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Ahmed Bensaid 3-Sep-14 12:01pm View
You can create a first website with pages with content. Then, you create a second website. In this second website, you create a page with an iframe inside it. In the iframe url, type the url of your first site's page.
Ahmed Bensaid 1-Jun-14 18:14pm View
What's going wrong with this library ?
"Spam" ?! I'm not working for them, I just suggest a probable solution ...
Ahmed Bensaid 31-May-14 14:57pm View
Can you use VB.NET with ID3lib library ?
Example of a .NET library :
Ahmed Bensaid 31-May-14 14:42pm View
You're welcome akhi ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 31-May-14 13:56pm View
You're welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 31-May-14 13:36pm View
Try something like this :
var rept_max = (from c in
where == "John"
select c).Max(c => c.amount);
var rept_min = (from c in
where == "John"
select c).Min(c => c.amount);
Ahmed Bensaid 31-May-14 13:20pm View
Try adding onclick="return false" to your button ...
Ahmed Bensaid 30-May-14 9:50am View
Post your entire code ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 30-May-14 9:46am View
You have to open your solution locally with Visual Studio.
And then, you'll be able to add a webservice, or something else ...
After coded functionality, you have to publish your website to your hosting platform ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 30-May-14 9:41am View
You're talking about something you don't master at all ...
Ahmed Bensaid 30-May-14 9:37am View
You can do this with ASP.NET by default ...
Ahmed Bensaid 8-Mar-14 14:26pm View
Ahmed Bensaid 8-Mar-14 13:46pm View
What are you saying ? You're unfair. This is exactly what he was looking for.
But as he did'nt look or start a code himself, I suggest him these basics.
He wants to convert 'aabcbbcdccd' to 'a2b3c4d2', so he wants number of occurences of each letter in this string.
Ahmed Bensaid 5-Mar-14 7:45am View
You should use a "switch ... case" statement instead of multiple "if" ones.
Ahmed Bensaid 5-Mar-14 7:40am View
With something like this :
//here i am adding icon next to title
switch(event.className) {
case "msg" :
element.find(".fc-event-title").after($("<span class=\"fc-event-icons\"></span>").html("<img src=\"images/msg.png\" />"));
case "event" :
element.find(".fc-event-title").after($("<span class=\"fc-event-icons\"></span>").html("<img src=\"images/event.png\" />"));
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Mar-14 8:10am View
When you retrieve events from database and build events objects, set this 'type' column to the className field of FullCalendar Event object. Do you understand ?
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Mar-14 6:34am View
You have a full example in CodeProject but it's in MVC :
Otherwise, I think you've got a table with events in your database. Do you have a "Type" field with event's type (message, event, ...) ?
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Mar-14 6:06am View
Add a className to your events objects.
Then, in your eventRender implementation, you could test the className field of event object. And add image following this field, for example with a switch ... case ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Mar-14 5:54am View
Next time, if someone asks you for source code, add it to your answer by clicking "Improve question" ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Mar-14 5:21am View
Can I see your code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Mar-14 3:42am View
No problem, I'm here ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 6:24am View
I understand. Can you post your code ? So, I'll test it and will help you this night when I'll be at home, or maybe this week-end :)
PS : Edit your question to add your code ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 5:45am View
For positions :
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 5:44am View
For positions :
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 5:41am View
What did you achieve ? And what remains to do ?
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 5:07am View
Ok, so take a look there ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 4:49am View
You're welcome. I advise you to explore FullCalendar jQuery plugin documentation ;)
With some searches, I think you could achieve what you want with this plugin.
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Feb-14 4:15am View
Try this :
<img src="smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face" title="Smiley" width="42" height="42">
You'll see a tooltip on hover ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 27-Feb-14 10:24am View
Or maybe this solution (accepted answer of this thread) :
Ahmed Bensaid 27-Feb-14 10:22am View
You could use iTextSharp library to extract text from your PDF file. Then, you could build your HTML markup yourself.
Ahmed Bensaid 27-Feb-14 8:34am View
Explain your needs clearly ...
Ahmed Bensaid 26-Feb-14 4:38am View
Hi, you should start by developing an website ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 26-Feb-14 4:35am View
Can I see your code ? Edit your answer to add it ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 26-Feb-14 4:13am View
Do you retrieve these values from database with Ajax ?
Ahmed Bensaid 25-Feb-14 5:23am View
Can we see your code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 25-Feb-14 4:18am View
Debug your code to find error's line ...
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Feb-14 9:56am View
Your question is not clear ...
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Feb-14 5:58am View
Do you have something like this in your web.config ?

<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms name=".FormsAuth" loginUrl="~/Login.aspx" protection="All" slidingExpiration="false" requireSSL="false" />

<deny users="?"></deny>
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Feb-14 5:39am View
Explain your problem more clearly ...
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Feb-14 16:31pm View
You're welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Feb-14 13:51pm View
What did this red line says ? There should be a message if you hover it ...
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 11:12am View
Or something like this :
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 10:22am View
You need to add a parameter in code for your session variable that you need to pass in.
The code would look something like this :

CrystalDecisions.Shared.ParameterDiscreteValue paramValue = new CrystalDecisions.Shared.ParameterDiscreteValue();
String strUserID = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session["MySessionVariable"].ToString()

paramValue.Value = strUserID;

crReportDocument.SetParameterValue("UserID", paramValue);
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 10:01am View
Add a property userName, and fill it with the current user login.
Then you can add it to your image url like this :

foreach (DataListItem item in myDataList.Items)
ImageButton myImageButton = (ImageButton )item.FindControl("ImageButton1");
if (session["username"] = something)
myImageButton.ImageUrl = "~/" + userName + "/your_image"
myImageButton.ImageUrl = "~/" + userName + "/your_image"
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 9:39am View
I think you can't do that ... What are your needs ?
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 9:16am View
What kind of error did you get ?
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 9:03am View
foreach (DataListItem item in myDataList.Items)
ImageButton myImageButton = (ImageButton )item.FindControl("ImageButton1");
if (session["username"] = something)
myImageButton.ImageUrl = "~/Images/your_image"
myImageButton.ImageUrl = "~/Images_old/your_image"
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 8:27am View
You're welcome !
Leave your ImageUrl property empty in your markup.
And fill it only in your code behind ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 8:24am View
Yes, sorry for the "!=" ;)
You're welcome !
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Feb-14 5:43am View
Do you have an error ?
Ahmed Bensaid 20-Feb-14 10:51am View
I love your last sentence :)
Ahmed Bensaid 19-Feb-14 10:18am View
Do you have this in your web.config :
<authentication mode="Windows"></authentication>
Ahmed Bensaid 19-Feb-14 9:21am View
Explain your needs better cause your question is incomprehensible ...
Ahmed Bensaid 19-Feb-14 5:36am View
Maybe you can simplify this code by using jQuery Toggle() function :
Ahmed Bensaid 19-Feb-14 4:24am View
Continue to use PdfCrowd to convert html to pdf. Generate multiple temporary PDF files.
And then, merge them with this :
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 12:16pm View
My day's work is over ... I'll try to help you when I'll be at home ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 11:38am View
Ok. Therefore, accept my solution, so the thread will appear as "Solved" ... Thanks
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 10:40am View
Ah ok ... sorry I didn't see that your elements were "runat=server" ...
You can use my above code with the client_id of your elements.
Otherwise, you can add a css class to your div like this :
<div class="edit-rgt education_details" id="education_details" runat="server">
And then use this code :
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 10:37am View
Why don't you answer questions from CodeProject users ... ?
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 10:32am View
Do you want to send an email ?
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 10:31am View
Did you try : $("#education_details").hide() ?
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 8:20am View
What did you try ?
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Feb-14 8:19am View
Did you try something ?
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 11:09am View
Try dd.FindControl("BtnCheckOut") ...
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 10:29am View
What did you try ? Where are you stuck ?
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 10:27am View
Can we see your RSSfeed.xml file ?
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 8:17am View
Edit your question and add your page markup and code-behind ...
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 6:27am View
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 6:00am View
Can we see your code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Feb-14 5:29am View
You're welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 15-Feb-14 8:48am View
If you know the exact form that can take this voter id, you should use a regular expression to validate it.
Ahmed Bensaid 14-Feb-14 8:33am View
Ahmed Bensaid 14-Feb-14 4:01am View
Do you know all the forms that can be take by this id ?
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Feb-14 9:20am View
Create a property in code behind.
And in the getter, make this construction : 'Generate ' + Session["mType"] + ' Template'.
Then, in your markup you should be able to use <%= myProperty %>.
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Feb-14 8:38am View
You are right ... It lacks a <script type="text/javascript"> before the script.
Good eyesight ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Feb-14 8:23am View
Take a look there ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Feb-14 6:53am View
We saw what you want ... but what is your code result ?
Ahmed Bensaid 12-Feb-14 11:28am View
Try to pass your validator in markup instead of in code behind, like this :
<asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID="REVtxtEMailId"
ErrorMessage="Invalid Email Format"
ForeColor="Red" ControlToValidate="txtEMailId">
Ahmed Bensaid 12-Feb-14 5:32am View
Ah ok ... I'll dig in this direction ...
Ahmed Bensaid 12-Feb-14 4:49am View
What are you saying ... !? It is supported and it works. I agree with Maarten Kools advice but other than that, your marquee works ...
Ahmed Bensaid 12-Feb-14 4:23am View
It works : just replace <img src="sign.jpg"></img> by <img src="sign.jpg" /> ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 11:31am View
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 11:10am View
You have to debug this code behind to see what happens. Check that client id is expected id (id stored in session).
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 10:55am View
Can I see the code where you retrieve data from database accordingly to current client id ?
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 10:42am View
I didn't understand. You have several reports ?
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 5:56am View
Try to comment this line :
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 5:44am View
Do you have any error ?
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 5:38am View
Do you have any error when clicking your modal popup button ?
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 4:08am View
So ?
Ahmed Bensaid 10-Feb-14 3:58am View
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 16:19pm View
Yes that's why I changed "!=" by "==" ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 15:56pm View
Ok, you need to replace this condition in markup :
<%#Convert.ToString(Eval("Status")).ToUpper() != "REJECT" %>
By :
<%#Convert.ToString(Eval("Status")).ToUpper() == "APPROVE" %>
So, with that, you won't need to manipulate Visible property in code behind anymore.
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 15:28pm View
Can I see your entire code-behind and markup files ?
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 14:51pm View
Your "theLinkButtonDownload" variable seems to be null in your PENDING case ...
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 8:13am View
Your "name" will be a public property in your code-behind.
And in the getter of this property, you'll have something like this : return ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["One_AppSetting"];
So, then, you'll be able to call it with <%= name %> in your markup.
Hope it's clear.
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 8:00am View
I didn't understand ...
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Feb-14 7:51am View
string One_AppSetting = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["One_AppSetting"];
Ahmed Bensaid 8-Feb-14 9:00am View
Firstly, the syntax inside the gridview should be <columns>.
Secondly, you could access the gridview just by calling his ID in code-behind ...
What do you have in your designer file ?
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 11:43am View
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 11:41am View
So you can adapt to your situation. Construct the query with your needs. You've already got logic.
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 9:27am View
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 8:37am View
Do you have logcat of the error ?
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 8:29am View
In the last comment of my link :
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 8:25am View
In my answer you have the solution. You just have to adapt it a little. CodeProject is not there to do your work for you ...
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 8:22am View
You should add the manifest file in your question with the Edit button ...
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 6:30am View
Can we see your manifest file ?
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 6:06am View
Your question isn't clear ...
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 5:40am View
Google is your friend ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 7-Feb-14 4:31am View
We live in a strange world ...
Ahmed Bensaid 6-Feb-14 11:14am View
Ahmed Bensaid 6-Feb-14 5:34am View
Can we see your SQL Insert query ?
Ahmed Bensaid 6-Feb-14 5:30am View
Ahmed Bensaid 6-Feb-14 3:49am View
We are not mentalists ... post your code ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 6-Feb-14 3:48am View
Ahmed Bensaid 6-Feb-14 3:41am View
Your question is not clear ...
Ahmed Bensaid 5-Feb-14 3:58am View
Are you using a stored procedure ?
Ahmed Bensaid 4-Feb-14 6:28am View
You can do this with AJAX ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 4-Feb-14 3:46am View
Take a look at this thread's accepted answer ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 4-Feb-14 3:43am View
You are welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Feb-14 8:29am View
In my opinion, you can't because it's a client event ...
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Feb-14 6:51am View
I only know about this method. Take a look at this thread's answer :
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Feb-14 6:38am View
I think you have to investigate why this solution doesn't work ...
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Feb-14 6:33am View
Why ?
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Feb-14 6:17am View
What is the generated HTML of your image ?
Ahmed Bensaid 3-Feb-14 5:47am View
What is the url of your link ?
Ahmed Bensaid 31-Jan-14 10:08am View
You are welcome ;)
But you don't need additional code. Example :
<table style="border:solid 1px black">
<td style="width:400px">
<asp:Label ID="LabelHeader2" runat="server" Text="WMATA GIS Application" style="width:350px; padding-left:10px;">
<asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink3" Text="Help"
ToolTip = "Help for the Application"
href="PDFs/Editor.pdf" runat="server"

Ahmed Bensaid 31-Jan-14 4:20am View
Ahmed Bensaid 30-Jan-14 9:08am View
From textbox or from gridview ?
Ahmed Bensaid 30-Jan-14 6:26am View
Some code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 30-Jan-14 5:21am View
Can we see your code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 30-Jan-14 3:50am View
No, I don't think so. But you can customize it like this :
Ahmed Bensaid 30-Jan-14 3:40am View
You are welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 29-Jan-14 10:44am View
Experts on this website won't do this work for you ... You have to explore the .net framework and begin some code ... It is better for your learning ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 29-Jan-14 9:27am View
Debug your code ... I think it won't pass into your if conditions if you test with "http://localhost/" ...
Ahmed Bensaid 29-Jan-14 6:35am View
We won't do this work for you ... Check the sample application and customize it with your needs ...
Ahmed Bensaid 29-Jan-14 6:09am View
I don't understand ...
Ahmed Bensaid 29-Jan-14 5:36am View
Did you take a look at CartViper website ?
Example : Using Skin Objects in Cart Viper Templates – Part 1
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Jan-14 11:05am View
You are welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Jan-14 9:13am View
Can you post your dosomething() method too ?
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Jan-14 6:40am View
Can we see your code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Jan-14 4:30am View
Show us what did you try ...
Ahmed Bensaid 28-Jan-14 3:54am View
This is a css property. What is the html generated by your datalist ?
Ahmed Bensaid 27-Jan-14 10:37am View
What is the response of your ajax call ? (Chrome Console)
Ahmed Bensaid 27-Jan-14 10:34am View
Did you use css property "vertical-align" ?
Ahmed Bensaid 26-Jan-14 9:33am View
Can we see your code ?
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jan-14 11:51am View
Your question is not really clear ... Can you accurately explain your problem ?
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jan-14 8:44am View
You are welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jan-14 8:32am View
I don't understand ...
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jan-14 6:38am View
You have to create and execute another sql query (SELECT) before your INSERT query.
And fill your variables with the returned results of your first query (SELECT).
Then, you can make your INSERT query ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Jan-14 10:57am View
What version of .NET framework ? What OS ?
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Jan-14 5:33am View
Check the CSS of "fa" and "fa-user" classes in Chrome Developer Console.
Right-click on your icon and select "Inspect element".
You'll see the markup and in the right pane, you'll see styles.
You'll find something like "background-image", check the icon's path there.
You can then right click on the url and select "Open link in new tab".
Tell me what you have ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Jan-14 4:45am View
You'll need to use these social networks APIs ;)
Good example on CP :
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Jan-14 4:41am View
A3likoum salam Mohammed, no problem ;)
Can I see some piece of your code ? Or do you have a production url where I can see your work ?
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Jan-14 4:17am View
First, be careful and reply to my answer if you want me see your question.
Secondly, I think there is a problem with the path of your icons.
On Chrome, right click on one of your icons and select "Inspect element".
You will see your markup and you'll be able to take the icon's path.
Try to display it in a new tab.
Ahmed Bensaid 23-Jan-14 3:43am View
What did you try ?
Ahmed Bensaid 22-Jan-14 9:47am View
The illustration doesn't work ...
Ahmed Bensaid 22-Jan-14 9:45am View
Can we see your code ... ?
Ahmed Bensaid 22-Jan-14 9:38am View
Maybe a problem with your quotes ...
Ahmed Bensaid 22-Jan-14 5:09am View
Ahmed Bensaid 22-Jan-14 3:53am View
Your question is not really clear ...
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Jan-14 10:55am View
What happens if you try to access one of these images directly in your browser ?
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Jan-14 10:20am View
Are these images published too ?
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Jan-14 8:05am View
In IIS, right click on your virtual directory. And you'll see a "convert to application" option ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Jan-14 6:14am View
Maybe, but check this SO thread first ;)
Design view not working in Web Projects in Visual Studio 2008
Ahmed Bensaid 21-Jan-14 4:32am View
You are welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 17-Jan-14 11:32am View
if (EmergencyPhone1 = "" && EmergencyPhone2 = "" && EmergencyPhone3 = "") {

if (EmergencyCell1 = "" && EmergencyCell2 = "" && EmergencyCell3 = "") {


else {

#OK (One EmergencyCell at least is filled)


else {

#OK (One EmergencyPhone at least is filled)

Ahmed Bensaid 17-Jan-14 6:08am View
Can we see your markup ?
Ahmed Bensaid 16-Jan-14 6:00am View
You have some samples on CodeProject ;)
Get MAC address in message box using c#
Ahmed Bensaid 12-Aug-13 4:02am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Thanks for sharing ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 19-Jul-13 4:30am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n I agree with Florian's point of view ...
Ahmed Bensaid 9-Jul-13 5:41am View
Hello. Do you use a ListView into your ScrollView ?
Ahmed Bensaid 26-Jun-13 8:20am View
Ahmed Bensaid 26-Jun-13 6:26am View
So, you can retrieve dates from your db. You put them in c# variables. Then, you can access them from your javascript code like this <%= your_codebehind_variable %>.
Hope it helps.
Ahmed Bensaid 25-Jun-13 8:45am View
I think, you have to attach the keypress event to a focusable form element ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 25-Jun-13 6:19am View
Yep, of course ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 25-Jun-13 6:02am View
You can look for a jquery plugin which will help you to develop a survey ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jun-13 10:46am View
According to @ryanb31 answer ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jun-13 10:44am View
Yes you can ... you can use AJAX with javascript or with the jQuery library ... without being in an page ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 24-Jun-13 10:38am View
Ahmed Bensaid 19-Jun-13 3:43am View
Ahmed Bensaid 18-Jun-13 4:36am View
Ok. But what kind of videos it is ? Youtube videos, or videos hosted on your server. If this is your own videos, on your own server, you can verify that the user is connected and is paid user before let him play the video.
On the contrary, if this is Youtube like videos, maybe you can store the user IP (or/and MAC) to restrict the view of the video to this IP (or/and MAC).
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 12:05pm View
You're welcome.
Please evaluate my solution ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 11:28am View
You don't include this parameter in the connection string ... ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 11:18am View
Updated again ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 11:17am View
Updated again ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 10:52am View
I updated my answer ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 10:32am View
Your question is vague ...
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 10:31am View
Revise your instantiations (like I said in your previous post) :
xlWorkSheet = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(1);
xlWorkSheet1 = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(2);
xlWorkSheet2 = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(3);
xlWorkSheet3 = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkBook.Worksheets.get_Item(4);
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 9:59am View
You have to set AutoPostBack property to true for each of your radiobuttons ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 8:19am View
You're welcome ;)
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 5:51am View
Show us your code ...
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 5:46am View
What's the problem with your code ? Do you have an error ?
Ahmed Bensaid 13-Jun-13 5:23am View
Well, so you can use HighCharts in ASP.NET ;)
Keep it simple...: ASP.NET and HighCharts