach(ListItem chk in chklst.Items) { if(chk.value.startswith(dt.rows[0][0].tostring()) { chk.selected=true; } }
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sory you said checkbox list right then

write this
foreach(ListItem chk in chklst.Items)
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Upto my knowledge

Every thing is fine in your code

check your displaying action
I mean the way you showing in that suppose showfiles.aspx
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most welcome
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you mean you've four checkboxes in design page right?

then username is stored in session variable

you can retrieve data based on your 2nd table


select permission from 2ndtable where username=sessionvariable

now you've table data with permissions

In desing page checkboxes has values like as
first Checkbox value is Analyst
second Checkbox value is Developer
and so on...

now dt has result data right

for(int i=0;i<dt.rows.count;i++)
foreach(Checkbox chb in Checkboxlist1)
Muralikrishna8811 20-Oct-11 11:21am View
are you used checkbox list control for displaying designations