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Comments by HariPrasad katakam (Top 31 by date)

HariPrasad katakam 19-Jan-15 5:03am View    
Where is your submit button located (is it inside gridview)? What is your exact requirement for submit button?
HariPrasad katakam 31-Jan-14 0:56am View    
Thanks for your response Prasad. I See that thread was pretty old, Do you think is that work is still work in progress? and please keep me posted if you find any update. once again thanks for your efforts and time.
HariPrasad katakam 29-Oct-13 6:15am View    
Have you put below code inside your Page Load and inside if(!IsPostBack){} block?

if (!IsPostBack)
rbtlistdrawings.Items.Add("Draw Polygon");
rbtlistdrawings.Items.Add("Craw Circle");
HariPrasad katakam 23-Oct-13 6:52am View    
Check your page_load event and put the code which is not needed to reload in post backs in if(!postBack){--} block.
HariPrasad katakam 23-Oct-13 6:21am View    
Do you meen you have a list of users and each user has a list of profiles? Please elaborate your requirement. So that some one can help you.