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Vandana87 26-Sep-17 6:12am View    
hi, what if i have multiple columns with different name like below sample -

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package xmlns="" version="film5.2">

<synopsis>Directed by Khalil Joseph....
<production_company>Pulse Films

<rating system="ag-movies" reason="Parental Guidance" code="PG"/>
<rating system="au-oflc" reason="General" code="G"/>
<rating system="br-movies" reason="Ominous theme" code="10"/>
<rating system="de-fsk" reason="Approved for age 6 and older" code="6+"/>
<rating system="hk-movies" reason="Neither obscene nor indecent" code="ALL"/>
<rating system="in-movies" reason="12 years of age" code="UA"/>
<rating system="nz-oflc" reason="Anyone can be shown or sold this" code="G"/>
<rating system="zw-movies" reason="Parental Guidance" code="PG"/>

<crew_member billing="top">
<display_name>Kahlil Joseph

<crew_member billing="top">
<display_name>Kahlil Joseph

<!-- Additional crew members here -->
Vandana87 26-Oct-15 2:24am View    
Thankyou for replying.setTimeout did not work i had already tried it.
document.addEventListener('textlayerrendered', function (event) {

if (event.detail.pageNumber === {
Highlight function called here again...
}, true);

In the above snipped I have called textlayerrendered event listner to identify if page is rendered. But the problem is it again fails when I 1st time jump in 2nd page here it highlights text of previous page as the 2nd page is not rendered.

Hope you understood the above issue..
Vandana87 30-Jun-15 3:42am View    
Hi praveen,
i jst saw the aove link. Thankyou for the same, but i looking for a c# code as i want make an application that does the above work. i have many document where this need to be done dynamically. I am new to this so please guide me for the same.
Vandana87 16-Jun-15 9:35am View    
hey, have already tried all this..Let me tell you what is actually want..

I have PDFS file in which I want to jump to a chunk(string) location based on the chunk(string) count. For example, in PDFS file I have around 100 chunks(strings) on page 5 and I want to jump to 53rd chunk(string) of the this page.
Vandana87 15-Jun-15 5:56am View    
hi, i have provided the code plz giude me if you can..