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dimpledevani 6-Nov-14 9:01am View
try to hit your webservice url in browser and check if any firewall issues
dimpledevani 6-Nov-14 8:57am View
try paramterized crystal report.You can search it,You will get many useful links on net
dimpledevani 1-Apr-14 9:49am View
Can you please explain in detail???
dimpledevani 1-Apr-14 9:40am View
Try Datatable dt1=datatable.copy;
dimpledevani 26-Mar-14 9:40am View
You can try the substring function.If all records have <head> and </head> and you required data is always between these tags,then substring would be apt.
dimpledevani 6-Feb-14 1:47am View
It depends on your requirements.You can use while loop or try indexing your tables
dimpledevani 6-Feb-14 1:45am View
You can store the install date somewhere in your application's registry or in database and then compare that date every time you lunch your application.If it crosses more than 30 days, then you can get your requirement done.
dimpledevani 3-Jan-13 6:45am View
my 5+
dimpledevani 31-Dec-12 1:02am View
use <> in sql for checking 'not equal to'
dimpledevani 20-Dec-12 4:22am View
you can use the grouping fields to group according name and date .So it wont repeat date
dimpledevani 17-Dec-12 7:44am View
My 5+
dimpledevani 12-Dec-12 7:10am View
Have Column as InsertDate in your table where you are inserting rows
dimpledevani 5-Dec-12 6:58am View
Can you post your code and explain in detail what you performed??
dimpledevani 3-Dec-12 6:46am View
Try the RowDataBound event of SPGridView
dimpledevani 29-Nov-12 7:56am View
Use loop and remove the duplicates
dimpledevani 29-Nov-12 7:53am View
Client needs a proper .net framework to run any application.So installl the missing files/setup for crystal report
dimpledevani 26-Nov-12 7:56am View
You can clear the values as soon as your insert query fires or disabl the button once its clicked.Debug your code and find out
dimpledevani 25-Nov-12 23:52pm View
insert cannot be used with where
dimpledevani 22-Nov-12 5:05am View
You can use the key pressed event and find out the ascii value of the character typed and replace it by its corresponding ascii code in capita
dimpledevani 21-Nov-12 4:02am View
Can you Please explain in detail?? What you want and what have you tried??
dimpledevani 21-Nov-12 4:01am View
try changing the datasource to null and then add new values '--SELECT--' ,etc as new datasource
dimpledevani 8-Nov-12 6:41am View
Please explain in detail
dimpledevani 8-Nov-12 6:10am View
well i guess in that case you need to add the code again to those records and then merge them
dimpledevani 5-Nov-12 7:55am View
The code which you have posted in that only in the pageload function write call a proc to retriev the details (select cmd) and show it in a control like gridview
dimpledevani 5-Nov-12 7:50am View
Please explain your query in detail and what is the above code for??
dimpledevani 5-Oct-12 8:42am View
well sorry but as far as i understood the question i thought he needed to reset the value so i gave this solution
dimpledevani 1-Oct-12 9:27am View
you can scan the image and convert it to binary form and save it in your database, n can convert it back to img form while retrieving
dimpledevani 10-Sep-12 6:38am View
Quote.FullAmt can be null,Check that too
dimpledevani 10-Sep-12 1:51am View
try Debugging your code and you will get it
dimpledevani 7-Sep-12 5:06am View
Thats because you are over riding the Parameter field value.For each parameter you should have different ParameterField fields.e.g
pField1.ParameterFieldName = "FromDate"
disVal.Value = frmReport.DTPFrom.Value

pField2.ParameterFieldName = "FromDate"
disVal.Value = frmReport.DTPFrom.Value
dimpledevani 3-Sep-12 1:43am View
where have you written this code?? I mean the event??
dimpledevani 29-Aug-12 0:46am View
when you are deleting a row the total number of rows in your datatable also changes so the error is valid as you are in a loop.Try to make a copy of your datatable and in for loop for assigning the max value use one table and delete rows in other table
dimpledevani 24-Aug-12 9:14am View
if you are using web, then you need to use gridview.DataBind() after assigning the DataSource, and by the way why are you using command.ExecuteNonquery()??
You need adapter.selectCommand=command
dimpledevani 24-Aug-12 7:41am View
well you have an option for converting your report in various format, as you know that export option is available for crystal report, so just export it through code and then show it
dimpledevani 24-Aug-12 7:38am View
well i guess your database is having some problem, try opening the database and fire some queries in it, if it works properly then check your code for connectivity
dimpledevani 22-Aug-12 9:30am View
I meant that install the framework having crystal report.
Fo reg: when you install visual studio you get an option to install other features including crystal reports.See that you have installed it
dimpledevani 22-Aug-12 9:16am View
Use summaryFields of Crystal Report
dimpledevani 22-Aug-12 9:13am View
Your Error itself says the solution. Install the required .net framework.
dimpledevani 13-Aug-12 3:29am View
Use google and search for crystal reports.I am sure you will get it
dimpledevani 10-Aug-12 6:49am View
The is a Math class having all the basic mathematical expressions.Search in it
dimpledevani 10-Aug-12 6:48am View
Write a function that returns you the desired text and call the function on the textchanged event or key pressed event to load it in listbox.On mouseclick event of listitem ,copy the text to your textbox
dimpledevani 10-Aug-12 1:27am View
In your report viewer there is an option to enable database logon, just disable it and try
dimpledevani 10-Aug-12 1:24am View
Can you please explain in detail??
dimpledevani 9-Aug-12 8:41am View
It means that your datatable does not have any column named 'Image' ,Check you column names
dimpledevani 9-Aug-12 8:37am View
As far as i know TextChanged Event fires only when you press enter or tab key from keyboard.So after you select an item from history of textbox, try pressing enter and see if fires the event.
dimpledevani 6-Aug-12 4:06am View
If you are using datatable as a datasource to your gridview then use the dataview's sort method and try it
dimpledevani 2-Aug-12 1:50am View
You can directly call the method the way you call it from Class A. e.g : objClassB.MethodA();
dimpledevani 31-Jul-12 6:09am View
In which event are you working??
dimpledevani 31-Jul-12 2:21am View
Thank you very much for replying,But I found the issue and solved it myself.
dimpledevani 31-Jul-12 0:52am View

Protected Overrides Sub CreateChildControls()


lblConfirmation = New Label With
.ID = "lblConfirmation",
.EnableViewState = True

lblReason = New Label With
.ID = "lblreason",
.Text = "Reason"

'txtReason = New InputFormTextBox With 'commented for local testing and wrote the below line

txtReason = New TextBox With
.ID = "txtReason",
.TextMode = TextBoxMode.MultiLine,
.EnableViewState = False,
.Width = Unit.Percentage(100),
.Height = Unit.Pixel(60),
.Wrap = True
end sub

I am creating textboxes in createchildcontrols event and have one button on click event of which I am writing

sReason=txtReason.Text 'sreason is a class variable


While debugging I can see the value as "" in watch window but in design it still there
dimpledevani 26-Jul-12 2:44am View
It is not necessary, every company or firm have their own way of storing such data
dimpledevani 24-Jul-12 8:32am View
combobox.items.remove(), search about this and you will find it
dimpledevani 24-Jul-12 8:08am View
try to google it, you will get your answer
dimpledevani 24-Jul-12 8:07am View
On selectionChangeCommitted event of first combobox,check if its a,b or c.According to it keep the required elements and remove the unrequired of second combobox
dimpledevani 24-Jul-12 6:00am View
You hav not used isposback method so, your dropdownlist is reloding and bydefalut first item is selected
dimpledevani 24-Jul-12 0:51am View
Reload your dropdownlist on page load
dimpledevani 24-Jul-12 0:47am View
Its ok, Good you found out
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 9:15am View
on the double click event for your listbox, open a textbox and on the keypress event of textbox for enter key save it in listbox and hide the textbox
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 9:11am View
It contained the name of user and not its UserID??
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 9:10am View
Wierd problem.Try assigning those images through code .
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 9:08am View
Have you debugged on the line objvo.UserId = Convert.ToInt32(UserListBox.SelectedValue.ToString());
and saw if the UserListBox.SelectedValue contains anything
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 9:02am View
what is data's datatype of your listbox??
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 5:07am View
msy be your textbox is readonly or disabled
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 2:24am View
can you explain in detail??
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 2:23am View
what does the method binddata() do??
dimpledevani 20-Jul-12 5:40am View
dimpledevani 20-Jul-12 5:38am View
If you are working on web then use FileUpload Control or you must use FileDialog box control to select and specify your required file
dimpledevani 19-Jul-12 9:10am View
If you remove your orderId column it will work fine i guess.And if you remove it dont forget to remove the order by clause
dimpledevani 19-Jul-12 3:09am View
please help me friends
dimpledevani 19-Jul-12 2:13am View
what help do you want??
dimpledevani 19-Jul-12 0:57am View
what problem exactly are you facing??
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 7:32am View
use the checkedchange event of checkbox
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 7:31am View
Try using session to store your username and use it on our second form
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 6:59am View
Create a normal event, in your loop when you are decrementing the value of 'i' , then you can check if its 30 and if yes , you can call the event like you call methods from there
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 6:12am View
So what is the problem??
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 5:46am View
I didnt understood anything, Please frame your question properly.
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 5:44am View
I am sorry if i am wrong but what i understood now is that you want only one item's color to be changed instead of every item you select, so i guess every time when you select an item before changing its color , loop and search if any other item's color has changed, if yes then chage it to default color and then give color to your newly selected item.
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 3:18am View
is ther proper space in between your where clause and parenthesis following it???
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 3:07am View
For the print button i think you need to check your connectivity settings of the printer
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 1:08am View
write your code on event when you select the item from list box
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 0:59am View
well i guess you try placing your report viewer on a form without any other controls and run your program
dimpledevani 18-Jul-12 0:56am View
Have you placed your viewer on a form which contains some other controls as well???
dimpledevani 17-Jul-12 7:50am View
In crystal reports there is an option of making groups, so make a group of department and followed by groups of columns you want.
dimpledevani 17-Jul-12 4:56am View
ya so when you switch from one form,store your required data in global variables and use it in your other form.If you are making on web then use session to store it
dimpledevani 17-Jul-12 3:54am View
could you explain a little more in detail???
dimpledevani 17-Jul-12 2:38am View
when you ope you first form,then in the load event you can write form2.close() and same for you other forms
dimpledevani 17-Jul-12 0:50am View
have you tried using the text changed event??
dimpledevani 16-Jul-12 2:14am View
On your report right click and goto the page setup and change the orientation and/or size of paper and then preview you report
dimpledevani 16-Jul-12 1:29am View
change your page setup and printer settings
dimpledevani 6-Jul-12 6:30am View
column name of databasefield and field in crystal report should have same name
dimpledevani 3-Jul-12 10:26am View
i am sorry but i didnt get you...
dimpledevani 3-Jul-12 6:08am View
Why have you used a loop?? There is a datasource property of gridview where you can directly assign your datatable
dimpledevani 3-Jul-12 3:41am View
search google and you will get list of links for your help
dimpledevani 2-Jul-12 8:44am View
you have both month and year, so before entering value in your database, compare them with distinct values and if it doesnt match then reset your value
dimpledevani 2-Jul-12 8:41am View
on print command enter your search condition in where clause and fire the query again to get only the required data or you can use the formula fields of crystal reports also...
dimpledevani 29-Jun-12 3:59am View
what do you want exactly ????
dimpledevani 28-Jun-12 2:28am View
What is your exact problem??
dimpledevani 25-Jun-12 5:43am View
Didnt understood your question. Doesnt work means what??
dimpledevani 25-Jun-12 5:29am View
There is no such column in your select query, check your query
dimpledevani 25-Jun-12 5:24am View
Am sorry but i didnt understood your question properly.You can set the checked property to false for checkbox
dimpledevani 25-Jun-12 5:09am View
yes it is possible
dimpledevani 25-Jun-12 5:09am View
At design time, when you preview the data, its a dummy data according to the datatype given by you, at runtime it is necessary that column names should be same as those in database..
dimpledevani 22-Jun-12 3:16am View
you can have validation to check whether a row has values for required columns, if not then goto next row or if it is last row then exit your loop
dimpledevani 21-Jun-12 7:43am View
put your chart on a panel
dimpledevani 21-Jun-12 7:30am View
fire your query every time on button click and update you grid
dimpledevani 2-Mar-12 5:56am View
well you can redirect it back to your desired page after your task complete
dimpledevani 2-Mar-12 5:29am View
I am sorry but i didnt understod your query properly. But i guess after you upload your file,create a hyperlink of it and on click of this hyperlink you can write the download code
dimpledevani 2-Mar-12 5:18am View
well try using cmbtype.SelectedItem.Text to match display member or cmbtype.SelectedItem.Value for value member in your code
dimpledevani 1-Mar-12 1:43am View
well there is an ASCII value for each key, serach the ASCII value n on key press event match it
dimpledevani 25-Feb-12 8:17am View
have you assigned a datasource to the gridview???
dimpledevani 30-Dec-11 5:11am View
wEll your stored procedure whenever will be called will enter same ID and name to 2 tables n update the third 1, Do you want like this?? I mean i think you need to modify ur SP
dimpledevani 28-Dec-11 7:04am View
as far as i know, Gridview is visible only if a datasource is given to it and the datasource should have some data in it