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#realJSOP 22-Jul-20 18:58pm View
You can examine the execution plan to find the bottlenecks, and expect to have to create several nixes.
#realJSOP 19-Jul-20 8:06am View
My immediate answer is to be a programmer, learn how to use google, and fix it. Seriously, man...

I fixed the code.
#realJSOP 16-Jul-20 12:17pm View
You can find it on google
#realJSOP 16-Jul-20 11:02am View
I would do a union and simply add a single row for the total
#realJSOP 16-Jul-20 10:13am View
It's because we assumed that "date" was the name of the column. It must not be...
#realJSOP 16-Jul-20 9:55am View
That's invalid. the first argument has to be an expression - either a column name or a variable.
#realJSOP 16-Jul-20 8:21am View
Apparently, what you and I both took to be a datetime column is probably not a datetime column. LOL
#realJSOP 16-Jul-20 8:13am View
well, i can only assume that your date column is a datetime. since we can't devine yuour schema from thin freakin air, you're on the hook to make it actually work.
#realJSOP 6-Jul-20 13:30pm View
Samba is on the box I work on, but not all of the remote machines. BTW, I haven't tried ".local" yet.
#realJSOP 5-Jul-20 13:03pm View
yeah, that's what the path looks like. No workee. The exception is showing it that way, but i'm using a Uri and sending it as "file://...".
#realJSOP 5-Jul-20 11:29am View
Well, I don't want to have to do something on the remote device (happens to be a raspberry pi) to make it work, but at the same time, this code will eventually be runnign from a .net core web app on a linux box, so I can't use windows-specific code to do it. I don 't know any other way to do it. :/
#realJSOP 5-Jul-20 10:11am View
Well, it looks like you're using EntityFramework, so I can't comment because I refuse to use it. I thought it deserialized the data into entities for you, but I might be wrong...
#realJSOP 25-Jun-20 9:25am View
#realJSOP 22-Jun-20 10:43am View
My first guess is to find out why dr.Cells[1].Value is null, and fix it. My guess is that the cell value is a string, and your SQL is expecting a DateTime.

BTW, when you insert into a table, you really should specify the columns that you will be inserting data for. Your SQL statement is not guaranteed to work the way it's currently written.
#realJSOP 17-Jun-20 12:06pm View
I have no idea what you're asking
#realJSOP 12-Jun-20 15:48pm View
Edited my answer
#realJSOP 12-Jun-20 7:45am View
How should I know? Didn't yopu read the part of my answer that said you have to determine that on your own?
#realJSOP 11-Jun-20 8:38am View
are they excel files?
#realJSOP 8-Jun-20 5:34am View
I personally use session variables. More specifically, a single session var that is a container for all of my vars and collections that need to persist between page requests..
#realJSOP 5-Jun-20 14:07pm View
Then you should have an idea already how to do what I suggested. In point of fact, you can use the subscribe to the object's propertychanged event from the property, and simply see if the desired property is what caused it to fire, and if so, do whatever you want to do.
#realJSOP 4-Jun-20 12:05pm View
Are you using MVVM in your app?
#realJSOP 3-Jun-20 3:44am View
Being able to identify the problem is key to coming up with a solution. Good on you, mate.

BTW, we don't do homework for people.
#realJSOP 27-May-20 13:36pm View
You can strip out the excel support, and therefore, not use a package.
#realJSOP 17-May-20 8:11am View
Isn't this like the third time this homework question has come up?
#realJSOP 15-May-20 12:54pm View
You are aware that this question if almost 9 years old right?
#realJSOP 13-May-20 13:43pm View
Hire a programmer if you want someone to do it for you. Nobody here works for free.
#realJSOP 7-May-20 11:27am View
I see the problem - you're trying to do work that an actual programmer should be doing.
#realJSOP 4-May-20 8:24am View
put a breakpoint in your viewmodel method to see if it's even getting there.
#realJSOP 4-May-20 8:21am View
As an aside, whoever designed that WPF form absolutely sucks at designing WPF forms.
#realJSOP 29-Apr-20 13:45pm View
it might also be that he's specified a date that is earlier than sql's minimum valid date
#realJSOP 23-Apr-20 10:54am View
dude, don't do it that way. Your code is vulnerable to sql injection attacks
#realJSOP 23-Apr-20 9:22am View
He could do a bulk insert of data, though. It's very "brute force", and there is no method for preventing duplicate entries (if that might be a concern), but he could do it.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-20 9:20am View
A long string of question marks probably won't help you, so try a different character.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-20 9:18am View
Please don't clutter this question with facts. It's really distracting.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-20 7:04am View
Post this as a question.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-20 7:03am View
I have a WpfCommon assembly, which contains (among other things) a NotifiableWindow class that implements INotifyPropertyChanged. That way I just derive from that class, and don't have to do all that coding in the outward-facing window code.
#realJSOP 22-Apr-20 20:43pm View
Configure your Datepicker to force the user to actually select the dat with the picker.
#realJSOP 21-Apr-20 8:24am View
Honestly, I lost interest when I saw this - "but than I get another bunch of errors." You had me right up until the last sentence.
#realJSOP 21-Apr-20 5:25am View
His "real issue" was removing a comma from a string. His question didn't mention or imply the desire to make it culture specific. His example was to go from "1,250" to "1250". My solution is precisely what he asked for, and he marked it as "the answer".
#realJSOP 20-Apr-20 20:02pm View
How does it cover his real issues?
#realJSOP 20-Apr-20 13:27pm View
I don't have time to have a long drawn out message exchange. You have enough info that you should be able to google how to do what you want. Googling is certainly faster than posting a question and waiting for an answer. When you have a specific question, come back and ask it.
#realJSOP 18-Apr-20 6:46am View
You've replied with "1" twice. WTF does that even mean?
#realJSOP 14-Apr-20 8:56am View
Re-post this question in the appropriate discussion forum. Q&A is not a suitable platform for having a discussion of this scope.
#realJSOP 10-Apr-20 6:27am View
But LIKE eliminates the need to be concerned with case sensitivity (or it does in SQL Server).
#realJSOP 10-Apr-20 6:25am View
Probably because they "don't work".
#realJSOP 10-Apr-20 4:35am View
What's the error you're getting? "Doesn't seem to work doesn't tell us anything at all.
#realJSOP 8-Apr-20 8:55am View
Provide the answer is the desired path because it will help someone else that has a similar issue.
#realJSOP 7-Apr-20 17:43pm View
Well, call/email them and describe the problem. That's all I know. Well, that and you should hire a real developer. Just sayin...
#realJSOP 7-Apr-20 17:34pm View
Are you running your site on Apache/Linux?
#realJSOP 7-Apr-20 5:44am View
There is no such property in an Enum object.
#realJSOP 6-Apr-20 9:39am View
He's clearly an assassin, and not a developer.
#realJSOP 6-Apr-20 6:43am View
You have to show us the code from your form that handles the item selection.
#realJSOP 2-Apr-20 7:40am View
What do you mean by "display the text file in a treeview"? Are you saying all of the text in the file, or is the file a list of tree items? If it's a list of tree items, don't do that. Use JSON or XML instead, because those two formats can be deserialized into objects.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-20 13:36pm View
This guy can't possibly be from the US (as indicated in his profile). US programmers aren't generally this f*ckin helpless...
#realJSOP 28-Mar-20 12:59pm View
F*ckin google it dude. Hint - they're javascript events.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-20 12:02pm View
I'm merely grasping at straws here, but try InvokeMember("click") or InvokeMember("mouseup").

Also, do it this way:
HTMLNode ctrl = wb.Document.GetElementByID("source"); 
if (ctrl != null)

That way you can put a breakpoint in there and see what's happening.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-20 11:03am View
0) For the record, your problem descriptions suck.

1) You don't need to "simulate a mouse click". Simply call the control's Focus() method.

2) Find out what the id of the textbox is. You can do this by going to the google translate page in an external browser and viewing the source.

3) In your code, use HTMLAgilityPack (install it in your project with NuGet) to parse the page and find the control when it's browsed to in your app. From there, it's a simply matter of manipulating the DOM to do whatever it is you want to do.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-20 10:32am View
You can use InteropServices to send a window an event. I don't know (or care) what you want to do, but it can (and probably requires) be done with interopservices since it involves another window in an external app. Like I mentioned before, google is your friend.

BTW, a good "empty point" is the top/left pixel of the window's client area. There's almost never a control there. The color of the pixel at that point is inconsequential.
#realJSOP 28-Mar-20 10:03am View
Has nothing to do with colors - just allows you to find windows and controls that are currently active in windows.Z However, once you find the desired control window, you can discover whatever window properties you might want. This is going to require some googling on your part. You can use Spy++ to inspect a given window to see if you can get a lead on what to look for. Caveat, there's no "fast way" to find out what to do, unless you happen to stumble across a fairly complete assembly that contains all of the necessary InteropServices calls.
#realJSOP 23-Mar-20 5:31am View
You have to do a join with Linq. Google "Linq join".
#realJSOP 13-Mar-20 6:38am View
Your code makes no sense.
#realJSOP 10-Mar-20 19:07pm View
You can write a ssis package or SQL Server CLR assembly to do it.
#realJSOP 14-Feb-20 11:27am View
not working here.
#realJSOP 14-Feb-20 11:27am View
ummm, I don't know - I gotta dig through this spaghetti code to find it. again.
#realJSOP 14-Feb-20 10:11am View
It was something i tried, without any basis in experience. IOW, it was a stab in the dark.
#realJSOP 12-Jan-20 5:24am View
Uou do realize this question is 10 years old, right?
#realJSOP 30-Dec-19 6:40am View
I exist but to serve as an example to others. :)
#realJSOP 30-Dec-19 5:26am View
It means he's doing it wrong.
#realJSOP 25-Dec-19 5:49am View
What is the question?
#realJSOP 2-Dec-19 18:31pm View
You're better off keeping your opinions to yourself.
#realJSOP 2-Dec-19 7:05am View
Few (if any) here have a great love of Microsoft.
#realJSOP 27-Nov-19 11:09am View
My point is to keep them separate. Update your legacy app, and move the new feature to the MVC app. Don't cross the streams - you'll end up frustrated with a broken app that you can't fix. ASP.Net Web Forms is SIGNIFICANTLY different from MVC. Trust me, I've been in exactly the same position as you are right now.
#realJSOP 27-Nov-19 9:49am View
I wouldn't to it that way. Leave the legacy app alone, and re-implement it as a mvc app. When you're happy with the mvc app, replace the legacy app with the mvc app on the web server.
#realJSOP 26-Nov-19 6:45am View
That's a COMPLETELY different question than what you originally asked.See my new solution
#realJSOP 25-Nov-19 19:12pm View
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
#realJSOP 22-Nov-19 10:48am View
google "how to use visual studio debugger". It's highly likely you'll find a video on youtube.
#realJSOP 22-Nov-19 10:26am View
with the debugger.
#realJSOP 9-Nov-19 9:16am View
What SQl are we talking aabout? Sql Server? MySql? SomeOtherF*ckedUpSQL?
#realJSOP 8-Nov-19 10:00am View
Well, the solution is simple - stop doing that.
#realJSOP 8-Nov-19 9:57am View
I would think that the UK's socialized medicine would by default make all hospitals "public".
#realJSOP 5-Nov-19 17:04pm View
3) How are we supposed to know that? You never once mentioned it. And I think you know what you can do with your "relaxxxx". Sideways.
#realJSOP 5-Nov-19 14:57pm View
0) Again, "Lightshot" is unknown. If you want us to look at your code, post the appropriate snippet in your question (NOT the entire app).

1) Well, what's different between YOUR system, and the "other system"? The key here is that WE DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION.

2) No, I meant to put them in the appropriate folder on the "other system". If your code is written correctly, it won't try to download the files again if they're present, and your app should go ahead and work.

3) BTW, your app should be downloading the files into the user's My Documents folder, and in a sub-folder specific to your application.

4) Try displaying the actual exception and stack trace so you can go back to your system and find the error.

5) Be a f*ckin programmer, and figure it out.
#realJSOP 4-Nov-19 7:09am View
My WTF meter is pegged.
#realJSOP 25-Oct-19 13:11pm View
Dunno. Jst something I would try if it were me. Not seeing the rest of his associated code, the best he can expect is a WAG.
#realJSOP 22-Oct-19 15:20pm View
What I don't get is why people insist on using Linq for stuff that sql server does much better...
#realJSOP 18-Oct-19 10:27am View
I have no idea. I've never worked with Azure, but I do know it's just a remote storage solution. You still have to write code to get your data into the database.
#realJSOP 18-Oct-19 8:18am View
Azure is just cloud based storage. How you get your data into the cloud is entirely on your shoulders. If you need to submit your data as a csv, YOU have to convert it to that format.
#realJSOP 17-Oct-19 22:02pm View
No, it’s not part of JavaScript that I am aware of.
#realJSOP 17-Oct-19 14:54pm View
comparedTo is a function contained in the BigNumber object. You have to look at the source code for that object to find it.
#realJSOP 16-Oct-19 15:14pm View
What's the url you're trying to use? That site is blocked here at work, so I can't see if it works...
#realJSOP 8-Oct-19 10:08am View
"not working" = "i'm doing it wrong"

An alternative definition is "what's a debugger?".
#realJSOP 8-Oct-19 10:04am View
You're not bloating code by using MVVM - you're simply moving the code you'd have to write *anyway* into a more logical location.
#realJSOP 8-Oct-19 10:01am View
The item class that represents your grid items.
#realJSOP 1-Oct-19 7:54am View
Yep, this is the answer. My approach doesn't inherit well. At all. :)
#realJSOP 1-Oct-19 7:39am View
Your other option is to make the class that contains the default implementation an abstract class, and make the method abstract.
#realJSOP 1-Oct-19 7:37am View
And, the language gives you the #pramga directive just for situations like this. I don't use them either unless necessary. In this case, it's a do-nothing default implementation of a method. It ain't gonna hurt anything...
#realJSOP 1-Oct-19 7:36am View
You can do it around just the offending method (I cahnged my reply to illustrate). Of course, you can put await in the method and be done with it.
#realJSOP 1-Oct-19 7:27am View
Not if you turn off that warning for that method:

#pragma warning disable CS1633,CS1998
public async Task<string>....
#pragma warning restore CS1633,CS1998
#realJSOP 17-Sep-19 11:51am View
I did some ugly data re-org, and got it to work... I thought I'd be able to specify multiple data contexts, but nothing I tried worked.
#realJSOP 17-Sep-19 11:13am View
Yeah, I thought so too, but no luck. I think I'm gonna haveto do some distasteful data re-organization... :/
#realJSOP 4-Sep-19 7:06am View
more message! MORE MESSAGE!
#realJSOP 29-Aug-19 7:40am View
It's really too bad we can't upvote comments in QA...
#realJSOP 26-Aug-19 13:57pm View
What sql is that? As far as I can tell, that's gonna be invalid in MS Sql...
#realJSOP 22-Aug-19 14:16pm View
Ask on the telerik/progress message board.
#realJSOP 25-Jul-19 10:16am View
Waitaminit - I'll send you a crystal ball to help you see...
#realJSOP 25-Jul-19 10:15am View
It's impossible to help you. We don't know what kind of app, or what "showing exception" means.
#realJSOP 20-Jul-19 12:02pm View
Keep it separated
#realJSOP 15-Jul-19 14:14pm View
You have to post the json you're trying to deserialize. All we can contribute at this point is, "Yep! looks OK to me."
#realJSOP 15-Jul-19 10:56am View
This is not an appropriate question for QA. Use the appropriate forum instead.
#realJSOP 14-Jul-19 10:32am View
It was at the top of my list of latest unanswered questions.
#realJSOP 14-Jul-19 8:08am View
My guess is that these emails are being sent to the site's users, NOT the network's users, so using groups would be - well - wrong. Therefore having the SMTP server do it is - well - wrong.
#realJSOP 13-Jul-19 11:04am View
Go back and re-read what I said.
#realJSOP 25-Jun-19 11:38am View
"Still not working" doesn't tell us sh*t.
#realJSOP 21-Jun-19 7:33am View
Your total_fc and paid_fc columns appear to be strings, even though you're doing math with them...

Coding advice - don't put spaces, underscores or other special chars in your table or column names (also avoid using sql reserved words) - it tends to distract a developer. Use camel case instead, such as "TotalFC". Not putting special chars in column names also eliminates the need to use square brackets around their names.
#realJSOP 20-Jun-19 14:33pm View
You may not want to, but that simply means your dev time and project complexity will increase because you're actively avoiding time-saving mechanisms that are freely and widely available. As I said, it's arbitrary, and pointless, as well as an artificially inflicted restriction on the project. But hey, it's your project, and as I've already said, whatever... In the end, google is your friend.
#realJSOP 20-Jun-19 6:52am View
Regardless of its inteded use, there are much better ways to do what you're trying to do.

Given that you already have a pythong script that creates the files, there's no reason you can rewrite the python script to still generate the files, but put the "info" into a database. In the time you've spent responding to my answer, you could have already implemented such a change, and gotten on with the rest of the project.
#realJSOP 19-Jun-19 10:31am View
Using filenames to provide info is a patentedly BAD idea. Write a new python script that saves your required into an actual database instead - that is the only reaql solution to your problem.
#realJSOP 19-Jun-19 9:03am View
You can't scan server-side folders from javascript, because it's a client-side technology.
#realJSOP 17-Jun-19 7:34am View
You must not have been paying attention in class...
#realJSOP 13-Jun-19 6:53am View
Can you see the column in DataTable.Columns using the debugger?
#realJSOP 11-Jun-19 9:42am View
I wonder why the SqlBulkCopy object doesn't automagically use the table name specified in the DataTable object... I recently implemented a generic BulkInsert method and tripped over the same problem. I just assumed that the SqlBulkCopy object would do what's right.
#realJSOP 10-Jun-19 10:09am View
In your stored proc, try enclosing the parameter list with parenthesis:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[save_sale_Master](    ... parameters)ASBEGIN   ...END

I use parenthesis even if I only have one parameter.
#realJSOP 31-May-19 7:21am View
#realJSOP 29-May-19 6:34am View
You obviously have a lot more experience than I do, since this has nothing to do with debugging.
#realJSOP 29-May-19 4:12am View
Well then, task #1 would be to learn how to use the debugger. We can't debug the code for you because we don't have your code (and no, we don't want your code).
#realJSOP 28-May-19 13:56pm View
I'm assuming you have access to the source code and know how to use the debugger. Is that not the case?
#realJSOP 26-May-19 6:53am View
The "what I tried" section is to show us the CODE that you tried.
#realJSOP 25-May-19 9:32am View
Even if they're not in the same solution?
#realJSOP 21-May-19 8:42am View
If you had actually "tried everything", your code would be working.
#realJSOP 19-May-19 10:11am View
If you kill the app, why would you expect any other outcome?
#realJSOP 17-May-19 6:40am View
He can't manage. He even said so in his question.
#realJSOP 16-May-19 15:06pm View
I work for the DoD and we had to create a proxy in order to traverse our load balancer. We use X509 as well, and send a certificate to the remote web service. Maybe just send one cert?
#realJSOP 16-May-19 14:56pm View
Are you sure you're using the corrcet TLS version?
#realJSOP 16-May-19 14:49pm View
Are you traversing a F5 load balancer?
#realJSOP 16-May-19 5:13am View
google is your friend
#realJSOP 12-May-19 7:09am View
Is this an Access database? Sql Server doesn't have "macros".
#realJSOP 12-May-19 7:07am View
I gotta ask - why are you using VB6? Microsoft abandoned it years ago.
#realJSOP 8-May-19 11:00am View
You may have to delete the existing instance in References, and re-add it.
#realJSOP 8-May-19 9:23am View
I suggest that you create a new project, and your source files, and compile the app, and probably 99% of the errors you'll see will involve missing assembly references. Keep in mind that the assemblies you need to reference may exhibit problems if they are also compiled to old versions of .Net. In that case, you may need to seek out newer versions of those assemblies.
#realJSOP 6-May-19 15:16pm View
Looks like you're missing some code, Sparky.
#realJSOP 6-May-19 14:10pm View
Identifying the problem gets you half way to solving it.
#realJSOP 6-May-19 10:03am View
5! The most obvious solution is often the most elusive.
#realJSOP 5-May-19 10:22am View
is card_num the encrypted column?
#realJSOP 26-Apr-19 21:06pm View
No. No. No.
#realJSOP 26-Apr-19 8:02am View
What framework? WPF or Winforms?
#realJSOP 24-Apr-19 12:03pm View
I updated my answer.
#realJSOP 24-Apr-19 5:15am View
He's probably not going to check it because it's happening on your copy of IE. Just make sure you're using the latest version, and if it still happens, change browsers or change your app not to make that kind of url.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-19 13:36pm View
He should have started sooner.
#realJSOP 23-Apr-19 7:18am View
#realJSOP 22-Apr-19 15:16pm View
Show us the string.
#realJSOP 19-Apr-19 14:54pm View
This would be a HUGE project. Why don't you just use what's already available?
#realJSOP 19-Apr-19 8:32am View
Which line is line 72?
#realJSOP 17-Apr-19 10:00am View
I charge $250 US per hour for contract development work, with a minimum charge of $1000. Let me know if you want me to work for you. I take PayPal.
#realJSOP 16-Apr-19 3:17am View
This type of questioon isn't appropriate for QA. Use one of the forums.
#realJSOP 13-Apr-19 12:49pm View
You mean the smiley after "Don't use Edge" wasn't a clear enough indicator that I was just poking you in the ribs?

Furthermore, I didn't admit that I "use" Edge - I merely tried it to see if I could see the same issue. So, let the knot in your panties loosen up, and you may find that your sense of humor will expand.
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 15:30pm View
Nooooo, which database are you using? SQL Server from Microsoft, MYSQL (the popular open-source SQL database), Oracle, etc,. They are *ALL* SQL, but they implement the language somewhat differently and have a certain variance when providing functions. It's important that we know WHICH database you're using so we can provide adequate help.
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 15:12pm View
Let them figure it out.
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 14:38pm View
Is this Sql server, or mysql?
#realJSOP 12-Apr-19 13:25pm View
I was merely bowing to my nature of being a smartass. I'm sure Chrome is a fine product.
#realJSOP 11-Apr-19 14:14pm View
It's not that "it's bad", it's that it's "impossible". You simply can't put code into the config file and expect it to to run.

You can put the folder name, the extension, and even a format string into the app config, but you can't oput code in it.
#realJSOP 10-Apr-19 14:12pm View
What does "1" mean?
#realJSOP 9-Apr-19 7:49am View
I don't see a textbox or the offending javascript in your code snippet.
#realJSOP 8-Apr-19 4:21am View
I charge $250 (US) per hour, with a minimum charge of $1000 (US). Let me know if you're interested.
#realJSOP 7-Apr-19 13:08pm View
the benefit of using temp tables is that you can create applicable indexes on them, making subsequent queries against them muchfaster - you can't do that with a CTE.
#realJSOP 7-Apr-19 8:32am View
I like CTEs, but I don't know if MySQL supports them...
#realJSOP 7-Apr-19 8:28am View
If you have "no idea where to start from", how did you get the job (assuming you do this for a living)? If your skills are lacking (which they are, according to your statement), why did you even accept the responsibility for performing the task? If this is just stuff you're doing on your own (and even if it isn't), the internet is FULL of places to go to learn the info you need to know to do what you need. I'm really tired of lazy-ass people that like to call themselves "programmers".
#realJSOP 5-Apr-19 9:16am View
Probably something eaqullly old, like IE4
#realJSOP 5-Apr-19 8:51am View
Google does. You could also do a search on CodeProject.
#realJSOP 4-Apr-19 15:04pm View
That shouldn't matter.
#realJSOP 4-Apr-19 6:41am View
If it requires a plist file, what makes you think you can do it without a plist file?
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 14:30pm View
And you verified that you're getting the expected data without dupes in your dataset?
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 14:12pm View
Did you verify that the data in your database isn't somehow duplicated?
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 10:17am View
Well, you wanted suggestions on how to do what you wanted to do, and I made all the suggestions I could think of. If you had already thought of those options, then having someone else suggest the same things would be an indication that you've already considered all of your options. Honestly, with the dirth of apps that can be installed on a given box, I think it would be nigh-on impossible to have support for every one.

Therefore, rolling your own minimalist app(s) to handle the various media types, and giving the user the chance to pick his own is your best approach, but only having been in the industry for 40 years, I may not have any useful insights for you.
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 9:53am View
I added actual informative input below. The statement you're responding to was more a comment regarding what you call "media".
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 9:44am View
"HTML" isn't generally considered a media file.
#realJSOP 3-Apr-19 7:18am View
Your variable and method names absolutely suck.

Just sayin...
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I suppose you could base64 encode and pass it as a querystring value, and then decode it in the receiving page.
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He said google for the info. It's probably extensive and is not suitable for posting here.
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How do you expect to hash free space on a drive?
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Smells like homework to me.
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We're not going to do your homework for you, and if we used a recursive function to count how many times we have to say this, we would have overflowed the stack, several million times over.
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The best I can recommend for that is google, given my lack of experience with python.
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I'm not a python dev (yet). I was just thinking about the different ways a string won't compare the way you think. I bet it's got something to do with you converting it to a UTF8 string before comparing it.
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Ef6 does not have “full support” for stored procs. Ask me how I know.
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No integer type (except a decimal) can be 20 digits long. Try casting your value to a decimal before using printf.
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Plesk doesn't have anything to do with your emauil credentials. Like F-ES suggested, you have to ask the hosting provider for the necessary SMPT info. There's no way around that, short of looking around on the host provider's web site for an applicable help page.
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And for the record, you should NEVER name your tables, views, columns and other stuff using SQL reserved words. "Group" is NOT a good name.
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I changed my answer. try it now.
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"Is not working" doesn't tell me a damn thing.
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Yes, it is unfortunate.
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Not in c++. Of course, you could write function to do it so you don't have to deal directly with the ugly bits.
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Well, I don't understand what's wrong either, because I'm not there to see what you're doing, and you're not telling us anything.
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Well, your question only provides half of the info necessary to answer it. You did not specify WHERE "eventID comes from,so I assumed it was a variable that you magically created. If it's in the page's model, or in another object, you of course have to modify what I told you.
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Don't use SSH.
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Here's my suggestion - use google, or contact protege and get help directly from them.
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I still don't know what you want. What characters do you want to allow?
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So in other words, you want to let the user type in anything he wants? That's pretty much every printable character on the keyboard.
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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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We've already discussed default methods in interfaces here at CP, and have deemed them to be generally pointless. In point of fact, we also decided that MS would have been better served changing some more icons rather than implementing default methods in interfaces.
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Interface vs abstract - potay-toe, potah-toe in most cases.

Interfaces can't have implemented methods, so if you need that, abstract is the go-to mechanism. On the other hand, you can only inherit from a single class, but you can inherit multiple interfaces.

I mostly use interfaces when I want to include otherwise dissimilar objects in a single collection of complex types.

I use static classes for my DAL functionality, because the connections are transient. That way, I don't have to inherit from a base class (saving that for really important stuff).