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Comments by Sarath C (Top 3 by date)

Sarath C 9-Oct-12 4:31am View    
I feel this is a dependency issues. Use Dependency Walker to resolve the dependency issues. Where exactly it is happening? in your developer machine or in the target machine? Please provide more information on the error
Sarath C 12-Oct-10 22:27pm View    
This is an alternate method. Work Similar to get GetSystemInfo but if it's WOW64 process, we can't understand the underlying platform is 64 bit or not. For that we must call GetNativeSystemInfo
Sarath C 27-Aug-10 10:52am View    
There are better experts than me, in the forums. Don't limit it for me. Ask you questions publically to get better answers. You can reach me through my twitter (@sarat), send direct message through (I'm not sure whether this option still avaliable in codeproject)