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pparya27 20-May-17 22:51pm View
Thanks for replying. I have updated the question with the link to presentation.
pparya27 6-Dec-16 12:51pm View
Hi! I am also stuck in a similar problem, can you please share the code of polling evry 50ms for dialog with title "save as".
pparya27 9-Nov-16 12:10pm View
friend use some conditions (if else) inside the DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged event. and bind back the items in second dropdownlist.
pparya27 28-Sep-16 6:14am View
What is the problem exactly?
pparya27 15-Sep-16 6:09am View
do not refer html elements like :


instead use :

var txt = document.getElementById("<%= txtAptName.ClientID %>").value;

hope this helps!
pparya27 14-Sep-16 5:39am View
haven't read many books. just use internet to your advantage.
some times I refer to the following site :
pparya27 14-Sep-16 4:32am View
Thanks bro! Nice to hear that.
pparya27 29-Aug-16 1:18am View
The snippet you have given is for pre selecting an item in the dropdownlist.
Do you want to fetch the records from database and bind it to dropdownlist or to select an item in dropdownlist ??
pparya27 11-Jul-16 8:17am View
let it be known.. but it will be have value when its object is created. once the server has send form1 to the client, it forgets about it. so if you want form2 to know some data from form1, then you must store in somewhere like session, cookies or database.
pparya27 11-Jul-16 7:49am View
Can you please be clear with your problem??
pparya27 22-May-15 12:18pm View
Hie Sascha Lefèvre, I actually managed to do this even without stored procedure, with a simple merge statement in oracle. I have took an additional column "srno" in table, indicating the row number. Here the merge statement used :

merge into dtpertdata a using dtpertdata b
on ( a.srno>=11 and b.srno= a.srno-10 )
when matched then
update set a.shocks10= (a.value - b.value), a.pertyield= a.cur_yield + (a.value - b.value)

and it runs in just a fraction of second !!
pparya27 20-May-15 11:10am View
Sascha Lefèvre thanks for the reply, this code is working fine. Actually there will be some 30 thousand records in dtPertdata DataTable, so this loops takes a few minutes to run. I'am now planning to move this logic into a stored procedure in oracle, I think that will take less time... will give it a try !
pparya27 20-May-15 11:04am View
yes I've done that, actually I raised this question before doing that optimization.
pparya27 20-May-15 11:03am View
30 thousand rows at a time. :(
pparya27 5-May-15 8:08am View
Which server side programming language will you use?
you can fetch the data from database in page2, and write it in a javascript variable, or json object and use the above snippet to send that data back to page1.
pparya27 3-May-15 11:18am View
Thanks for the pointer.
pparya27 11-Jun-14 3:44am View
Yes it is used as a server. The only difference being it is a 64 bit server and my PC is running 32 bit win 7.
and what services are you talking about?
pparya27 11-Jun-14 3:37am View
Yes the computation is CPU hungry.
pparya27 11-Jun-14 3:36am View
no other programs were running, except for a web application that is hosted in IIS7.
pparya27 11-Jun-14 3:26am View
we would input into the application
pparya27 11-Jun-14 3:25am View
we would input into the application
pparya27 7-Jun-14 5:28am View
Thanks phil... your solution worked..!!