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Comments by ziad imad (Top 14 by date)

ziad imad 16-Mar-20 17:41pm View    
yes the machine was very good i even used server for iis and another for database
but the problem with javascript because iam doing alot of processing on the DOM
ziad imad 3-Aug-17 15:49pm View    
Hi u can try text-align:center for the first td
ziad imad 27-Jul-17 14:19pm View    
I don't no about sessions in javascript
but simply u can use hidden field
ziad imad 27-Jul-17 14:10pm View    
Hi u can try the following
use gridview that bond to database and a button out side the gridview which insert
data into databse and if data inserted successfully use GridView.DataBind() to
get the inserted data into the gridview
ziad imad 14-May-17 6:51am View    
hihave u try cascade dropdownlist