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WajihaAhmed 26-Jun-13 12:07pm View    
One thing I really like about code project is, even if the problem is very trivial, you guys care to help. Simply awesome !
WajihaAhmed 26-Jun-13 0:40am View    
Trying to create an application of wiimote.
You can draw on projected screen with an infrared pen. Now, I was thinking in which ways I can make use of a paint diagram. Form rendering came to my mind, so I asked the experts here :)
WajihaAhmed 25-Jun-13 12:38pm View    
And if I keep it to very primary controls, like i described earlier, even then its not possible? A simple text box, label, dropdown, button...
WajihaAhmed 25-Jun-13 12:35pm View    
Extremely sorry for being so vague, Kindly read my last comment. Thank you for your consideration.
WajihaAhmed 25-Jun-13 12:33pm View    
YEs, I know that we need to write the code for form creation. But anything that recognizes that there is a textbox on the image, so we insert code to render a textbox.. Similarly for other controls, first identify the element on the image and then insert the code to render that element in Form.