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#realJSOP 25-Jul-19 10:16am View
Waitaminit - I'll send you a crystal ball to help you see...
#realJSOP 25-Jul-19 10:15am View
It's impossible to help you. We don't know what kind of app, or what "showing exception" means.
#realJSOP 20-Jul-19 12:02pm View
Keep it separated
#realJSOP 15-Jul-19 14:14pm View
You have to post the json you're trying to deserialize. All we can contribute at this point is, "Yep! looks OK to me."
#realJSOP 15-Jul-19 10:56am View
This is not an appropriate question for QA. Use the appropriate forum instead.
#realJSOP 14-Jul-19 10:32am View
It was at the top of my list of latest unanswered questions.
#realJSOP 14-Jul-19 8:08am View
My guess is that these emails are being sent to the site's users, NOT the network's users, so using groups would be - well - wrong. Therefore having the SMTP server do it is - well - wrong.
#realJSOP 13-Jul-19 11:04am View
Go back and re-read what I said.
#realJSOP 25-Jun-19 11:38am View
"Still not working" doesn't tell us sh*t.
#realJSOP 21-Jun-19 7:33am View
Your total_fc and paid_fc columns appear to be strings, even though you're doing math with them...

Coding advice - don't put spaces, underscores or other special chars in your table or column names (also avoid using sql reserved words) - it tends to distract a developer. Use camel case instead, such as "TotalFC". Not putting special chars in column names also eliminates the need to use square brackets around their names.
#realJSOP 20-Jun-19 14:33pm View
You may not want to, but that simply means your dev time and project complexity will increase because you're actively avoiding time-saving mechanisms that are freely and widely available. As I said, it's arbitrary, and pointless, as well as an artificially inflicted restriction on the project. But hey, it's your project, and as I've already said, whatever... In the end, google is your friend.
#realJSOP 20-Jun-19 6:52am View
Regardless of its inteded use, there are much better ways to do what you're trying to do.

Given that you already have a pythong script that creates the files, there's no reason you can rewrite the python script to still generate the files, but put the "info" into a database. In the time you've spent responding to my answer, you could have already implemented such a change, and gotten on with the rest of the project.
#realJSOP 19-Jun-19 10:31am View
Using filenames to provide info is a patentedly BAD idea. Write a new python script that saves your required into an actual database instead - that is the only reaql solution to your problem.
#realJSOP 19-Jun-19 9:03am View
You can't scan server-side folders from javascript, because it's a client-side technology.
#realJSOP 17-Jun-19 7:34am View
You must not have been paying attention in class...
#realJSOP 13-Jun-19 6:53am View
Can you see the column in DataTable.Columns using the debugger?
#realJSOP 11-Jun-19 9:42am View
I wonder why the SqlBulkCopy object doesn't automagically use the table name specified in the DataTable object... I recently implemented a generic BulkInsert method and tripped over the same problem. I just assumed that the SqlBulkCopy object would do what's right.
#realJSOP 10-Jun-19 10:09am View
In your stored proc, try enclosing the parameter list with parenthesis:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[save_sale_Master](    ... parameters)ASBEGIN   ...END

I use parenthesis even if I only have one parameter.
#realJSOP 31-May-19 7:21am View
#realJSOP 29-May-19 6:34am View
You obviously have a lot more experience than I do, since this has nothing to do with debugging.
#realJSOP 29-May-19 4:12am View
Well then, task #1 would be to learn how to use the debugger. We can't debug the code for you because we don't have your code (and no, we don't want your code).
#realJSOP 28-May-19 13:56pm View
I'm assuming you have access to the source code and know how to use the debugger. Is that not the case?
#realJSOP 26-May-19 6:53am View
The "what I tried" section is to show us the CODE that you tried.
#realJSOP 25-May-19 9:32am View
Even if they're not in the same solution?
#realJSOP 21-May-19 8:42am View
If you had actually "tried everything", your code would be working.
#realJSOP 19-May-19 10:11am View
If you kill the app, why would you expect any other outcome?
#realJSOP 17-May-19 6:40am View
He can't manage. He even said so in his question.
#realJSOP 16-May-19 15:06pm View
I work for the DoD and we had to create a proxy in order to traverse our load balancer. We use X509 as well, and send a certificate to the remote web service. Maybe just send one cert?
#realJSOP 16-May-19 14:56pm View
Are you sure you're using the corrcet TLS version?
#realJSOP 16-May-19 14:49pm View
Are you traversing a F5 load balancer?
#realJSOP 16-May-19 5:13am View
google is your friend
#realJSOP 12-May-19 7:09am View
Is this an Access database? Sql Server doesn't have "macros".
#realJSOP 12-May-19 7:07am View
I gotta ask - why are you using VB6? Microsoft abandoned it years ago.
#realJSOP 8-May-19 11:00am View
You may have to delete the existing instance in References, and re-add it.
#realJSOP 8-May-19 9:23am View
I suggest that you create a new project, and your source files, and compile the app, and probably 99% of the errors you'll see will involve missing assembly references. Keep in mind that the assemblies you need to reference may exhibit problems if they are also compiled to old versions of .Net. In that case, you may need to seek out newer versions of those assemblies.
#realJSOP 6-May-19 15:16pm View
Looks like you're missing some code, Sparky.
#realJSOP 6-May-19 14:10pm View
Identifying the problem gets you half way to solving it.
#realJSOP 6-May-19 10:03am View
5! The most obvious solution is often the most elusive.
#realJSOP 5-May-19 10:22am View
is card_num the encrypted column?
#realJSOP 26-Apr-19 21:06pm View
No. No. No.
#realJSOP 26-Apr-19 8:02am View
What framework? WPF or Winforms?
#realJSOP 24-Apr-19 12:03pm View
I updated my answer.
#realJSOP 24-Apr-19 5:15am View
He's probably not going to check it because it's happening on your copy of IE. Just make sure you're using the latest version, and if it still happens, change browsers or change your app not to make that kind of url.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-19 13:36pm View
He should have started sooner.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-19 7:18am View
#realJSOP 22-Apr-19 15:16pm View
Show us the string.
#realJSOP 19-Apr-19 14:54pm View
This would be a HUGE project. Why don't you just use what's already available?
#realJSOP 19-Apr-19 8:32am View
Which line is line 72?
#realJSOP 17-Apr-19 10:00am View
I charge $250 US per hour for contract development work, with a minimum charge of $1000. Let me know if you want me to work for you. I take PayPal.
#realJSOP 16-Apr-19 3:17am View
This type of questioon isn't appropriate for QA. Use one of the forums.
#realJSOP 13-Apr-19 12:49pm View
You mean the smiley after "Don't use Edge" wasn't a clear enough indicator that I was just poking you in the ribs?

Furthermore, I didn't admit that I "use" Edge - I merely tried it to see if I could see the same issue. So, let the knot in your panties loosen up, and you may find that your sense of humor will expand.
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 15:30pm View
Nooooo, which database are you using? SQL Server from Microsoft, MYSQL (the popular open-source SQL database), Oracle, etc,. They are *ALL* SQL, but they implement the language somewhat differently and have a certain variance when providing functions. It's important that we know WHICH database you're using so we can provide adequate help.
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 15:12pm View
Let them figure it out.
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 14:38pm View
Is this Sql server, or mysql?
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 13:25pm View
I was merely bowing to my nature of being a smartass. I'm sure Chrome is a fine product.
#realJSOP 11-Apr-19 14:14pm View
It's not that "it's bad", it's that it's "impossible". You simply can't put code into the config file and expect it to to run.

You can put the folder name, the extension, and even a format string into the app config, but you can't oput code in it.
#realJSOP 10-Apr-19 14:12pm View
What does "1" mean?
#realJSOP 9-Apr-19 7:49am View
I don't see a textbox or the offending javascript in your code snippet.
#realJSOP 8-Apr-19 4:21am View
I charge $250 (US) per hour, with a minimum charge of $1000 (US). Let me know if you're interested.
#realJSOP 7-Apr-19 13:08pm View
the benefit of using temp tables is that you can create applicable indexes on them, making subsequent queries against them muchfaster - you can't do that with a CTE.
#realJSOP 7-Apr-19 8:32am View
I like CTEs, but I don't know if MySQL supports them...
#realJSOP 7-Apr-19 8:28am View
If you have "no idea where to start from", how did you get the job (assuming you do this for a living)? If your skills are lacking (which they are, according to your statement), why did you even accept the responsibility for performing the task? If this is just stuff you're doing on your own (and even if it isn't), the internet is FULL of places to go to learn the info you need to know to do what you need. I'm really tired of lazy-ass people that like to call themselves "programmers".
#realJSOP 5-Apr-19 9:16am View
Probably something eaqullly old, like IE4
#realJSOP 5-Apr-19 8:51am View
Google does. You could also do a search on CodeProject.
#realJSOP 4-Apr-19 15:04pm View
That shouldn't matter.
#realJSOP 4-Apr-19 6:41am View
If it requires a plist file, what makes you think you can do it without a plist file?
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 14:30pm View
And you verified that you're getting the expected data without dupes in your dataset?
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 14:12pm View
Did you verify that the data in your database isn't somehow duplicated?
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 10:17am View
Well, you wanted suggestions on how to do what you wanted to do, and I made all the suggestions I could think of. If you had already thought of those options, then having someone else suggest the same things would be an indication that you've already considered all of your options. Honestly, with the dirth of apps that can be installed on a given box, I think it would be nigh-on impossible to have support for every one.

Therefore, rolling your own minimalist app(s) to handle the various media types, and giving the user the chance to pick his own is your best approach, but only having been in the industry for 40 years, I may not have any useful insights for you.
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 9:53am View
I added actual informative input below. The statement you're responding to was more a comment regarding what you call "media".
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 9:44am View
"HTML" isn't generally considered a media file.
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 7:18am View
Your variable and method names absolutely suck.

Just sayin...
#realJSOP 2-Apr-19 8:05am View
I suppose you could base64 encode and pass it as a querystring value, and then decode it in the receiving page.
#realJSOP 1-Apr-19 7:50am View
He said google for the info. It's probably extensive and is not suitable for posting here.
#realJSOP 1-Apr-19 7:18am View
How do you expect to hash free space on a drive?
#realJSOP 29-Mar-19 15:11pm View
Smells like homework to me.
#realJSOP 29-Mar-19 15:10pm View
We're not going to do your homework for you, and if we used a recursive function to count how many times we have to say this, we would have overflowed the stack, several million times over.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-19 11:38am View
The best I can recommend for that is google, given my lack of experience with python.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-19 11:33am View
I'm not a python dev (yet). I was just thinking about the different ways a string won't compare the way you think. I bet it's got something to do with you converting it to a UTF8 string before comparing it.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 20:35pm View
Ef6 does not have “full support” for stored procs. Ask me how I know.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 14:06pm View
No integer type (except a decimal) can be 20 digits long. Try casting your value to a decimal before using printf.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 10:28am View
Plesk doesn't have anything to do with your emauil credentials. Like F-ES suggested, you have to ask the hosting provider for the necessary SMPT info. There's no way around that, short of looking around on the host provider's web site for an applicable help page.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 7:45am View
And for the record, you should NEVER name your tables, views, columns and other stuff using SQL reserved words. "Group" is NOT a good name.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 7:44am View
I changed my answer. try it now.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 7:42am View
"Is not working" doesn't tell me a damn thing.
#realJSOP 27-Mar-19 7:25am View
Yes, it is unfortunate.
#realJSOP 25-Mar-19 11:45am View
Not in c++. Of course, you could write function to do it so you don't have to deal directly with the ugly bits.
#realJSOP 21-Mar-19 10:09am View
Well, I don't understand what's wrong either, because I'm not there to see what you're doing, and you're not telling us anything.
#realJSOP 19-Mar-19 10:02am View
Well, your question only provides half of the info necessary to answer it. You did not specify WHERE "eventID comes from,so I assumed it was a variable that you magically created. If it's in the page's model, or in another object, you of course have to modify what I told you.
#realJSOP 18-Mar-19 15:41pm View
Don't use SSH.
#realJSOP 18-Mar-19 6:52am View
Here's my suggestion - use google, or contact protege and get help directly from them.
#realJSOP 14-Mar-19 7:00am View
I still don't know what you want. What characters do you want to allow?
#realJSOP 13-Mar-19 10:37am View
So in other words, you want to let the user type in anything he wants? That's pretty much every printable character on the keyboard.
#realJSOP 11-Mar-19 14:36pm View
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
#realJSOP 11-Mar-19 13:45pm View
We've already discussed default methods in interfaces here at CP, and have deemed them to be generally pointless. In point of fact, we also decided that MS would have been better served changing some more icons rather than implementing default methods in interfaces.
#realJSOP 11-Mar-19 11:34am View
Interface vs abstract - potay-toe, potah-toe in most cases.

Interfaces can't have implemented methods, so if you need that, abstract is the go-to mechanism. On the other hand, you can only inherit from a single class, but you can inherit multiple interfaces.

I mostly use interfaces when I want to include otherwise dissimilar objects in a single collection of complex types.

I use static classes for my DAL functionality, because the connections are transient. That way, I don't have to inherit from a base class (saving that for really important stuff).
#realJSOP 8-Mar-19 8:39am View
That's the PointF class, and it only takes floats.
#realJSOP 7-Mar-19 14:46pm View
Neither of those things worked.
#realJSOP 7-Mar-19 14:43pm View
I don't know if that would work. That's why I asked the question.
#realJSOP 5-Mar-19 11:27am View
This is not the correct place to discuss theory/best practice. Use the appropriate code forum instead of QA.
#realJSOP 5-Mar-19 6:42am View
I think it's some sort of new-fangled mind/machine interface.
#realJSOP 5-Mar-19 6:36am View
How is it "auto-save" if you have to press a key to kick it off?
#realJSOP 5-Mar-19 5:19am View
Oops, fixed it.
#realJSOP 1-Mar-19 15:01pm View
ssms is not sql server. It's a gui tool that lets you perform queries, etc.
#realJSOP 19-Feb-19 15:01pm View
He's stuck on "Your homework assignment for tonight is..."
#realJSOP 12-Feb-19 13:53pm View
Then you need to either a) create another model with just the fields you need, or b) create a base model that includes just the fields you need, and derive another model from it for use elsewhere.
#realJSOP 12-Feb-19 10:46am View
I'll take another look then. I also don't recall whether or not he duscussed how to completely remove EF. I beleiev it's more involved than just uninstalling the nuget package.
#realJSOP 12-Feb-19 10:34am View
It's been a few days (maybe a week) since I looked at it, but it presented more questions.

For instance, do I need the OWIN stuff if I'm not allowing external logins (farcebook, bitter, evil, etc)?
#realJSOP 4-Feb-19 10:31am View
I'll look at that, then.
#realJSOP 4-Feb-19 8:51am View
I don't want to use an ORM of any kind. Isn't that what Dapper is?
#realJSOP 4-Feb-19 8:46am View
Yeah, I found those links this morning, but they're blocked at work. :/

As an aside, I explored core razor pages, and there's too much dancing around with IIS to make it worth our while. Our app is currently a hyper-delicate house of cards, and converting to core AND mucking around in IIS seems fraught with more danger than I want to personally deal with. Besides, CRaP is still in its infancy, and there's very little in terms of tangible help/examples on the internet right now. However, I do prefer the CRap folder hierarchy to the old MVC5 arrangement.
#realJSOP 4-Feb-19 8:10am View
I know this is almost 3 years old, but...

We have an existing ASP.Net/Javascript/Ajax site that uses ADO, and they're converting it to EF. I am not on board with this because EF has a huge footprint, and 99% of our database access is via stored procs, thus nullifying most benefits that EF provides. Virtually ALL of our stored procs use at least one join of some kind, and there are a lot of CTEs. I see no tangible/useful justification for the switch. I'm in the process of designing a new version of the site with MVC5 and the template insists on adding EF when I select some form of user account. I haven't yet investigated removing EF. IMHO, the juice ain't worth the squeeze.
#realJSOP 31-Jan-19 9:33am View
You're doing it wrong.

See? My answer matches you question with regards to useful inormation.
#realJSOP 28-Jan-19 8:26am View
By "run an app", I mean click a link and have it start. When you run a web app in VS, the url is localhost:nnnnn. To my knowledge, you can't set a url (in a link) to "localhost:nnnnn" and have IIS express understand what you mean ("run this app over here").
#realJSOP 28-Jan-19 7:52am View
I want to redsign the app to use MVC Razor Pages, and move all of the apps into a single app. I'm going to have to do this on my own time because we don't have "time or people" to do it at work. Unfortunately, on a team of eight developers, I'm the only one willing to put in the time. :(
#realJSOP 28-Jan-19 7:43am View
No. I want to be able to click a link in one web app that runs another web app in the solution.
#realJSOP 19-Jan-19 8:15am View
I'm not here to write code for you.
#realJSOP 19-Jan-19 7:30am View
That made me laugh out loud. :)
#realJSOP 18-Jan-19 6:32am View
Be a programmer and fix it. I typed it off the top of my head without the benefit of ssms syntax checking.
#realJSOP 17-Jan-19 9:59am View
I cited the first article so you could see how I used it to do what you want. It will create a table based on the contents of the file being imported.

The second article cited simply breaks that importer code to make it easier to include in your own projects.

Even if it doesn't exactly fit your requirements, be a programmer and bend it to your own nefarious designs.

I don't do anything in VB (much less VB script). Since SQL Server 2008, you can use C# to write a SSIS script task.
#realJSOP 15-Jan-19 14:56pm View
Post your questions in English.
#realJSOP 15-Jan-19 14:55pm View
It's a string extention method, so you can call it on any string (in c#):
string mystring = "this is my string";
bool result = myString.IsLike("%is my%"); // will return true
result = mystring.IsLike("%bacon%"); // will return false
result = mystring.IsLike("THIS is MY string"); // will return true
#realJSOP 9-Jan-19 15:41pm View
Make all of your integer types the same (unsigned long). You also have not said WHAT the exception is. As a test, I made n an int, and left sum1 and sum1 as unsigned longs, and .Net threw an exception because n wan't an unsigned long.
#realJSOP 4-Jan-19 7:08am View
Did you inspect the inner exception?
#realJSOP 3-Jan-19 10:11am View
This is the answer. If Silverlight was still viable, that would be the platform he would use, but MS kills good ideas quite frequently.
#realJSOP 3-Jan-19 6:40am View
One of your classmates asked this question a couple of weeks ago.
#realJSOP 31-Dec-18 9:40am View
Change the name of your method from TimeSpan to something else, like X, or Y.
#realJSOP 25-Dec-18 14:07pm View
It doesn't matter how many shifts they work. What matters is how many HOURS they work in a week. Anything over 40 hours is considered overtime. Maybe his instructor didn't explain the problem well enough.
#realJSOP 25-Dec-18 9:58am View
This is getting painful to watch...
#realJSOP 14-Dec-18 10:25am View
That is true in a lot of cases here. He probably hasn't had the time to learn...
#realJSOP 12-Dec-18 7:06am View
If youy "don't have not much time to learn", your career as a programmer will be short and chock full of disappointment. Good luck in whatever vocation you choose next.
#realJSOP 11-Dec-18 7:27am View
I always though everyone in India was going to school to learn to be a developer - or a call center person.
#realJSOP 7-Dec-18 11:54am View
Take a class.
#realJSOP 4-Dec-18 10:09am View
You can't write the code do do that?
#realJSOP 3-Dec-18 9:14am View
Not at all. The using still does cleanup for you - I'm just making the objects available in the event of an exception occurring so I can see what's in them. "Generally better" is just a guideline, kinda like the Pirate's Code.
#realJSOP 3-Dec-18 5:08am View
#realJSOP 29-Nov-18 10:33am View
#realJSOP 15-Nov-18 12:25pm View
He said try it and see. "Can I do this" is a STUPID question for a developer. Why? Because it solidly demonstrates a lack of initiative, or even the ability to google how to do something. Devs today have MUCH FREE access to more extensive resources than we did back in the days before google, yet they refuse to use those tools. I mourn for the software industry as a whole. Good luck in whatever vocation you end up with, because it won't be software development if you can't find/develop the skill to use google.
#realJSOP 15-Nov-18 8:33am View
Sorry, I recently put Windows 10 on my crystal ball, and the oct 218 update bricked my ball.
#realJSOP 15-Nov-18 7:22am View
Why not just use ADO? Entity Framework is really heavy for simple projects.
#realJSOP 8-Nov-18 7:36am View
English please.
#realJSOP 7-Nov-18 15:43pm View
I have no idea what you're trying to say.
#realJSOP 7-Nov-18 15:32pm View
Cut funding to all projects, and the project manager that complains the loudest is the project that gets the most money.
#realJSOP 7-Nov-18 12:23pm View
Where in my response did I say that I found a newer version of the DLL? I merely postulated that could be the cause of your problem. I don't know if there is a newer version.
#realJSOP 6-Nov-18 13:40pm View
If your code was correct, you wouldn't be having a problem.
#realJSOP 6-Nov-18 5:51am View
I'm glad you asked that. I was wondering if I had missed another new technology that used those terms.
#realJSOP 5-Nov-18 5:25am View
Well, not every government entity implements the same tax determination. You're going to be writing code forever. Unfortunately, you have to know all of the tax codes before you can design a class hierarchy or database schema to handle it.
#realJSOP 30-Oct-18 14:36pm View
I thought he wanted to get a list of all classes derived from his interface.
#realJSOP 30-Oct-18 11:35am View
once I got onto a windows box, I wrote a real simple console app (defined an interface object, inherited from it, and then di "is ...", and in that case, it worked. However, I didn't get the assembly types.
#realJSOP 30-Oct-18 5:49am View
I got another 1-vote today - almost 8 years after I posted the answer... SMFH
#realJSOP 30-Oct-18 5:33am View
No, it was off the top of my head, and I was on a Linux system that didn't have (monodevelop on it) when I answered.
#realJSOP 29-Oct-18 13:33pm View
Learn to use the debugger. "This code isn't working" is NOT a question.
#realJSOP 29-Oct-18 7:03am View
I think he's using the ultra-free version of Visual Studio (doesn't come with a debugger).
#realJSOP 29-Oct-18 7:02am View
Change the font for that data to be a non-proportional font.
#realJSOP 28-Oct-18 17:23pm View
The reason it isn't working is because your code isn't in a <pre> block.
#realJSOP 24-Oct-18 6:05am View
It displays all columns because you said "select *". That means you return all columns.
#realJSOP 23-Oct-18 7:24am View
Obvious to some, maybe...
#realJSOP 23-Oct-18 7:22am View
You should ask this question in one of the forums. It's more of a discussion that a specific question.
#realJSOP 18-Oct-18 11:44am View
There is no "solution 2".
#realJSOP 16-Oct-18 16:46pm View
#realJSOP 16-Oct-18 15:44pm View
He wants you to do ALL of his work for him.
#realJSOP 16-Oct-18 7:29am View
I've only used PowerShell once, and that was to unzip some files from a batch file. If it hadn't been for the security crap on our network, I wouldn't have used it.
#realJSOP 16-Oct-18 5:34am View
"Save as not working" doesn't tell us ANYTHING. I repeat - put a try/catch block around your code.
#realJSOP 15-Oct-18 15:29pm View
Tell him to read the documentation. I dare ya...
#realJSOP 11-Oct-18 14:08pm View
Did you recently edit a javascript file?
#realJSOP 11-Oct-18 7:08am View
If they're missing, they cannot be found. This is SQL zen.
#realJSOP 11-Oct-18 7:07am View
This is not a C# question. I changed the tag so it would be correctly categorized.
#realJSOP 6-Oct-18 3:50am View
I modified my answer.
#realJSOP 5-Oct-18 15:11pm View
I don't have any idea what you want clarified. You're just talking about inheritance here. As long as the methods are public or protected, and the class that inherits your class (apprently, msnbulkimport) can use those methods. That's not the same as "Must use".
#realJSOP 5-Oct-18 13:23pm View
It should be no different than inheriting directly from the class I indicated above.
#realJSOP 5-Oct-18 10:43am View
We don't do homework or classroom assignments for you. I assume that your instructor provided you with the necessary instructions and skills to complete the assignment.

How can you "get no clue" when you have the requirements right there in front of you?
#realJSOP 5-Oct-18 10:11am View
I don't speak thai, and besides, I'm not at all familiar with numeric organization in that language, so I cannot possibly help you. I did write some code that converts text to its integer numeric equivalent (example: "one hundred and five" converts to 105). The conversion doesn't go the other way, but it should be a minor effort for an interested C# programmer to implement.
#realJSOP 5-Oct-18 8:55am View
You don't have nearly enough code there to do what I think you're trying to do. Beyod that, we really can't help until we know the format of the source data.
#realJSOP 4-Oct-18 5:27am View
Nope - you can't do it by description. Since you HAVE to do it by name, my advice is to give your app a name that starts with a known prefix, so that the executable name looks something like this: "myapp_is56.exe", and then you could look for processes that start with "myapp_is", or some such thing.
#realJSOP 3-Oct-18 15:17pm View
Looks like it doesn't work on Win7 (probably because it's Edge instead of IE). :/
#realJSOP 3-Oct-18 15:07pm View
who the f*ck is in charge in redmond? Beavis, or Butthead?
#realJSOP 3-Oct-18 14:42pm View
I never saw any indications that the reg hack needed to be done for each platform.
#realJSOP 3-Oct-18 14:20pm View
I already did the registry hack thing, but that didn't resolve the javascript error i'm getting, but the wpf version is fine in that regard.

I'm trying to get the CEF library to work, but all I'm getting so far is an empty black window.
#realJSOP 3-Oct-18 8:55am View
Google is your friend.
#realJSOP 3-Oct-18 8:40am View
Show us your code.
#realJSOP 2-Oct-18 14:12pm View
Do you have permissions to execute a stored proc?
#realJSOP 2-Oct-18 9:55am View
He won't like whatever answer you gave him. He down-voted mine.
#realJSOP 2-Oct-18 8:39am View
Does it run without mono?
#realJSOP 1-Oct-18 5:10am View
I don't think they are the same. The WPF version works fine, but the WinForms version complains about the javascript function "addEventListener". I know about the CEF thing, but haven't tried it yet.
#realJSOP 30-Sep-18 20:33pm View
I already found that. :(

The solution discussed there is only viable for win8 and higher.

I also looked at using a winforms app and winforms interop, but the winforms web browser control is not possible because addeventlistener isn’t supported.

I think I’m just gonna have to deal with the inability to scale a web browser control.
#realJSOP 30-Sep-18 15:17pm View
I don't understand what you're trying to illustrate. What you posted is pretty much what I already have.
#realJSOP 24-Sep-18 15:21pm View
SMFH - the same guy just down-voted my question...
#realJSOP 24-Sep-18 11:12am View
Why don't you do it and let him "accept solution". That way, everybody wins.
#realJSOP 24-Sep-18 5:29am View
It never fails to amaze me when someone 1-votes an answer here, especially when the answer was *the* answer.
#realJSOP 23-Sep-18 8:33am View
post your first comment as a solution, and i'll mark it as the answer.
#realJSOP 21-Sep-18 13:28pm View
I put the filesystem tasks into one sequence container, and the ftp task into another one, and it seems to have fixed the problem. I don't understand why it should matter. I thought tasks were run sequentially if they were joined with arrows.
#realJSOP 21-Sep-18 11:33am View
I googled those, and it didn't appear to me that was the answer. I could try it and see, but I'm not optimistic. I wasn't aware there were "precedence constraints" to set. I'll look into it.


Precedence constraints are not available in 2008R2... :(
#realJSOP 18-Sep-18 5:21am View
I've been doing SSIS for two years and have only had to write two script tasks. I have no idea what dataframe is.
#realJSOP 17-Sep-18 5:27am View
The tools you use depend on what version of sql server you're using. When you google "ssis", include the version of ql, such as "sql server 2016 ssis".
#realJSOP 5-Sep-18 7:10am View
What's the difference between an orange?
#realJSOP 1-Sep-18 16:54pm View
It looks like he wants to create XML output from a select statement, but in all actuality, he could simply want a basket of oranges.
#realJSOP 31-Jul-18 11:55am View
It will throw the same exception with the OP's example value. You're converting an actual integer string to an int64, so it will convert without an exception. Your answer is therefore incorrect, and my observation stands.
#realJSOP 27-Jul-18 11:25am View
That code will throw exactly the same exception.
#realJSOP 27-Jul-18 11:13am View
He's getting his instructions from a golden unicorn, covered in glitter, and shooting rainbows out of its ass.
#realJSOP 27-Jul-18 11:12am View